How To Clean Up Dog Pee? Everything You Need To Know

Cleaning up dog’s pee should be tiring for pet lovers when pets are not trained adequately. Regardless of how thoroughly your dog is trained to comply with housetraining, your dog might pee on the carpet, couches and areas that cannot be machine washed. Cleaning the urine and eliminating the smell can be difficult, and this article will help you reduce the difficulties.

Tools Needed to Clean Up Dog Pee 

To clean up dog pee, you will need the tools mentioned below: 

  • Newspapers and Paper Towels: Both help in bottling up the urine.
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  • Baking Soda: It is used to remove pet scents and usually is sprayed during the last stage of stain removal. 
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  • Vinegar: This inherently acidic element is one of the most beneficial home cleaning agents and is readily available in your pantry. It effectively removes and disinfects stains.

  • Enzymatic cleaners: They are generally used to remove stubborn odors.
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Why Should You Use Natural Pet Stain and Odor Remover? 

The chemicals present in various pet stains and odor removers can be harmful to dogs. The residue exposes your dog to chemical-based diseases. It is best to depend upon natural pet stain and odor remover.  

What Neutralizes the Dog Urine Smell? 

Pheromones in dog urine are part of a complicated communication mechanism that dogs use. Pheromones indicate dogs’ limits and appropriate areas to pee; however, an accident in the home may urge your dog to pee in the same place. 

Bacteria in the urine create ammonia, which causes a nasty stench. If you’re unsure where the urine stench is coming from, a UV or black light will help you locate and assure adequate cleanup. 

Enzyme cleaners destroy the proteins and enzymes that make pheromones. This not only eliminates the odor but also reduces your dog’s urge to pee again in the exact location.  

Use products that include hydrogen peroxide for 15 minutes in the area, and always go for a trial initially. 

Steps to Clean Up Dog Pee 

Cleaning up dog pee is a difficult task. So let us step by step learn the procedures how we can get rid of the mess: 

Method 1: Clean the urine from the floor 

  • Blot the mess: Take some paper towels and newspaper to place thoroughly over the spill.  
  • Wipe the urine: Wear rubber hand-gloves, take a garbage bag, put the paper towels and newspaper in it. Tie it up to avoid the smell coming and throw it into the garbage box.  
  • Disinfect the floor: Apply pet-friendly enzyme cleaner on the floor where your dog urinated. Use a moist cloth to wipe the space. Allow the wiped area to dry.  

Method 2: Clean the dog urine from the carpet 

  • Blot the mess: Start by soaking a thick cluster of paper towels in water and a few drops of dish detergent to remove dog pee from the carpet. Place over the spot where your dog urinated on the mat. Press down the mess softly with your foot or a gloved hand to absorb as much as possible. 
  • Prepare a cleaning solution: Combine one cup of white vinegar and one cup of water. Stir with a spoonful of baking soda before pouring it into a spray bottle. Apply a thick coating of the mixture to dry on the stained region of the carpet for 5-6 minutes.
    You may also use a store-bought carpet cleaner but avoid solutions that include chlorine, ammonia, or sodium lauryl sulfate since these can be toxic to dogs.  
  • Dry the area: Blot the area with a clean towel to absorb the solution. Allow the carpet to dry naturally. While it dries, keep pets away from it. 
  • Rent a carpet cleaner: Consider renting a carpet cleaner if the area is still soiled or smells like urine after you clean it. 
    When using a rental carpet cleaner, be sure to read the instructions thoroughly. 

Method 3: Wash urine out of bedding and clothes 

  • Rinse thoroughly: Rinse the soiled items with cold water before washing. Continue rinsing until you’ve emptied as much pee as you can. Squeeze out the excess water. 
  • Presoak the items: Look for enzymes widely used in cleaning products in the ingredients list on the product label before treating urine stains with a liquid detergent that contains enzymes.
    Soak the soiled linen or clothing for 30 minutes in cold water in a sink or bathtub. Then, remove the objects and wash them out once again. 
  • Load the washing machine: Place the goods in the washing machine to be washed. Set the washing machine to a hot water cycle, and add detergent. If you’re washing your dog’s bedding, make sure it’s a light detergent that won’t irritate its skin
  • Add Vinegar: Pour 1/2 cup white vinegar into the machine’s softener dispenser. Start the washing machine. If your machine doesn’t have a softener dispenser, run it normally and add the vinegar at the start of the final rinse cycle. If the urine scent is too strong for these amounts, finish the rinse cycle with a full cup of vinegar. 
  • Dry the goods: Dry the goods in the dryer. Alternatively, hang the things to dry on a clothesline if feasible. The fresh air will assist in neutralizing the urine stench and refresh the cloth. Dryer sheets might irritate your dog’s skin, so avoid them. 

How to Get Rid of Dog Pee Smells?

Let us find out how you can get rid of your dog’s pee smell?  

  • Rugs, Pillows, Dog Beds, Sheets, Carpets, and Couches: Apply the enzymatic cleaner, allowing it to remain 15 minutes on the spot. Follow this after cleaning the dog pee thoroughly.  
  • Heavy Soiled Areas: A high-quality mini wet vac will help in eliminating the smell. The enzymatic cleaner should be added as the base while cleaning.  

Pro Tips 

Besides following the steps, other tips can be an added advantage if followed. For example, here is a  pro tip that will help you clean dog pee faster: 

  • Act Fast: You should immediately act because it may be difficult to remove if the urine soaks into the padding underneath the carpet. You may need to replace the carpet at this stage or hire a professional carpet cleaner who employs water extraction procedures to clean it. 
  • Mattress Protector: You can try using a mattress protector or waterproof bed mattress sheet that helps you clean easily without strain. You can find Mattress Protector Sheet
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Housetrain Your Dog to Prevent Future Incidents 

After the cleaning is done, make sure to set your dog off-limit from the area. Then, focus on making your dog’s bathroom area more attractive and housetrain. Your dog needs to master this skill to avoid any such circumstances in the future.  

Remember to use positive reinforcement every time without punishing your dog. Love, generosity, consistency, and high-value treats are the only key to housetrain your pet

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Final Thoughts 

Cleaning up a dog’s pee may seem complicated. So to stop your dog from peeing indoors, housetrain your dog from an early age. However, if your dog pees somewhere you don’t want him to, you will have to keep the cleaning materials handy. Newspaper, paper towels, vinegar, baking soda, and fabric detergent help you clean the mess. If your dog frequently pees and poops here and there, consult a veterinarian.

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