Teacup Schnauzer – Everything You Need To Know

Teacup schnauzers are a category of miniature schnauzers. Hence, they are not an official breed but resemble miniature schnauzers, very closely, except for the presence of a dwarf gene. Teacup Schnauzers emerged when miniature schnauzers were bred with other smaller dog breeds. These adorable canines are pretty compact and weigh less than 7 pounds. Due to their petiteness, these canines are easy to carry around and well-suited for small spaces. In addition, they require less maintenance owing to their more diminutive stature. All these factors make them a popular pet choice among pet parents.

Teacup Schnauzer Pros and Cons

Low maintenanceThey cannot be show dogs
They fit very well in small spaces. They are prone to health issues
Easy to train Prone to serious injuries due to their small stature. 

Teacup Schnauzer Basic Information

  • Name: Teacup Schnauzer
  • Height: 6-8 inches 
  • Weight: 2-7 pounds
  • Coat: Double, hard, and wiry.
  • Color: Black and silver, salt and pepper, and solid black
  • Energy: Medium to high
  • Activities: Digging, jumping, ratting, herding, and guarding 
  • Group: Terrier 
  • Barking Level: Medium 
  • Shedding Level: Low to Medium 
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes 
  • Litter Size: 3 to 6 Puppies 
  • Life Span: 12 to 14 years 

Miniature Schnauzer Vs. Teacup Schnauzer – A Comparison

Features Miniature Schnauzer Teacup Schnauzer 
Origin Germany Germany 
Height 13 – 14 inches  6 – 8 inches 
Weight 11 to 20 pounds 2 to 7 pounds
Size MiniatureTeacup
Group Terrier Terrier 
Children Compatibility Medium Medium 
Family Compatibility High   High   
Pets Compatibility Medium Medium 
Barking Level Medium Medium 
Shedding Level Low to Medium Low to Medium 
Hypoallergenic YesYes
Grooming Needs High High 
Overall Health MediumMedium
Energy Medium to highMedium to high
Exercise Needs Medium to highMedium to high
Trainability Medium to highMedium to high
Activities Retrieving, jumping, ratting, digging herding, guardingRetrieving, jumping, ratting, digging herding, guarding
Complication in breeding High  High  
Litter Size 3 to 63 to 6
Lifespan 12 to 14 years 12 to 14 years 
Other Names zwergschnauzer 

Teacup Schnauzer Personality

Teacup Schnauzer has a portable, square-shaped short body with an incredible sporty look. In addition, these cute canines have a long, rectangular head that accommodates a black nose with a wedge-shaped snout. They are blessed with medium-sized eyes that are oval-shaped and tilted towards the front. They have a characteristic bushy, long beard with dense eyebrows and a thick mustache, differentiating these dogs from other breeds. They are wrapped with a double coat, whose inner layer is pretty dense and black while the outer coat is firm and curly. They bear a medium-length coat with a sickle-shaped tail. 

Friendliness Overview

Affection level High 
Family-friendly High 
Kid-friendly Medium 
Pet-friendly Medium 
Stranger -friendly Medium 

Adaptability Overview

Good for apartment living Medium 
Good to new owners Medium to high 
Sensitivity level Medium to high 
Tolerates being alone High 
Cold-tolerance Medium to high 
Heat-tolerance Medium to high 

Teacup Schnauzer Temperament

Teacup Schnauzers are highly affectionate dogs who are pretty intelligent and mischievous. Hence, they are astute pets who are easily trainable and are pretty energetic. On the other hand, they are challenging, muscular, non-aggressive, and fearless with an outgoing personality. They enjoy the company of their owners and are well attached to them. This makes them an excellent watchdog. 

Teacup Schnauzer Training 

As teacup schnauzers are pretty friendly and lively, they are easily trainable. In addition, they also love to please their owners. Thanks to their high intelligence levels, they are quick learners. However, they can get bored easily with repetition. Hence, training sessions must be interesting to retain their attention longer. These canines are good sports companions and are often involved in agility, obedience, rally, and earthdog events.

Trainability Overview

Easy to train High 
Intelligence Low to medium 
Mouthiness tendencies Medium to high 
Barking and Howling tendencies Medium to high 
Prey drive High
Wanderlust tendencies Medium 

Teacup Schnauzer Exercise Needs

Due to their medium energy levels, teacup schnauzers are versatile for city life. Although they can be accommodated easily in apartments, they are safe when confined within a fenced area due to their high prey drive. This also calls for the need to always put them on a leash. Since they love playtime with their pet parents, you can choose games like fetching the ball, Frisbee toss, backyard agility, and tug of war to play along with them. In addition, they require a 30 to 60 minutes daily walking routine. 

Exercise Needs Overview

Energy level High 
Exercise needs Medium 
Intensity High 
Playfulness Medium to high 

Teacup Schnauzer Grooming

Addressing the grooming needs of your teacup schnauzer ensures them an elegant and smart look. In addition, it is the best time for you to check for signs of sores, rashes, and infections which may indicate potential health issues.

Coat: To maintain your pet’s coat, you have to brush out their coat. This way, you can prevent any matting, which will ease the process of trimming your pet’s hair. You can use a soft, slicker brush and a comb for brushing. In addition, you have to brush your pet twice or thrice a week. Once you untangle the mats, you have to bathe your dog using a gentle shampoo and lukewarm water. 

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Teeth: Schnauzers are prone to periodontal diseases. Hence, to maintain your pet’s dental health, you need to brush his teeth daily. However, if not, try brushing him at least twice or thrice weekly to avoid tartar or bacteria formation.

Ears: Teacup schnauzers are prone to thick fur growth, making them vulnerable to yeast and bacterial growth. To avoid this, you have to use a cotton swab dipped in dog ear wash to clean the visible areas. Then, the left-out moisture can be wiped with a soft dry cloth. 

