How To Teach a Dog to Spin? Everything You Need to Know

Teaching your dog to spin is an entertaining trick she can acquire after learning basic obedience instructions. In addition, the spin trick will help your dog to be mentally healthy. 

How Long Will It Take to Teach a Dog to Spin? 

Teaching your dog to spin and her acquiring the concept, would roughly take 2 to 3 weeks. All you need is consistency and positive reinforcement to master your dog to spin.  

Tools Needed to Teach a Dog to Spin 

Following are the tools needed to teach your dog to spin: 

High-Value treat  
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Treat Pouch 
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Steps to Teach a Dog to Spin 

We are providing you with an outline of how to teach your dog to spin. To teach the trick, a verbal command is not enough. The technique here is essential.  

  • Gain Attention
    • Have some treats in a pouch and one treat in your palm.  
    • Before you start teaching your dog to spin, shower some love and treats. 
    • his will help your dog to gain interest in what is coming next. 
  • Have Your Dog in Stand Position 
    • The basic stand command is where the training will start.
    • First, command your dog to stand. 
    • Once she comes in a standing position, give her treats.
  • Lure Your Dog
    • Take some high-value treats in your palm, in front of your dog’s nose.
    • This will entice her to follow the smell of the treat. 
    • Next, move your hand in a circle shape, keeping it close to her nose. 
    • Once your dog spins following your hand, utter “Good” firmly and gently in a happy tone.
    • Give the treat.
    • Repeat this procedure 5 times.
  • Add Verbal Cue
    • Repeat the Luring procedure. 
    • From this moment, before and after your dog makes a 360° turn, add the verbal cue “spin.” 
    • Remember to keep the treat in your palm. 
    • Treat your dog with high-value treats. 
    • Repeat this procedure 5 times.
  • Eliminate Treats Gradually
    • It is time to cut down on treats gradually. 
    • Make a circle using your hand without treats in your palm.
    • Command “spin” before and after she spins.
    • Reward her with a treat only after she completes the action.
    • Repeat this procedure 5 times.  

After your dog is associated with the task, without the treat- throughout the procedure, now:

  • Command “Spin” before and after your dog completes the task. 
  • Do not give her high-value treats. 
  • Praise her with love and generosity. 
  • Repeat this procedure 5 times. 
  • Eliminate Hand Gesture
    • By now, your dog is associated with the verbal cue ‘spin.’ 
    • It is time you remove the hand gesture and stick to verbal command.
    • Your dog should make a circle after you command her to spin.
    • If she does as desired, reward her with high-value treats. 
    • Repeat this procedure 5 more times. 
    • If your dog does not spin after you command her, wait patiently and gradually start from the step of eliminating treats.

Note: You can also eliminate the verbal command at the end of your dog-spins in this step. 

  • Switch Direction
    • Follow the same technique from the beginning in the opposite direction.  

Pro Tips: 

  • No training session should exceed 15 minutes. 
  • End the training session with a positive mood.  
  • Never incline on punishments. 

What To Do If General Technique Does Not Work? 

If the general training procedure does not work, follow the same procedure as mentioned, along with a leash. Hence, your dog should be trained with the basic obedience programs, which includes leash training.  

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the training techniques for your dog to spin, you can always end an exercise session with a spin activity. This will boost your dog’s mental health and also cheer her up. Follow the outlined steps to master your dog!

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