Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix – Everything You Need to Know

The Shiba Inu Chihuahua is a cross between a Shiba Inu and a Chihuahua that carries features from both parents. The Shiba Chi, like its Chihuahua father, has a robust attitude despite its diminutive size. 

Despite slight variances, the Shiba Chi has some unique characteristics that appear to be rather prevalent. They have autonomous opinions, for example, but are intensely loyal to their families.

Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix Pros and Cons

Low MaintenanceNon-hypoallergenic

Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix Basic Information

  • Name: Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix
  • Height: 9 – 12 inches 
  • Weight: 8 – 12 pounds
  • Size: Small
  • Coat: Short, double coat
  • Color: Solid tan, white, black, red, and brindle
  • Energy: Medium
  • Activities: Agile, playful, family dogs
  • Group: Mixed group
  • Barking Level: Medium
  • Shedding Level: Medium
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Litter Size: 1 –3 puppies
  • Life Span: 12 – 18 years
  • Breed Recognition: Dog Registry of America, Inc (DRA), American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC)
  • Other Names: Shiba Chi, Shi Chi

Shiba Inu vs. Chihuahua: A Comparison

FeaturesShiba InuChihuahua
ImageInserting image...
Height13 – 17 inches6 – 9 inches
Weight17 – 23 pounds3 – 6 inches
GroupCompanion DogsCompanion Dogs
Family-friendlyMedium to HighLow to Medium
Pet-friendlyMediumLow to Medium
Barking LevelMedium to HighMedium
Shedding LevelMedium to HighLow to Medium
Grooming NeedsMediumHigh
Overall HealthMediumLow to Medium
EnergyMedium to HighMedium
Exercise NeedsMedium to HighLow
TrainabilityMedium to HighMedium
ActivitiesFamily Dogs, Working DogsWatch Dogs, Companion Dogs
Complication In GroomingNoNo
Litter Size3 puppies1 – 3 puppies
Life Span12 – 16 years10 – 18 years
Other NamesJapanese Shiba Inu, Japanese Brushwood Dog, Shiba Ken Shobe, Shibe Shober

Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix Personality

The Shiba Chi can take on the appearance of either parent, but it is more likely to resemble a Chihuahua. Shiba Chis have athletic bodies and are bold,  elegant, graceful, and energetic. They’re typically small, weighing eight to twelve pounds and standing nine to twelve inches in height. Shiba Chis have Chihuahua’s eyes and inherit most of Chihuahua’s traits.

The Chihuahua’s DNA usually determines the coat of a Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix. If the parents have long hair, the pup would most likely have it as well. In any event, most Shiba Chis have plush coats that are frequently tan or black with white markings, courtesy of Shiba Inu genetics.

Shiba Chis have unpredictable behavior, and thus, it is suggested to keep them away from children.

Friendliness Overview

Affection levelMedium
Family-friendlyMedium to High
Kid-friendlyMedium to High
Pet-friendlyLow to Medium
Stranger -friendlyLow to Medium

Adaptability Overview

Good for apartment livingHigh
Good to new ownersMedium to High
Sensitivity levelMedium to High
Tolerates being aloneMedium

Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix Temperament 

In most situations, a Shiba Chi will be loyal, self-assured, and cheerful. They usually are incredibly kind and affectionate. They’ll be active dogs, but they won’t have enough energy that you won’t be capable of handling because of their size. The breed is also highly cheerful.  

They want to please you; therefore, you’ll most likely find your puppy to be very amiable. On the other hand, the rebellious Chihuahua genes may cause the dog to refuse to listen at times. When they do not receive what they want, the breed can get irritable at times. 

They don’t get along well with strangers. They also might typically act violently. They are also not recommended to be near young children who may be unpredictable or harsh with them. 

Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix Training 

The Shiba Chi is an intelligent dog but may have a stubborn streak that makes training more difficult. Due to their autonomous natures from Shiba Chis, they have some training challenges. 

The easiest method to deal with this is to get started as soon as possible and stick with it. To prevent your dog’s behaviors from becoming habits, you must intervene while he is a puppy. Due to small dogs often getting away with undesirable behavior because of their size, don’t let this happen to yours. They don’t get along well with strangers. When approached by something new, as you might expect from a small dog who likes to think they’re huge, they typically act violently.

