How to convince your parents to get a dog? A Comprehensive Guide

Dogs are known as a man’s best friend. Humans and dogs have been friends since ancient times. Previously they used to provide security and company to humans in the jungles. They are amiable animals and have been a favored pet for generations. 

As we progressed with the years, the feeling of getting a pet dog was still ingrained in us. Many children want dogs to play with and find the only hiccup to that to be their parents. Now, parents may have different worries that prevent them from getting a pet for you. So, how can you convince them? Let’s find out. 

Convincing Your Parents

Dogs are the sort of pet that everyone is tentative to get. The overall impression of getting a dog as a pet is they are notorious, untidy, and requires a lot of time and management. You are unable to convince your parents to get a dog because you are unable to calm their worries and concerns. You need to show them the advantages of having a dog in your home. You also need to put forward clear and valuable points to convince them.

To help you convince your parents to get you a dog, the following are the points you can put forward. Make sure you emphasize these points. Keep your head cool and show them how a dog would be a good addition to your family. They won’t be able to turn you down if they understand the advantages of getting a pet dog.

Different Benefits of Getting a Dog

1)  Physical benefits

Adopting a dog can make you healthier. Dog owners stay fit and energetic in various ways because their pawed friends keep them substantially active. An analysis in 2019 looked into 10 studies conducted from 1950 to 2019 and concluded that dog owners had a 24% lower risk of death than non-dog owners.

  • More exercise

If you are someone who goes to the gym for fitness, you can always fall prey to the excuse of not going there regularly. But when you have a pet dog, you have to take him out for his walks every day. You can align your workout with dog walking. Walking has abundant benefits; it improves the health of your heart, enhances good mood, shrinks stress, and improves your complete health.

You don’t need any fancy equipment or pay a yearly fee or anything. You need only your dog and an empty road or land. You can set daily goals of walking certain kilometers. This will keep you and your dog fit.

  • Healthy heart

As you are perceptibly doing some exercise and walking, it will help you improve the health of your heart as well. Your heart rate also slows down when you pet a dog. A 2019 circulation study found that adopting a dog can reduce the risk of dying from heart disease by 31%, and for people who already had suffered from a heart attack or other heart problems, the risk of death is reduced by 65%

  • Maintaining healthy lifestyle

While there is an ongoing deliberation whether exercise really helps to lose weight, it for sure can help to maintain it. When you are walking out with your dog, you are not only being physically active but also mentally aware and at peace. 

If losing weight isn’t your memo, retaining a healthy lifestyle should surely be. In these terms, the energy and vigor a dog brings with it are irreplaceable. 

  • Fewer allergies

Some people can be allergic to dogs. This might be a reason not to get a dog, but studies show that if you want to avert your kids or grandkids from getting these allergies, you might have to reexamine. A study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in 2004 found that children under a year old that spent significant time with furry pets had a reduced risk for eczema and pet allergies.

  • Age healthily

Owning dogs is very constructive for households with older people. Dogs can keep them company. They will find a child in a dog that is not growing up. Dogs are very lively and protective animals. They will be vigilant of the elderly and help the seniors to be active and cheer them up with their cuteness. They are predominantly helpful in times of duress. 

2)  Emotional benefits

You have seen the physical aids of having a dog. These benefits are long-term, and you can’t always see them on a daily basis. But the emotional benefits that come with having a pet dog can be mirrored in your behavior daily.

Remember how surfing videos of puppies and dogs on the internet light you up. Imagine having a dog in your home; you can look at them every day and every time. They are such spirited and jovial animals. They can raise our spirits and lift up our mood easily. This elevated and positive mental health reflects in your physical health, as well.

  • Dwindled level of stress

We all are conscious that petting and playing with an animal can help diminish our stress levels. We live in an age where we have to deal with stressful activities and environments daily.

They are such mood-eating creatures that they are called therapeutic. A 2007-study in the American Journal of Critical Care found that a 12-minute therapy involving dogs in the hospital helped patients with heart failure to relieve their anxiety better than a visit from a human volunteer.

Dogs largely improve the atmosphere of your home. They lessen the stress hormones like epinephrine and norepinephrine. They elevate the feel-good and calming hormones like dopamine and oxytocin.

