Shiba Inu Golden Retriever Mix – Everything You Need to Know

Shiba Inu Golden Retriever combines a purebred Shiba Inu and a purebred Golden Retriever. Shiba Inu Golden Retriever hybrids are moderate dogs with honey-colored coats and huge, expressive eyes. Shiba Golden crosses, whether the result of a deliberate ‘designer dog’ cross or an unintended mating, are lively, curious dogs with a high level of intellect.

Shiba Inu Golden Retriever Mix Pros and Cons

Family dogsNot hypoallergenic

Shiba Inu Golden Retriever Mix Breed Information

  • Name: Shiba Inu Golden Retriever
  • Height: 20-28 inches
  • Weight: 30 – 50 pounds
  • Size: Medium
  • Coat: Double coated/wire
  • Color: Tan, white, honey brown, black, brindle, and golden
  • Group: Mixed group
  • Activities: Agile, energetic, family dogs, watchdogs
  • Barking Level: Medium
  • Shedding Level: High
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Energy: High
  • Litter Size: 3 – 10 puppies
  • Life Span: 13 – 15 years
  • Other Names: Shiba Golden, Golden Shiba

Shiba Inu vs Golden Retriever: A Comparison

FeaturesShiba InuGolden Retriever
ImageInserting image...
OriginJapanUnited Kingdom
Height13 – 17 inches21 – 24 inches
Weight17 – 23 pounds55 – 75 pounds
GroupCompanion dogsSporting dogs
Kid-friendlyMedium to highHigh
Barking LevelMedium to highMedium
Shedding LevelMedium to highHigh
Grooming needsMediumLow to medium
Overall healthMediumLow to medium
Energy Medium to highHigh
Exercise needsMediumHigh
TrainabilityMedium to highMedium to high
ActivitiesFamily dogs, working dogsAgility, service dogs, family dogs, guard dogs
Complications in breedingNoNo
Litter size3 Puppies4 – 12 puppies
Life span12 – 16 years10 – 12 years
Other namesJapanese Shiba Inu, Japanese Brushwood Dog, Shiba Ken Shobe, Shibe ShoberGoldens 

Shiba Inu Golden Retriever Mix Personality

Shiba Inu Golden Retrievers share some common characteristics with their parent breeds. However, crossing two purebred dogs can result in various morphological features. For example, although their ears may be prominent, most dogs of this breed have floppy or somewhat erect ears. In addition, Shiba Inus are typically under 25 pounds, but Golden Retrievers can reach 75 pounds. 

Most Shiba Inu Golden Retriever mixes weigh between 30 and 50 pounds, depending on the parents’ size. However, this cross might produce larger or smaller dogs.

Friendliness Overview

Affection levelHigh
Family-friendlyMedium to high
Kid-friendlyMedium to high
Pet-friendlyMedium to high
Stranger-friendlyMedium to high

Adaptability Overview

Good for apartment livingMedium
Good for new ownersMedium
Sensitivity levelMedium to high
Tolerates being aloneMedium
Cold toleranceMedium
Heat toleranceMedium

Shiba Inu Golden Retriever Mix Temperament 

Shiba Inu Golden’s temperament is intriguing because neither of the parents has identical characteristics. They are bright, loyal, and friendly dogs that are pretty active and enjoy being outside. 

They usually inherit their Golden Retriever parent’s attributes of dependability and sociability. In addition, they resemble Shiba Inu’s protective and fearless nature. They can become aggressive if they are not adequately trained and socialized due to their Shiba Inu parents. On the other hand, they are excellent as watchdogs and family dogs. 

Shiba Inu Golden Retriever Mix Training 

Training a Shiba Golden will be challenging as their general tendency is to stay aloof. However, positive reinforcement and consistent training can change their behavior. Furthermore, they are always eager to please their owners, implying they are excellent family dogs. Hence,  adequately training them can result in a fantastic family dog.  

When you’re training your dog, praise them and give them treats when they’re doing well. All dogs and puppies need to be appropriately socialized. Take your Shiba Inu Golden to the park and dog daycare as often as possible to expose him to as many people and pets as feasible.

Trainability Overview

Easy to trainMedium
Prey driveMedium
Potential for mouthinessHigh
Barking and Howling tendenciesMedium
Wanderlust tendenciesMedium

Shiba Inu Golden Retriever Mix Exercise Needs

Shiba Inu Golden requires a rigorous exercise schedule; regular activity releases stored energy and avoids potential health issues. They need at least a 20-minute workout once a day. You can take them for a run, swim, hike, or even play-fetch with them; any activity will suffice. They may be aggressive, and a lack of exercise may cause them to act aggressively, such as digging, chewing on your furniture, and attempting to flee. Socialize them at an early stage.

