Schipperke Chihuahua Mix – Everything You Need To Know

Schipperke Chihuahua mix, also known as Schipper-Chi, is a Schipperke and Chihuahua hybrid, markedly different in appearance and personality. However, it works wonderfully, completely matching their parents’ traits. The Schipperke Chihuahua mixes are unique, affectionate, lively, energetic, intelligent, and low-maintenance breed, making them an excellent choice for an active family seeking a joyful, entertaining companion.

Schipperke Chihuahua Mix Pros and Cons

Low maintenance dog Prone to genetic health issues
Suited for small living spaces Separation Anxiety  
Very loyal and affectionate  Tendency to be aggressive

Schipperke Chihuahua Mix Breed Information

  • Name: Schipperke Chihuahua Mix
  • Height: 8 – 14 inches 
  • Weight: 7 – 15 pounds   
  • Size: Small 
  • Coat: Short to medium length
  • Color: White, black, brown
  • Energy: Medium to High
  • Activities: Watchdogs
  • Group: Mixed breed
  • Barking Level: Medium
  • Shedding Level: Medium
  • Hypoallergenic: No 
  • Litter Size: 1 – 5 puppies
  • Life Span: 10 – 16 years 
  • Other Names: Schip-A-Chi, Schipper-Chi
  • Breed Recognition: DRA – Dog Registry of America, Inc.

Schipperke vs. Chihuahua: A Comparison

ImageAdult Schipperke
OriginBelgium Mexico
Height10 – 13 inches 6 – 9 inches
Weight11 – 18 Pounds 3 – 6 pounds
SizeSmall Small
GroupNon-Sporting GroupCompanion dogs
Children-friendlyHigh High 
Family-friendlyHigh High 
Pet-friendlyHigh High 
Barking LevelHigh Medium
Shedding LevelMedium Low to Medium
HypoallergenicNo No
Grooming NeedsMedium High
Overall HealthMedium to High Low to Medium
EnergyMedium to High Medium
ExerciseMedium to High Low
TrainabilityMedium Medium
ActivitiesWatchdog, Guard dog Watchdogs, companion dogs
Complication in BreedingNo No
Litter Size3– 7 Puppies 1 – 3 puppies
Life Span12 – 14 Years  10 – 18 years
Other NamesLittle Black Devil, Tasmanian Black, Little Munchkin

Schipperke Chihuahua Mix Personality

Schipperke Chihuahua mixes are known for the following personalities:

  • Loyal and confident
  • Affectionate and lively
  • Friendly and outgoing
  • Smartness
  • Playful
  • Intelligent
  • Independent and charming
  • People-pleasing

Schipperke Chihuahua mix’s personality is a blend of Schipperke and Chihuahua breeds. Both parent breeds are on opposite ends of the spectrum regarding size and appearance. These small to medium-sized dogs will fall between 7 to 15 pounds and stand about 8 to 14 inches tall. 

Schipperke Chihuahuas are well-known for their exceptional companionship and charming personalities. They make excellent family pets and are patient with kids. However, they are a bit spunky, aggressive, and territorial breeds with an infectious lively streak, but some stubbornness is possible. Proper training and early socialization at a young age can assist in curbing this.

Friendliness Overview

Affection levelMedium to High

Adaptability Overview

Good for new pet ownersHigh
Good for apartment livingHigh
Sensitivity levelHigh
Tolerates being aloneLow
Tolerates cold weatherLow to Medium
Tolerates hot weatherLow to Medium

Schipperke Chihuahua Mix Temperament

It’s challenging to predict a mixed breed’s temperament. It can be a blend of both or inherit one parent’s qualities. Schipperke Chihuahua mixes are generally calm, playful, and intelligent. In addition, they are agile and have barking tendencies due to the Chihuahua gene pool. They are highly family-friendly and kid-friendly. They can do well in apartments and are good with novice owners. However, they suffer from separation anxiety because of their brilliance. Hence, they start exhibiting destructive demeanors when left alone for long periods. Also, they may have certain stubborn qualities, which can alter with early socialization and continuous training.

