How to Keep a Dog Entertained? Everything You Need to Know

Is your dog bored and dull? Are you on the lookout for ways to keep your dog busy and entertained? You’re certainly not alone. When your dog gets bored, he can develop some destructive behaviors. 

What happens when our canines get bored? They get into trouble. If we don’t keep our dogs mentally stimulated or busy, they’ll find ways to pass the time, and you’re probably not going to like their idea of a good time.

So how to keep a dog entertained? Thankfully there are some simple means to keep your dog busy, entertained, and out of trouble. By following them, you can transform your home into a canine playground with a bit of creativity and motivation. 

What Tools are Required to Keep a Dog Entertained?

The Best Ways to Keep a Dog Entertained at last:

Play Hide and Seek

Hide – seek is a simple game that doesn’t need any special equipment. Practice your dog’s “sit” and “stay” commands, go hide, then call your dog. This is a perfect indoor option if you also have kids that you need to wear out as well.

Teach your dog to relax

Not all dogs relax naturally. The relaxation protocol is a valuable technique to teach your canine to sit and stay in various situations. Sometimes a nice simple belly rub is sufficient to soothe and relax your dog, that is also a great bonding experience.

Use a puppy pool or take a trip to the lake

Many dogs naturally love water, especially during summers, as dogs will love just splashing around and wading in a shallow pool. In addition, many dogs love to go on for a good swim if you live near a dog-friendly beach or lake. Finally, it’s a fantastic exercise for dogs with arthritis since it’s low impact.

Build a digging box for your dog

You can plan to build their digging box in your yard if your dog loves digging. Bury toys in it and allow them to find it; some dogs love exploring, which can keep them entertained for hours.

Work on some simple obedience training

Training your furry friend with any new command or trick gives their brain a workout. A few 10-minute sessions a day working on new tricks or commands burns a lot of mental energy. Sit, lay down, shake, stay, and come here are some of the basic commands to start with.

Let your dog have a view through your window

Open the curtains of your window so that your pup can watch whatever is going on outside your back door. If your dog is small or toy size, set a cushion or chair by the window so that your pup can easily see out.

Fill a toy with peanut butter

Stuff the treat stuffable toy with your all-natural peanut butter. Most canines love the smell and taste of peanut butter and can take time to find every last dollop in a treat stuffable toy. To make it even more challenging, freeze the toys after stuffing them. Examples of food puzzle toys you can find at your local pet store or online include the Kong® Toy, the Buster® Cube, the Twist ‘n Treat™, the Tricky Treat™ Ball, the Atomic Treat Ball™, the Tug-a-Jug™, and the TreatStik®.

Try puppy daycare classes

Puppy daycare is another way to keep your dog busy. Puppy daycares are also a valuable and crucial part of your pup’s education.

They interact with puppies of different breeds, sizes, and sexes in a daycare. These classes also provide a controlled environment where they can learn from interactions with other puppies what is appropriate play behavior and what is not acceptable.

Try dental chews

Giving your canine plenty of her toys and dental chews will help prevent her from chewing on your things. Additionally, dental chews help keep her teeth clean and freshen her breath.

Play Some Tug of War With Your Dog

Tug is a great way to physically and mentally challenge your dog. Short games of tug work well for tiring out our canine friends. Minute for minute, an excellent game of tug is one of the most physically & mentally challenging games you can try. And contrary to myth, playing tug of war with your canine will not make him aggressive. If you don’t have a tug toy, you can make your own with some fleece or old t-shirts.

Jump Into Agility

Agility is an excellent way for you to get your dog some exercise, too, as it involves both the canine and the handler navigating a series of obstacle courses. Obstacles include tunnels, jumps, weave poles, an A-frame, and a seesaw.

Agility is open to all dogs, be it a purebred or mixed breed, and classes are divided based on the jump height. That means any dog ranging from the tiny Chihuahua to the biggest Great Dane can take part and become champions.

Get your dog a new friend

Adopting or rescuing another canine as a companion to your dog helps both animals. You give your dog someone to socialize with during the day, and you save a life. Of course, this is a personal choice on your part, but you need to ensure that any new pet coming into your home is healthy(vaccinated and vetted) and gets along with your dog. 

Change up Your Walking Routine

Daily walks can get a little boring if you’re going the same route every day. Instead, try exploring new neighborhoods by changing your pace. Allowing your dog to smell their surroundings supports mental stimulation. They’re not just visual creatures as they learn a lot from all those interesting smells. Allowing them to sniff around adds a lot of great mental stimulation.

Make a Flirt Pole for High Drive Dogs

A flirt pole is a rod that has a lure on end, and many dogs love chasing after them. You can make your own one using a PVC pipe, bungee cord, and a toy for the lure. Remember, flirt pole chasing can be hard on a dog’s joints, so keep sessions short and don’t play with puppies under 1 year of age to avoid growth plate injuries.

Give your furry friend a block of ice to play with

Place your dog’s treats or his favorite food in an ice-cream container, fill with water, and freeze. Alternatively, freeze a toy like a knotted rope in some water. As the ice melts, toys and treats become available for your dog.

Schedule a playdate

Schedule playdates with dogs or other pets of a trusted neighbor or family member who owns a dog your pet knows well. Ensure that both animals enjoy each other’s company and spend time well together before trying this activity. Leave your vet’s name and phone number with the other pet parent just in an emergency.

Make your dog watch TV

Yes! You heard it right. Engage your dog in watching TV. Once they get used to this, he’ll never miss out a minute to leave your television. TVs can be great entertainers, not just to humans but even pets. There are several dog shows or videos that you can play to keep a dog entertained.

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Final Thoughts

Just like you, your dog needs a balance of physical and mental exercise. While it can’t simply be limited to the above ways, understand what your dog loves to engage more. Try multiple ways to make your dog feel fresh and enjoy recreating new games all the time.

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