Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix – Everything You Need to Know

Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix is a hybrid of Miniature Schnauzer and Shih Tzu. Also known as Schnau Tzus, they are even smaller than their parent breeds. This dog breed is loyal and perfect as family and companion dogs. Their temperament is not extreme, making them good company for kids in the family. They also mingle well with other pets, making them sociable. However, they suffer from separation anxiety. 

Shih Tzu has existed for a long time; experts believe the breed is a mix between the Tibetan Lhasa Apso and a tiny Chinese dog, likely the Pekingese; however, this has not been proved. The Shih Tzu has been a favorite of the Chinese aristocracy since the Tang dynasty, which ruled from 618 to 907. During the Ming dynasty, dogs became more popular among the citizenry. Unfortunately, the breed was endangered during the Chinese revolution, with just seven males and females preserved. These 14 dogs are the forerunners of the present breed. 

Schnauzer is considered to have originated in Germany during the Medieval Era, and the breed was frequently shown in Albrecht Durer’s wood carvings. Schnauzers were initially developed to assist farmers and hunters on the farm, but the dogs were also used to defend farmers on their route to the marketplace. The Schnauzer’s moniker is a direct German interpretation of “mustache,” The breed is said to be a cross of German Poodles, Wolf Spitz, and Wire-haired Pinschers. The Miniature Schnauzers were bred as farm dogs in Germany in the 1800s. Later, it became famous as a companion dog. In 1924, the Miniature Schnauzer was introduced to the United States, and in 1926, it was recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix Pros and Cons

LoyalSeparation anxiety
Pet-friendlyWeight gaining tendencies
Kid-friendlyMajor health risks

Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix Basic Information

  • Name: Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix
  • Height: Male/female –  5 to 7 inches
  • Weight: Male/female – 7 – 14 lbs
  • Coat: Long and sparse coat with Straight texture
  • Color: Black, brown, white, fawn, silver
  • Energy: Medium to high
  • Activities: Family dogs, companion dogs, agile, loyal
  • Group: Mixed breed
  • Barking level: Low to medium
  • Shedding level: Low to medium
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Litter size: 4 – 8 puppies
  • Life span: 10 – 12 years
  • Other names: Schnau-Tzu, Shih Schnauzer
  • Breed recognitions: American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Breed Registry, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Dog registry America, Inc., International Designer Canine Registry

Schnauzer Vs. Shih Tzu Mix: A Comparison

FeaturesMiniature SchnauzerStandard SchnauzerGiant SchnauzerShih Tzu
Height13 – 14 inches1 ft 5 inches – 1 ft 8 inches23 – 27 inches8 – 11 inches
Weight11 – 20 pounds30 – 50 pounds55 – 80 pounds9 – 16 pounds
GroupTerrier dogsWorking groupWorking groupCompanion dogs
Children compatibilityMediumMedium to highMediumLow to medium
Family compatibilityHighMedium to highMedium to highMedium
Pet compatibilityMediumMediumMediumHigh
Barking levelMediumLow to mediumMedium to highHigh
Shedding levelLow to mediumLowMedium to highLow
GroomingLow to mediumLow to mediumLow to mediumHigh
Overall healthMediumHighMedium to highMedium to high
Exercise needsHighHighHighLow
TrainabilityMedium to highMedium to highMedium to highMedium
ActivitiesFamily dogs, companion dogs, watchdogs, ratter, agileFamily dogs, companion dogs, watchdogs, tracking, herdingCompanion dogs, driving cattle, herding, guard dogs, tracking, cartingWalking, running
Complications in breedingNoNoNoNo
Litter size3 – 8 puppies4 – 8 puppies5 – 8 puppies2 – 5 puppies
Life span12 – 14 years13 – 16 years10 – 12 years10 – 16 years
Other namesMini Schnauzer,zwergschnauzer Wirehaired Pinschers Riesenschnauzer Chinese Lion Dog and Chrysanthemum Dog

Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix Personality

Schnau-Tzu may acquire the physical traits of both of their parent breeds. The general physical characteristics of a Schnau-Tzu are:

  • Round and brown, hazel or green eyes
  • Black or brown nose
  • Curled tail
  • Floppy ears
  • Short legs
  • Brown or black paw pads
  • Long coat, sparse coat density, straight coat texture of color black, brown, fawn, white, silver

Friendliness Overview

AffectionateMedium to high
Kid-friendlyMedium to high
Pet-friendlyMedium to high
Stranger-friendlyMedium to high

Adaptability Overview

Good for apartment livingMedium to high
Good for new ownersMedium to high
SensitivityMedium to high
Tolerates being aloneMedium
Heat toleranceMedium
Cold toleranceMedium to high

Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix Temperament

Schnauzer and Shih Tzu Mix temperament is mild and best for being a family dog and companion dog. Schnau-Tzus are:

  • Eager-to-please pets
  • Bright
  • Intelligent
  • Friendly
  • Easy to train
  • Playful
  • Active
  • Energetic
  • Social
  • Moody

Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix Training

A Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix is easy to train as they are intelligent, responsive, obedient. Since they are eager to please their masters, they will quickly catch the skills. However, this breed becomes less confident in front of bigger dogs and animals. Therefore, they will need adequate training on socialization.

