Schnauzer Husky Mix – Everything You Need To Know

Schnauzer Husky, also called Siberian Schnauzer, is a mix of Schnauzer and Siberian husky. The resultant puppy inherits the best traits from both parents. Siberian Schnauzers are brilliant and perfect companions.

Schnauzer Husky Mix Pros and Cons 

Pros Cons 
Relatively Healthy Stubbornness 
Perfect Watchdogs Can be vocal 

Schnauzer Husky Mix Basic Information 

  • Name: Schnauzer Husky
  • Height: 12 to 22 inches   
  • Weight:  30 to 70 pounds 
  • Color: Grey and Black, Silver and Black, Grey and White, Solid Black 
  • Coat: Double coated, Wiry, Dense 
  • Hypoallergenic: No 
  • Energy: Medium to High 
  • Activities:  Agility, Herding 
  • Barking Level: Medium to High 
  • Shedding Level: Low to Medium 
  • Group: Mixed breed 
  • Litter Size: 3 – 5 Puppies 
  • Life Span: 11 – 15 Years 
  • Other names: Schnausky, Siberian Schnauzers 

Schnauzer Vs. Husky: A Comparison 

Features Standard Schnauzer Siberian Husky 
Origin Germany Siberia 
Height 12 to 26 inches 20 to 23 inches 
Weight 20 to 70 Pounds 35 to 60 Pounds 
Size  Medium Medium 
Group Working Group Working Group 
Children Compatibility Medium to High High 
Family Compatibility Medium to High High 
Pets Compatibility Low to Medium High 
Barking Level Low to Medium High 
Shedding Level Low Medium 
Hypoallergenic Yes No 
Grooming Needs Medium Medium 
Overall Health High Medium to High 
Energy Medium High 
Exercise Needs High High 
Trainability Medium Low to Medium 
Activities Farm Dogs, Ratting Transportation 
Complication in breeding No No 
Litter Size 2 – 4 Puppies 4 – 6 Puppies 
Lifespan 11 – 13 Years 12 – 14 Years 
Other Names Zwergschanuzer Chukcha, Chuksha    

Schnauzer Husky Mix Personality 

The Husky gene usually dominates in the litter, so the Schnauzer Huskies often have Husky’s personalities. Their coat is white and grey with bright blue eyes, but there can be exceptions when the schnauzer gene is dominant. The Siberian Schnauzer’s face does not have any wrinkles or facial folds. They have scissor bite and saber-type tails. They are excellent watchdogs as they are alert, territorial, and ready to protect their family. 

Friendliness Overview 

Affection level  Medium to High 
Family-Friendly  Medium to High 
Kid-Friendly  Medium to High 
Pet-Friendly  Medium to High 
Strangers-Friendly  Medium 

Adaptability Overview 

Good for New Pet Owners  Low 
Good for Apartment Living  Medium 
Sensitivity Level  Medium to High 
Tolerates being alone  Low 
Cold Tolerance  Medium to High 
Heat Tolerance  Medium to High 

Schnauzer Husky Mix Temperament 

Siberian Schnauzers are strong-willed and hardworking dogs. They are friendly but stubborn at times. Their compatibility with children and other pets is high with proper socialization. The husky parent gene makes them a bit more vocal than other dog breeds. Siberian schnauzers should realize that you are the pack leader to put them in proper behavior. 

Restrain food and treats and give them after a few seconds to establish yourself as their leader. To know more about your puppy’s temperament, try to meet the parents. 

Schnauzer Husky Mix Training 

The stubbornness of a Siberian schnauzer is difficult to handle, so you need to be confident and consistent in your approach. The schnauzer Husky Mix will respond well to patience and positive reinforcement. You can introduce them to rally training, obedience training, and agility training. Bullying or Using force to train them will not work, and he might get more stubborn. 

Trainability Overview

Easy to Train Low to Medium 
Intelligence  Medium to High 
Prey Drive  Medium to High 
Tendency to Chew, Nip & Play-bite  Medium 
Tendency to Bark or Howl  Medium to High 
Wanderlust Ability  High 
Attention/Social Needs Medium 

Schnauzer Husky Mix Exercise Needs 

Exercise sessions are vital for the highly energetic schnauzer husky mix. They can get destructive both indoors and outdoors, if their energy is not focused on positive outlets. The activities should be rigorous for about an hour, along with a 20 minutes walk twice a day. You can include them in swimming, hiking, jogging. Owing to their husky parentage, avoid exposing them to hot weather conditions during the exercise sessions. 

Exercise Needs Overview 

Energy Level                                       High 
Exercise Needs                                  High 
Playfulness                                         High 
Intensity       Medium 

Schnauzer Husky Mix Grooming 

Schnauzer Husky Mix does not require much grooming needs. Some dogs can clean themselves like cats and need bathing once in a while or when necessary. Their coat has to be brushed weekly, but everyday brushing is needed during shedding season. Take good care of Siberian Schnauzer’s dental health by brushing his teeth three to four times a week. Clean his ears and trim the nails regularly.

Grooming Overview  

Amount of Shedding                         Medium 
Tendency to Drool       Low to Medium 
Tendency to Snore       Low to Medium 
Easy to Groom       Low to Medium 

Schnauzer Husky Mix Health 

Schnauzer Husky Mix inherits the healthy genes from both parents. Though certain diseases can affect them, they can be identified early through regular health tests and treated. In general, the healthy Schnauzer Husky mix can live more than their average lifespan under proper care.

Health Overview 

Basic Health      Medium to High 
Weight Gain Possibilities      Low to Medium 
Size      Medium 

Hip Dysplasia: Hip Dysplasia, one of the painful conditions, is caused when the rear leg bones do not properly fit the joints. This condition is primarily hereditary, but certain factors such as injuries, obesity, and wrong exercises can cause hip dysplasia in dogs. Even though it is life-threatening, hip dysplasia can be cured through medications or hip replacement surgeries.

Cataracts: Cataract is a white film-like layer grown on the eyes covering the eye lens. The eye will look opaque. It is genetically transmitted, which, if ignored, can lead to blindness. It can be treated through surgery.

Corneal Dystrophy: Corneal Dystrophy is a genetic disorder that affects the layers of the cornea in the eyes. It is not a painful condition, and symptoms such as forming an opaque layer, are seen in some Schnauzer Husky mix.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy: It is a group of degenerative diseases affecting the retina of the eye. The affected dog will eventually be blind owing to the deterioration of the photoreceptor cells in the retina.

Schnauzer Husky Mix Diet and Nutrition 

Schnauzer Husky Mix can eat good quality store-bought dog food or homemade food. Try consulting a veterinarian to include all the vital nutrients in the diet plan. Although Siberian schnauzers are not prone to obesity, it is better to note their calorie intake, to maintain their fitness. They enjoy treats, so you can use them for positive reinforcement. 

Schnauzer Husky Mix Living Condition 

Schnauzer Husky Mix can suit themselves to apartment living when adequate exercise sessions are maintained. Generally, a backyard is recommended for this energetic breed to dig or play. They are indoor dogs that thrive on living with their families. Therefore, avoid sheltering them outdoors or leaving them alone for long durations.  

Schnauzer Husky Mix Images 

Schnauzer Husky Mix Videos 

Schnauzer Husky Mix Grooming 

Schnauzer Husky Mix Playing at Dog Beach

Schnauzer Husky Mix (Siberian Schnauzer) Talking 

Adding a Schnauzer Husky Mix to Your Family 

To Buy a Puppy Online: Buy a puppy online 

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