Nails and Paws: Your teacup schnauzer’s paws are dense in hair growth. Hence, it would help if you trimmed the hairs around their paws. Once their paws are clean, you have to use a guillotine dog nail clipper or dog nail grinder to cut their nails to a convenient length. Later, you may apply a tiny amount of moisturizer to keep your pet’s nails hydrated.

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Grooming Overview  

Easy to groom Low to medium 
Drooling tendency Low 
Amount of shedding Low to medium 

Teacup Schnauzer Health

Teacup Schnauzers are predisposed to specific health conditions due to their smaller size. In addition, they have to be handled with care as they are prone to severe injuries. 

Health Overview

Overall health Medium 
Weight gain tendencies Medium to high 
Size Low to medium 

Teacup Schnauzer Specific Health Conditions

The concern with miniaturization is that it exposes canines to health issues that aren’t as frequent in larger dogs.

Health Overview

General healthLow to medium
Weight gain tendenciesMedium
SizeToy/ Teacup

Liver Shunts: A liver shunt happens when the passage of blood through the liver is bypassed. 

Symptoms of Liver Shunts

  • Stunted Growth
  • Poor Muscle development
  • Abnormal behaviors
  • Seizures

Cataracts: This condition is caused due to the thickening of the eye lens, leading to cloudy vision in dogs. Although it occurs primarily because of their age, you can treat this condition either with medications or surgery.

Diabetes Mellitus: Teacup Schnauzers become diabetic when the glucose in its dog’s blood is not converted to energy despite the proper insulin secretion. As a result, your dog suffers from insulin resistance diabetes. Here are some of the symptoms to look out for in dogs. 

Symptoms of Diabetes in Dogs

  • Excessive thirst
  • Increased Urination
  • Weight Loss
  • Increased appetite

Myotonia Congenital: It is a painful, hereditary condition resulting from the continuous contraction of muscle fibers.

Symptoms of Myotonia Congenital

  • Exhibit a stiff gait
  • Experience trouble when rising
  • Swollen tongues 
  • Difficulty swallowing. 

Hyperlipidemia: Excessive amounts of fat deposit lead to elevated cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. This condition is called hyperlipidemia. Although this condition does not present with any symptoms initially, it may present as gastrointestinal issues. 

Pancreatitis: Pancreatitis is a life-threatening emergency condition that results from the inflammation of the pancreas. It requires immediate medical intervention. It is caused due to the below-mentioned factors:

  • A high-fat diet
  • Obesity
  • Hypothyroidism 
  • Severe blunt trauma
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Certain medications or other toxins
  • Genetic predisposition

Symptoms of Pancreatitis

  • Hunched back
  • Repeated vomiting 
  • Pain or bloated abdomen
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dehydration
  • Weakness
  • Fever

Take your pet to his vet immediately if you notice the above symptoms.

Bladder stones: Your dog’s diet or a previous history of disease from a bacterial infection or a change in his body’s metabolism can lead to elevated levels of a stone-forming crystalline compound. This condition leads to the formation of bladder stones. These stones may be either small or large. Although smaller stones called gravels can pass out through urine, larger stones can block the urethra. This, in turn, can impede your dog’s urinary tract, which, if not treated timely, can be fatal. To prevent this condition, you must supply your pet with sufficient water.

Hypoglycemia: Anorexia, excessive tiredness, poor coordination, shaking, muscular twitching, fatigue, convulsions, and skin and gum discoloration are all symptoms of hypoglycemia. When a dog is in low sugar shock, he or she will usually refuse to eat or drink. 

Periodontal Disease: Bacteria that cause periodontitis can damage your dog’s mouth. Typically, this illness invades the mouth quietly, and you won’t notice any noticeable indications or symptoms until it has progressed. Gum disease, on the other hand, can cause persistent discomfort, gum erosion, and tooth and bone loss.

Comedo Syndrome: Schnauzers can have allergies and may also develop “Schnauzer bumps.” This condition is called Comedo Syndrome, and it causes blackheads, hair loss, and scabbing along a Schnauzer’s back. These dogs are also prone to skin tumors.

Teacup Schnauzer Diet and Nutrition 

Your teacup schnauzer’s daily caloric requirements vary with her health, weather conditions, and if she is lactating or not. Once you get these details right, you can ensure to provide your dog with those specific amounts of calories in her food. In general, dry dog food is recommended for schnauzer breeds. It is easier to clean their thick, long beard after eating. If you prefer dry food, you can feed between half to 1 cup of it split into two meals. 

Teacup Schnauzer Living Condition 

Teacup Schnauzers tend to live indoors and love to spend time with their pet parents. They are amiable dogs who adapt to apartment life easily. However, they must be given adequate exercise to prevent boredom and destructive behavior. In addition, these canines can play around securely in a fenced area to prevent them from jumping over. 

Adding a Teacup Schnauzer to Your Family

Things to Remember Before Breeding a Teacup Schnauzer

If you plan to adopt a Teacup Schnauzer, you must remember that they are predisposed to some eye diseases. Hence, always check for their health clearance on eye diseases,  liver shunts, and some bleeding disorders. In addition, Teacup Schnauzers are pretty costly and in demand. Hence, it may be challenging for you to find one at a reasonable price. However, you can purchase or adopt a pet from a reputable breeder who will furnish you with the health clearance of your pet-to-be parents. In addition, ensure to visit your veterinarian periodically to identify potential health issues early. 

Cost of a Teacup Schnauzer Puppy 

Teacup Schnauzers are a popular breed of dogs that are in high demand. Consequently, these canines come with a high price tag of thousands of dollars. 

Teacup Schnauzer
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