If Schnau-Tzu takes Schnauzer’s gene – he will be intelligent and learn tricks quickly, while if he goes by Shih Tzu’s lineage, it will be challenging to train.

Trainability Overview

Easy to trainMedium to high
IntelligenceMedium to high
Mouthiness tendenciesMedium
Barking or howling tendenciesLow to medium
Prey driveMedium to high
Wanderlust tendenciesLow to medium

Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix Exercise Needs

The exercise needs of a Schnauzer Shih Tzu may vary from one to another. It will depend on the gene pool he carries. Usually, 45 minutes of daily activity is required. It may include 8 miles of walk and other physical activities to keep him physically and mentally stimulated. 

Exercise Needs Overview

Energy levelMedium to high
Exercise needsMedium
PlayfulnessMedium to high

Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix Grooming

Grooming your Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix is necessary even though he is a light to medium shedder. You must:

Tools you need to groom your Schnau-Tzu

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Grooming overview

Easy to groomLow to medium
Drooling tendenciesLow
Amount of sheddingLow to medium

Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix Health

Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix runs low in health. They are susceptible to major and minor health issues that may lead to death if left untreated. Their average life span is shorter for a small dog breed. While some small canines live up to or over 15 years, these dogs live only up to 12 years.

Major health issues

  • IVDD
  • Diabetes
  • Brachycephalic Syndrome
  • Pancreatitis
  • Eye disorders and Diseases
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Myotonia Congenita
  • Congenital Megaesophagus
  • Von Willebrands’ Disease

Minor health issues

  • Otitis Externa
  • Cataracts
  • Urolithiasis
  • Bladder Stones
  • Portosystemic Shunt
  • Cleft Lip or Palate
  • Bladder issues
  • Reverse Sneezing
  • Umbilical Hernia

Health Overview

Overall healthMedium
Weight gaining tendenciesMedium to high

IVDD: Spinal degeneration impacts all Schnau-Tzus. IVDD is caused by the lengthy body not supplying sufficient support to the spine. If the condition worsens, it might result in pain and paralysis.

Diabetes: Dogs can suffer from diabetes as humans. It is difficult to cure but can be managed if your dog is kept under proper diet and supervision. 

Brachycephalic Syndrome: A brachycephalic syndrome is a group of upper airway anomalies that cause a dog’s breathing to be partially obstructed. Several diseases are usually present at the same time in this illness. 

Pancreatitis: Dogs may get inflamed pancreas which might get unnoticed. It can be a leading cause of death in dogs if their diet is not supervised and proper medication is not taken. 

Eye disorders and Diseases: Eye issues like cataracts, glaucoma, dry eyes are prevalent in dogs. 

Hip Dysplasia: Hip dysplasia is a disorder that affects dogs during their growing phase. It causes the hip joint to relax, resulting in discomfort and dysfunction. In addition, the cartilage and bones in the dog’s hip start to wear away as he develops. This leads to arthritis, muscular atrophy, and decreased mobility over time. 

Myotonia Congenita: This uncommon illness, also known as “myotonia congenita,” occurs by causing muscle fibers to contract continuously. Myotonia is a painful, genetic illness caused by chloride channel abnormalities in dogs.

Congenital Megaesophagus: Congenital megaesophagus is a disorder in which the esophagus is missing muscle from birth, causing the dog to regurgitate his food. Vet costs may add up quickly.

Von Willebrands’ Disease: The most prevalent hereditary bleeding problem in dogs is Von Willebrand’s disease (VWD). It’s caused by a lack of a specific protein that helps platelets (blood cells that aid with clotting) adhere together and form clots to close damaged blood arteries. Von Willebrand factor is the name of the missing protein (VWF). 

Occasional Tests

  • Eye
  • Skeletal
  • Physical Examination
  • X-Rays
  • Blood and Urine Protein Screen

Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix Diet and Nutrition

Schnau Tzus need a half cup or a full cup of dog food twice a day. While feeding them, you should be mindful about:

  • Providing them with a hypoallergenic diet.
  • Providing a minimum of 25% of protein.

Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix Living Condition

A Schnau Tzu requires a loving and generous family. He is well adapted to apartments due to his size. His activity requirements are medium, making him suitable for a home with no backyard. 

Adding a Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix To Your Family

Things to remember before adding a Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix to your family

Always look for a reputable breeder before adding a Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix puppy to your family. A reputable breeder will provide you with the gene testing certificates, vaccination certificates, health details. You may even request to look for their parent breeds to ensure their authenticity and health.

Cost of a Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix Puppy

A Schnau Tzu puppy may cost around $150 to $400. The range varies from one breeder to another. Hence, you should research before getting a Schnau-Tzu puppy. 

Schnauzer Shih Tzu mix
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Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix Photos

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Other Shih Tzu Mixes

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  • Shih Tzu + Westie = Weshi
  • Shih Tzu + Wire fox Terrier= Wire Fo-Tzu
  • Shih Tzu + Yorkie = Shorkie Tzu

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