How to Keep Dogs Out of Garden? Everything You Need to Know

Are you pondering how to keep dogs out of garden? This post will guide you through the process and make it easy for you and your furry friend. Read on to know more!

We love to see our dogs eat well, but we don’t want them snacking on our heirloom vegetables and prized perennials in the garden. Also, dogs can mess up your garden. Fortunately, whether it is your dog or your neighbor’s dog, you can keep them out of your garden by erecting fences, deterring dogs with toxic scents and smells, and using other natural ways. These help you to maintain a healthy garden without risking harm to your furry friends. In addition, you can safely and effectively prevent dogs from using supplies you may already have at home.

What Equipment is Required to Keep Dogs Out of the Garden?


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Tips and Tricks to Keep Dogs Out of Garden

The following are the best tips to keep your dog away from garden:

Put up a fence

A fence is the most prominent way to keep dogs out of a garden. You can spend some money to install it professionally or consider erecting one yourself. However, an installation by professionals can be expensive. So instead, you may choose a fence made from wood, mesh, or wire which can all be found at your nearest home repair store. 

For small dogs, a 16-inch wall should be sufficient. You may need an elevated fence or a fence with a top enclosure for large dogs.

Use plant barriers

If you don’t find an aesthetically pleasing traditional fence, you can use plants to construct a barrier around your garden. Tall, sturdy plants or shrubs are best for this purpose. Although thorny or prickly plants can prevent dogs, they may also cause injury. So consider tall, sturdy plants like peony, coneflower, verbena, Russian sage, black-eyed Susans, and Mexican primrose. You can also purchase shrubs like evergreen, laurel, huckleberry, and escallonia.

Try planting a barrier of marigolds as dogs don’t like the smell of marigolds, so your garden will be less tempting to them.

Create a barrier using gravel or mulch

Dogs do not like the texture of gravel and mulch against their paws. So another alternative is to create a mote-like barrier around your garden using these substances. You can find mulch at most hardware stores. Mulches made from needles or pine cones are good options. However, you do not want “dog-friendly” mulch for this purpose! You can purchase gravel at hardware stores or greenhouses. Select rocks that have rough edges to deter dogs best.

Spray vinegar or apple bitter on vegetables

Pungent odors like apple bitter or white vinegar have been shown to repel dogs and other creatures, but these stinky fluids are perfectly safe for vegetables and plants. Fill a spray bottle with apple bitter or white vinegar and give your garden a spray after watering. You can find apple bitter at most pet stores and white vinegar at most grocery stores. 

Sprinkle some spices

Strong-smelling herbs and spices are unappealing to dogs. You can restrict dogs from entering your garden by sprinkling spices around the zone. Place 1 tablespoon of powdered spices for every square foot of your garden. Repeat after heavy watering or rain. Try red pepper flakes, mustard powder, or a mixture of both.

Avoid cayenne pepper, as this can hurt a dog’s sensitive feet. Experiment with any spices (excluding cayenne) readily available at home. You can purchase spices at most grocery stores.

Place orange peels or potatoes around the garden

Certain food items, such as orange peels and semi-rotten potatoes, are repulsive to dogs. You can effectively deter your dog from entering the space by placing these foods around your garden. Use the peel of one orange and/or one semi-rotten potato for every 2 square feet of your garden. Replace these when they have visibly rotted away.

Shred orange peels into slices or chunks, and sprinkle these around your garden. Leave potatoes in your pantry for roughly three weeks, then place whole potatoes around your garden.

Install a motion-activated sprinkler

You can program motion-activated sprinklers to spray water anytime when your dog enters the garden. These sprinklers can deter not just dogs but other pets, deer, and other unwanted animal intruders. Motion-activated sprinklers range from $35 to over $100. 

Install an ultrasonic dog repeller

Ultrasonic dog repellers can repel all manner of animals from your garden. They are waterproof and solar-powered and can be plugged in or run from a battery. In addition, they can be attached to a fence or wall. 

Build a dog path

Try providing a better path for your dog if he frequently walks in your garden. If you plan to reorganize your garden, you can create a way right through the middle or nearby. For a pleasant dog-friendly path, you may need:

  • Soil/sand mixture
  • Outdoor carpet
  • Stepstones

Create a dog-friendly space

You can encourage your furry friend to stay away from the garden by providing a better space for them to play. On the other hand, if you like having the dog with you in the yard, this is a great way to keep him happy and enjoy their company.

  • Choose a location. Dogs tend to prefer shade. So provide enough space for dogs to play and relax.
  • Select a dog-friendly surface; the top choice is a sand/soil mixture, but wood chips or leaves will also work.
  • If your dog loves to dig, build his sandbox and encourage him to dig there instead. Provide some toys, some treats and a dish with water.
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Train your dog

Last, you may train your dog not to enter the garden. If your dog has never had any training, you might consider formal obedience training for him.

  • Allow your dog to enter the garden when you can supervise and correct its behavior.
  • Praise your pet if he does not enter the garden and offer a treat.
  • Command your dog a firm “No” when he enters the garden. Avoid yelling.
  • Be consistent and try to be patient throughout this process.

Final Thoughts

So there you have the list of the best creative ways to keep your dog away from your beautiful garden. If you can successfully implement 3 or more of these, you should be in a good position to let your dog understand that the garden bed is not for exploring or playing.

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