Trainability Overview

Easy to trainMedium
IntelligenceMedium to High
Mouthiness tendenciesMedium
Barking and Howling tendenciesMedium
Prey driveMedium
Wanderlust tendenciesMedium

Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix Exercise Needs

Unlike Shiba Inus, who take their exercise routines seriously, Chihuahuas are more laid-back and sluggish. Your Chihuahua doesn’t require regular exercise and is content to snuggle with you. 

Because the Shiba Chi is so similar to its Chihuahua in temperament and appearance, it won’t pull you out for a walk every day. Instead, it would frequently refuse to go out into the backyard to stretch its tiny legs. 

A short and leisurely walk a few times a week will suffice the exercise needs of your Shiba Inu Chihuahua mix.

Exercise Needs Overview

Energy levelMedium
Exercise needsLow
IntensityLow to Medium
PlayfulnessMedium to High

Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix Grooming

Grooming a Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix is easy. Unless your Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix has longer hair, routine brushing and bathing every six weeks or so should suffice. In that situation, brushing his hair once a week to eliminate tangling and matting would do. 

To avoid dental problems, they require basic ear cleaning and regular dental care. You should also clip your nails at least once a month. However, nail clipping can be complex with small dogs, especially if their nails are dark.

Grooming Overview

Easy to groomHigh
Drooling tendencyLow
Amount of sheddingMedium

Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix Health

Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix is generally healthy as they are crossbreeds. Usually, mixed breeds are more nutritious than their purebred parents. However, there are chances of having similar health conditions like their parent breeds.  

Health Overview

Overall healthMedium
Weight gain tendenciesLow to Medium

Dental Issues: Dental issues like cavities, bleeding gums, gum inflammation are common in Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix.  

Patellar Luxation: A luxating patella, a trick knee, occurs when the patella (kneecap) dislocates or slides out of its natural position. Patellar luxation affects a lot of dogs, incredibly petite and mini breeds. Between the ages of 4 and 6 months, the disease frequently manifests itself. 

Heart Murmur: A cardiac murmur is a sign of an underlying illness, not a condition in and of itself. Although there is no direct therapy for a heart murmur in dogs, the causes of the murmur may frequently be addressed, reducing the heart’s vibrations. 

Glaucoma: Glaucoma develops when there is an imbalance in the production and outflow of fluid in the eye, resulting in a buildup of fluid and dangerously high eye pressure. The increased pressure has the potential to destroy the retina and optic discs. 

Cataract: A foggy coating forms on the lens of the eye, preventing light from entering. Water and proteins are present in your dog’s eyes. Cataracts arise when proteins in the eye lens clump together and produce a cloud-like material. 

Molera: A Molera is a gap between the parietal and frontal bones at the top of a dog’s skull that hasn’t fused. The majority of puppies are born with an unfinished skull, known as a Molera.

Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix Diet and Nutrition 

As Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix is petite and has a quiet lifestyle, your Shiba Chi does not require 

large portions. However, every day, an adult Shiba Chi requires around a half cup of food. 

Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix Living Condition 

Suppose your Shiba Chi has a double coat and long hair. In that case, it is descended from a Shiba Inu parent rather than a Chihuahua. Warm weather would be particularly aggravating to a small dog with long hair and a thick undercoat. However, it would like cooler climates; therefore, the winter would be ideal for it.  

If your dog has short hair, the summertime is preferable to the cold and snowy winter months. When choosing a Shiba Chi, make sure it has the appropriate coat for your environment. 

Adding Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix to Your Family 

Things to remember before adding Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix to your family 

The ideal choice is to buy from a respected local breeder who guarantees the happiness and health of the purebred parents and the puppy. Inquire about the breeder’s health clearance certifications and gene testing results. Examine the dog to check whether it has been vaccinated. It would be fantastic if you could pay a visit to the puppy’s parents. You’ll get a healthy puppy as well as information on the parents. 

Cost of Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix Puppy 

Your Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix puppy may range from $1000 to $2500. Depending upon the breeder, the cost may vary. 

Shiba Inu Chihuahu
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Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix

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Shiba Inu Chihuahua Mix

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