Exercise Needs Overview

Energy levelHigh
Exercise needsMedium to high
IntensityLow to medium
PlayfulnessMedium to high

Shiba Inu Golden Retriever Mix Grooming

Shiba Inu Golden sheds a lot and needs to be groomed regularly. Brush him 2 to 3 times per week. Or brush them daily to avoid tangling or mats and keep their coat clean.  

Brush their teeth at least twice or three times a week to prevent plaque and germs from forming, and brush them every day to maintain their gums healthy and their breath fresh.  

To maintain their coat shining, healthy, and smelling wonderful, they need to be bathed at least once a month.  

To avoid unpleasant tears and other complications, they should trim their nails once or twice a month. In addition, check their ears at least once a week for foul odors or redness that could suggest an infection, and wash their esophagus.

Grooming Overview

Easy to groomMedium
Amount of sheddingHigh
Drooling tendencyLow

Shiba Inu Golden Retriever Mix Health

A Shiba Golden hybrid is healthier than their purebred parents. But, mixed breeds are just as susceptible to genetic health problems as purebreds.

Health Overview

General healthMedium
Weight gain potentialMedium

Hip Dysplasia: The ball and socket do not align or develop normally, and instead of sliding smoothly, they rub and grind. This causes the joint to deteriorate over time and eventually lose its function. 

Elbow Dysplasia: Elbow dysplasia occurs when the bones of the elbow joint don’t align properly. This misalignment causes abnormal pressure at the joint, leading to chronic rubbing, resulting in severe osteoarthritis. Symptoms include 

  • Mild to moderate pain 
  • Lameness in the forelimbs 

Although the symptoms begin to show as early as four months of age, some dogs will not show these signs until later in life. Further, the disorder may also injure both the elbows, but one of them may be heavily affected. 

Epilepsy:  This is an inherited disease for which the reason is unknown. Canines may undergo seizures one or the other time but look perfectly normal in between the events.

Glaucoma: Glaucoma develops when there is an imbalance in the production and outflow of fluid in the eye, resulting in a buildup of fluid and dangerously high eye pressure. The increased pressure has the potential to destroy the retina and optic discs. 

Cataract: Cataracts develop when proteins in the lens of the eye clump together and produce a cloud-like material. 

Cancer: Cancer is a common cause of mortality in Golden Retrievers, accounting for over two-thirds of deaths. 

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): PRA is a set of degenerative illnesses that affect these photoreceptors. The cells in this condition degrade over time, eventually causing blindness in the dog. 

Skin Allergies: Skin allergies are common in Shiba Inus and Golden Retrievers. Unfortunately, Shiba Inu Pitbull cross breeds often inherit some of these sensitivities. While skin allergies in dogs are generally straightforward to manage, they are a severe health problem to be considered.

Shiba Inu Golden Retriever Diet and Nutrition 

The proper amount of Shiba Golden food depends on their age and size. For example, give your puppy 1/2 cup of dog food three or four times a day from puppyhood to adolescence, and mature dogs can eat 1 to 1.5 cups of dog food twice a day. In addition, you can give sweet potatoes, baby carrots, cooked chicken, grains and add fish oil or chondroitin supplements to their diet. This is because they are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. Ensure you provide them with the right portion of protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates.

Always give your puppy plenty of fresh, clean water, and try to feed him at the same time every day. You can also talk to their veterinarian about the best diet for your dog. 

Shiba Inu Golden Retriever Mix Living Condition 

Shiba Inu Golden Retriever is a playful, energetic, agile, and eager-to-please dog. They are fantastic family dogs and watchdogs. It is essential to provide them with the right environment and play around so they won’t turn aggressive. They require an adequate amount of love, attention, generosity, training, and exercise. Their food habits need to be appropriately maintained and groomed regularly.  

Adding Shiba Inu Golden Retriever Mix to Your Family 

Things to remember before adding Shiba Inu Golden Retriever mix to your family 

The ideal option is to buy from a respected local breeder who guarantees the happiness and health of both the purebred parents and the puppy. Inquire about the breeder’s health clearance certifications and gene testing reports. Examine the dog to see if the puppy has been vaccinated. It would be fantastic if you could pay a visit to the puppy’s parents. You’ll get a healthy puppy as well as information on the parents. 

Cost of Shiba Inu Golden Retriever Mix Puppy 

The Shiba Inu Golden Retriever cost is higher than the purebred Shiba Inu and Golden Retriever. They cost around $1,000-$2,000. Remember to buy a Shiba Inu Golden Retriever Mix from a reputable breeder. 

Shiba Inu Golden Retriever
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