Schipperke Chihuahua Mix Training 

The Schipperke Chihuahua mix should undergo early socialization and proper obedience training. Both parent breeds are known for their intelligence so training will be challenging. However, positive reinforcement enhances your relation with your puppy and allows you to establish a bond based on respect and trust. Unfortunately, they also have a moderate prey drive, which you can rectify after continuous obedience training. Here are some of the training exercises that you need to do with your Schipperke Chihuahua:

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Trainability Overview

Easy to trainMedium 
Prey driveMedium
Tendency for mouthinessMedium 
Tendency to bark and howlMedium
Wanderlust abilityMedium 

Schipperke Chihuahua Mix Exercise Needs

Schipperke Chihuahua mix is a small breed that requires at least 30 minutes of daily activity to stay fit and healthy. They will not be repeatedly satisfied with the same exercise as they are brilliant, so you’ll have to mix things up to keep them active and interested. They prefer playing, long walks, jogging, retrieving, and running.

You can meet your Schipperke Chihuahua’s exercise requirements by:

  • Walking
  • Jogging 
  • Fetching
  • Playing hide-and-seek
  • Teaching new tricks
  • Playing with puzzle toys
  • Frisbee

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Exercise Needs Overview

Energy LevelMedium to High
Exercise NeedsMedium
PlayfulnessMedium to High

Schipperke Chihuahua Mix Grooming

Both the pure breeds, Schipperke and Chihuahuas, are moderate shedders. They are not hypoallergenic and are low-maintenance breeds that are commonly healthy. 

Schipperke Chihuahua’s grooming requirements are as follows:

  • They need brushing once or twice a week. 
  • Bathe whenever it is necessary.
  • Brush their teeth two to three times a week. 
  • Trim nails once or twice monthly to avoid splitting, breaking, and discomfort. 
  • Regularly check their ears once a week for infections such as discharge, bumps, redness, or foul odor.
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Grooming Overview

Shedding LevelMedium
Tendency to DroolLow
Easy to GroomHigh

Schipperke Chihuahua Mix Health

Generally, mixed breeds like Schipperke Chihuahua mixes are healthier than their purebred parents because of crossed vigor. However, there are possibilities of inheriting health disorders from their parent breeds.  

Health Overview

General HealthMedium
Weight Gain PossibilitiesMedium
SizeLow to Medium

Hip Dysplasia: A skeletal disorder that hits a dog’s joints. It’s more prevalent in small to medium breeds but can occur in any puppy. 

Elbow Dysplasia: Joint laxity is produced by the three bones that make up a dog’s elbow developing at various rates. Severe lameness can occur as a result of this. To treat the issue, your veterinarian may advise pain medication or surgery.

Obesity: A common health condition in the Schipperke Chihuahua mix. Excess weight can result in digestive disorders, joint problems, back pain, and heart diseases. The ideal way to prevent this disorder is by maintaining a healthy diet and exercising.  

Cataracts: This condition is caused due to the eye lens thickening, leading to cloudy vision. You can treat this disorder either with surgery or medication.

Wobbler’s syndrome:  A hereditary condition that affects dogs through a cervical vertebral flux or malformed spinal canal. 


  • Spinal cord compression 
  • Paralysis of the legs
  • Neck pain 

IVDD: Spinal degeneration affects all Chihuahua mixes. Dogs will undergo a disc eruption caused by the lengthy body not supplying adequate support to the spine. If the condition worsens, it might result in pain and paralysis.

Schipperke Chihuahua Mix Diet and Nutrition 

Schipperke Chihuahua mixes need high-quality dog food, preferably fruits and vegetables, real meat, and little grains or additives, considering their age, weight, health, and metabolism. Since they are sensitive to hip and joint issues, you can enhance their diet with glucosamine, chondroitin, and fish oil. Here are a few nutritious suggestions for your pet:

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Schipperke Chihuahua Mix Living Condition 

Schipperke Chihuahua mixes can quickly adapt to any environment they live in. Hence, they require lots of engagement to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. Also, they want a loving home for proper growth. Therefore, a yard with appropriate fencing is the most suitable place for them to play around.  

Adding Schipperke Chihuahua Mix to Your Family 

Things to Remember before Buying a Schipperke Chihuahua Mix

Ensure to get a Schipperke Chihuahua puppy only from a reliable breeder. They guarantee the satisfaction and wellness of both the puppies and their parents. Also, they should provide health clearance reports along with gene tests for a vaccinated puppy.  

Cost Of a Schipperke Chihuahua Mix Puppy 

Schipperke Chihuahua mixes can range from $800 to $1500, not including miscellaneous expenses.

Schipperke Chihuahua Puppy
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Schipperke Chihuahua Mix

Schipperke Chihuahua Mix

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