How to Keep Dog Out of Pool? Everything You Need To Know

Many dog owners struggle to keep their dogs out of the pool. Some dogs take one look at pool water and happily walk away, while others jump right in without a second thought.

This part of the difference in dogs can be based on their breed. For example, dogs with double coats mostly have a survival instinct telling them not to dive into the water. This is because their coats will get so heavy and try to drag them down.

However, each dog is unique, and no matter what breed your dog is, they might love to go for a swim. However, if they go in unsupervised, it can pose a risk to their health or even life, causing them to drown. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep your dog out of the pool.

Tools Required to Keep Dog Out of Pool

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Best Ways to Keep Dog Out of Pool

Install a Fence 

One of the most common ways to add a layer of shield around your pool area is to fence it off. Put a safety fence around your pool to stop your dog from accessing it when he’s out in your backyard. The fence should contain self-closing and self-latching gates.

It would help if you chose a fence at least 4 feet high so your dog can’t jump over it. The fence should be see-through so that you can always have a full view inside the pool in case your dog gets inside. In addition, the spacing between the vertical slats should not be more than 1 3/4 inches, so your dog can’t fit through them.

Teach Them Pool Commands

You can always train a dog not to go near the pool if he listens to your commands and respects the rules you set out for them even when you aren’t around him. This prevents you from putting up a fence or constantly covering the pool.

Note that this trick will only work if you can trust your dog to learn from the commands and continue to obey them even if you aren’t around.

The Boundary Line Training

The “Boundary Line” Training gives your dog a specific area where they are and are not allowed to be. So, you train them based on a line around the pool, how close they are allowed to be, and when they need to move away.

Step 1: Set a Boundary Line

  • Start the training by creating the boundary line that you feel comfortable with. It would be best to push the line far enough away so your dog can’t jump from the line into the pool in one leap and keep them a safe distance away.
  • Make the line evident, but don’t rely on colors because dogs don’t see them as well. Instead, make it stick up from the ground slightly or perhaps light up.

Step 2: Position Yourself for the Command

You can position yourself on the poolside of the boundary line and your dog on the other side of the line. Your dog needs to understand that it is your area, not his, and he needs to respect that line. So, he is free to move around outside the line but not come inside of it.

Step 3: Use Commands

Tell him to sit and reward when he stays on that side of the line. If he tries to cross the line, vocally reprimand him, preferably using a command that you have used in the past, like “no” or “stop.”

Step 4: Reinforce Good Behavior

Each time he backs away from the line at the sound of your command, reward him. Next, get your dog to continue to sit or lie down with you on one side and him on the other. Then, try to move around on the inside of the line and prevent him from following you. Each time he tries to cross, use the negative sound, and reward him if he retreats.

Step 5: Practice Around the Perimeter

Take him around the perimeter of the pool’s boundary line. Then, establish that the line goes around the entire pool, and he isn’t allowed to cross at any point. Then, keep practicing for weeks until you know he understands that he should never cross the line unless you permit him to come inside.

Not Interesting/Leave It Training

This technique is similar to the boundary line method. However, instead of restricting your dog to cross a line, it involves more monitoring.

Step 1: Walk Your Canine on a Leash

This process will be more straightforward if your dog is already familiar with the “leave it” command. First, walk your dog on a leash around the pool. Then, each time he tries to go into or nearer the pool, command him to “leave it.”

Step 2: Keep Practicing and Reinforce Good Behavior

You can continue to practice walking around the pool on a leash, reinforcing good behavior with his favorite treats and praise every time he leaves the pool’s edge.

Step 3: Try It Off-Leash

After consistent practice and good behavior, try doing the same off the leash. For example, try to walk with your dog around the pool’s edge when he is not restrained.

Step 4: Teach Your Dog to Enter by Invitation

Swimming can be an excellent exercise for dogs. Teach your dog that it is okay to enter by invitation if you want him to use the pool when you are around to monitor him. Get into the pool and tell him to come. Swim for a while with him, and then get out of the pool. Once he exits and you aren’t in the pool, tell him to “leave it” if he tries to go back in. Repeat this until he understands that he can only come in when they get invited.

Cover the Pool

Cover your pool with a safety cover to prevent your dog from accidentally falling in it and drowning.

How to Choose a Pool Cover?

  • Choose a pool cover that is tightly anchored at various points around the pool. 
  • Safety covers should be made of robust and tight-knit material, such as polyester, that won’t break under your dog’s weight if he walks on it. 
  • Regularly check the cover for any holes or wear over time. 
  • Replace the cover when it becomes worn or if you find any holes in it.


  • Don’t use a floating pool cover to restrict your dog from accessing the pool. It could be a safety hazard as it can trap him under it if he attempts to walk on it.

Install an Alarm and Remove Access

Place an alarm on the pool gate to alert you if your dog manages to open it. You can also install a particular motion-activated pool alarm inside the pool to alert you if there is movement in the water. These devices are built to warn you of your dog’s presence in or around the pool so you can quickly retrieve him.

Pro tips

  • Take away any stairs that allow your dog to access an above-ground pool.
  • Please keep your dog in an area indoors that has no pool access when he’s left unsupervised.
  • While training your dogs to stay away from the pool, please do not feed them more treats. They may get full and lose their interest in training. Instead, tiny, bite-sized pieces are recommended for effective results.
  • You can also use a remote-controlled deterrent collar to keep your pets away from the pool.

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Final Thoughts

The only 100% reliable way to ensure that your dog has stayed away from the pool is to monitor him all the time, or at least the time they spend near the pool. It is best to take them on walks, runs, hikes, or play games with them to encourage actual exercise. Letting your dog wander around in the yard near the pool doesn’t serve as much purpose and only puts them in possible danger.

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