  • Improves mood

Dogs are creatures that love you unconditionally. The feeling of being loved by your furry friend is like no other. When you wake up resting by your side or when you come back from the office fatigued and see your dog running and jumping around you to greet you, it elevates your mood.

For people struggling with depression, dogs are very relaxing. A 2005 study in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics showed that a 10-week program with therapy dogs helps to alleviate the problem of anhedonia for schizophrenic patients.

There is no doubt that a dog can raise your mood. Just looking at them chasing a ball or lying on their back for belly rubs or licking you to show affection is enough to bring a smile to your face. 

  • Feel less lonely

Being lonely is a feeling that kills you from the inside. Lonely people aren’t just unhappy but are prone to health problems as well. You can’t always count on people to stay with you, but you can blindly count on your dog.

They are there when you wake up and go to bed. They are sensitive to your moods and feelings as well. Just being around them lifts and cheers you up. You must have seen many movies that show the effects of having a pet dog. Having a canine companion will make you feel less lonely and allows you to socialize with other dog owners as well. 

  • Enhances self-esteem

People are often cruel to themselves. If you feel bad about yourself, a dog can help you make you feel better. Your dog thinks the world of you. This can serve as a much-needed boost to your self-image.

A study in Psychology Today found that writing about your pet can help you brush off the sadness after a social rejection as effectively as writing about your best friend.

Having a pet dog improves your popularity and image among people. Many people would want to come to your place to pet them and spend time around them. Dogs are very fond of being friendly to people. They can help with improving and enhancing your social circle as well. 

  • Gives a sense of purpose

For many people suffering from depression or loneliness, they need a purpose to keep moving ahead in life. Being a dog owner can help you find a purpose. Taking care of an animal and fostering it can help you see things with clarity and instill a sense of purpose.

You will have someone or, in this case, a cute ball of fur to look forward to. Feeding them, taking them out for walks, playing with them, and comforting them would encourage you to rediscover things that help you to live a better life.

Your dog will be your stimulus to get out of bed every morning, and ultimately you will be back on your feet. Taking care of someone will also make you realize that you, too, need comfort and warmth. Your dog will make sure you are loved back, if not more than equally, the way you love him. 

3. Social benefits

Being a pet owner can put you on the map of many social circles. There are communities of dog owners who have weekly meet and greetings. The purpose is to let their pets mix and be friends with other pets. This also means your social circle amplifies too. Just going on a walk with your dog can attract the attention of many non-dog owners too. This benefits your interaction with them.

  • Increased social interaction

Staying holed up in your home is not an option when you are a dog owner. During regular dog walks, you are bound to interact with other people. It increases the number of friendly greetings you get, and you will observe more people taking notice of you.

As a dog owner, you will have more friendly visits from your dog-loving friends and relatives. You will be willing to take part in other relaxation activities as well. You are also more likely to get more positive reactions from people.

  • Increase in trust

These days everyone is struggling with trust issues. You just never know whether to trust someone or not. But dogs not only improve your interactions with others but also project you as trustworthy.

A study published in Anthrozoos by two scientists asked participants to rate the therapists based on a video. It was found that students reported increased trust in therapists when they appeared with a dog in that video. They were more willing to discuss and openly share their personal matters with them.

  • Making new friends

When you are so outgoing to meet the needs of your dog, it’s inevitable not to make new friends. When you are walking with your dog around, people will approach you to pet him. This serves as an icebreaker. 

Other dog parents would also interact with you. They might even want to meet you again so their pet and your pet can play together. Many people have experienced an increase in their friend circle and have forged better relationships with other dog owners after getting a pet.

  • Betterment of your relationships

Let’s look at an analysis from 2012 in Frontiers in Psychology which outlines numerous studies in which the dogs have:

  • Children with developmental problems like autism have increased playfulness and social interaction.
  • Patients hospitalized due to mental illness were seen having improvement in sociability, responsiveness, and helpfulness.
  • It also helped the first graders be more sensitive and less aggressive.
  • Among empty nesters, it reduced the risk of divorce.

4. Home security

Whenever anyone thinks of getting a dog, home security comes first in their mind. Dogs are among those species that are very active at night. They will keep your home safe.

Many people are scared to enter a house that has a dog. They will wait for the owner to come and greet them first. Even if your dog is very friendly, the myth that dogs are aggressive creatures proves advantageous in some cases.

The Guardian reports in their 2017 study about the interview of a dozen burglars. The burglars said that they would not prefer to enter the home with a barking dog. The presence of dogs in the house ranked second to the security cameras and burglar alarms.

Acknowledge Their Concerns

These were some of the benefits that you can discuss with your parents to convince them. The next thing that will help to convince them is to clear their worries. It is one thing to show them the advantages and another to assure them, and it is necessary to do both to convince your parents.

  • Increasing expenses   

The main worry could be about the increased expenses. Dogs need to be vaccinated and must have checkups done regularly. They need to be taken care of as well. If they fall ill suddenly, you might need some money on hand. The solution is that there are pet insurances for this. They can help with the expenses in case of diseases and illness. 

For their other requirements, you can form a budget plan. You can try to train them yourselves to help with the expenditure. To reduce the cost of their food or other needs, you can learn more about the best diet and foods for dogs from PreFURRED and other similar resources.

  • Take responsibility

The second thing which could help you show more conviction is taking responsibility. Your parents have their jobs or household work and other million things to take care of. You can form a schedule or a planner to divide the daily dog activities. 

Make sure you play an active role in taking the responsibilities. Tell your parents that it will be a learning experience for you as well. You will come to know how to perform your responsibilities and be sensitive towards animals.

  • Train them properly

Many people are wary of dogs littering and making the house a mess. Assure them that with proper training and attention, you can teach your dog not to litter in or around the house. The training isn’t too difficult to implement. 

The initial months could be a bit tough, but once the training is in place, you won’t have to worry about it much. Dogs are pretty intelligent. They can sense your moods and tone. They are very receptive to the environment around them. That is why it is not too hard to teach them things.

  • Hair fall problems

Another problem raised in adopting a dog is hair fall. There is no denying the fact that they do shed some hair daily. It is not a bucket load of hair that falls every day. You can keep in mind that the shedding of the dog is seasonal.

According to the change in season, because of their adaptive features, their coat changes. In the summertime, they shed hair, and a thinner and lighter coat of hair appears to help them survive the heat. Similarly, when winter approaches, they shed hair for a thicker coat.

You can brush them twice a day in your balcony or backyard. This will not make your house messy. This way, you will also have removed any hair that is supposed to fall that day. There are also brushes and rollers available to clean your sofa or car seat.

  • Research and select

Now, the needs and expectations of having a dog in your home can vary from family to family. It is better to do proper research about what kind of breed you are willing to select. Some dogs can grow very large, and you might need dogs that are easy to take care of. On the other hand, if you want a guard dog, you can’t select a breed that is too friendly. Selection of the proper breed is necessary.

Not only your requirements but also the geographical conditions you live in need to be factored in. Some dog breeds need cold temperatures. If you reside in a place that has a tropical or warm climate, you need to select accordingly. The dogs that need a cold climate can survive in those climates, but their life expectancy and health would be compromised.

Another factor is what type of house you live in. If you live in an apartment, you need to get a dog that doesn’t require much outdoor activity in comparison to other breeds. Usually, breeds that are smaller in size suit your apartment lifestyle better. But dogs are adjustable creatures; they won’t complain to you. It’s better to think of their comfort also.

  • Keep your cool

While trying to convince your parents to keep in mind all these points, you should be prepared to assure them and ease their worries. Explain to them the advantages and solve their confusions. Try not to get agitated and yell. Sometimes we can get carried away. Keeping your cool is also important.

  • Test the waters

Before you approach them, you can show them pictures and videos of dogs to test the waters. See what their mindset is and approach accordingly. It’s okay if they say no in the beginning. Keep trying unless their reasons are perfect and can’t be argued over.

  • Understand the commitment involved

Finally, don’t aimlessly demand to get a dog. Taking care of a dog is no joke. They need love, attention, and care too. It is a commitment you should be fully dedicated to. You can’t handle the responsibilities that come along with them alone. Make sure you have the support of your family.

Getting a dog would be one of the best things that can happen to you. They are lovable and affectionate animals. They will hold a special place in your heart forever. Once they become a part of your family, you will never want to be separated from them. They will improve your life for the better. It might look like a big deal initially, but once you find a synchronization and rhythm among each other, things will run smoothly thereafter. 

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