Great Dane Pitbull Mix – Everything You Need to Know

The Great Dane Pitbull Mix, often known as the Great Danebull, is a cross between the Pitbull and the Great Dane. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a loyal, affectionate, and active dog, whereas the Great Dane is kind, amiable, and patient. So, when these two beautiful breeds are combined, you get a big dog that epitomizes the best of both pure breeds.

Great Dane Pitbull Mix Pros and Cons

Easy GroomingExcessive Shedding
Great WatchdogSeparation Anxiety

Great Dane Pitbull Mix Basic Information

  • Name: Great Dane Pitbull Mix
  • Height: 24 – 28 inches
  • Weight: 60 – 100 pounds
  • Size: Large
  • Coat: Short, Smooth
  • Color: Black, red, white, brown, tan, blue, grey, brindle, sable, merle, spotted, cream
  • Energy: High
  • Activities: Companion Dogs, Sports, Agile, Watch Dogs
  • Group: Mixed Breed
  • Barking Level: Medium
  • Shedding Level: High
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Litter Size: 7 – 9 puppies
  • Life Span: 7 – 14 years
  • Other Names: Great Danebull

Great Dane vs. American Pitbull Terrier: A Comparison

FeaturesGreat DaneAmerican Pitbull Terrier
OriginGermanUnited Kingdom
Height26 – 34 inches17 – 19 inches
Weight100 – 200 pounds30 – 85 pounds
Size LargeMedium
GroupWorking DogsTerrier Dogs
Children CompatibilityHighHigh
Family CompatibilityHighHigh
Pets CompatibilityHighLow
Barking LevelMedium to HighMedium
Shedding LevelHighMedium to High
Grooming NeedsMediumMedium
Overall HealthMedium to HighMedium to High
EnergyHighMedium to High
Exercise NeedsHighMedium to High
TrainabilityMediumMedium to High
ActivitiesCompanion Dogs, Watch DogsCompanion, Sports, Obedience, Agility
Complications in BreedingNoNo
Litter Size5 – 8 puppies3 – 5 puppies
Life Span7 – 10 years12 – 16 years
Other NamesApollo of DogsPitbull, Pitbull Terriers

Great Dane Pitbull Mix Personality

The Great Dane Pitbull Mix is an intelligent dog breed. Their personality is a blend between a Pitbull and a Great Dane, and one of the parent’s qualities may be domineering. However, he’ll get along well with your family and make an excellent companion dog. Their compatibility with dogs and children is outstanding. This trait helps them become excellent companions, even for kids. However, adult supervision is required until they are adequately trained. 

They have dark eyes, and their characteristics are dependent upon the overpowering parent breeds. They weigh between 60 – 90 pounds, and they are 24 – 28 inches tall at the shoulders. They are large-sized dogs with athletic bodies. A Great Dane Pitbull hybrid will also have smaller ears than a Great Dane and a lower set like Pitbulls. Great Dane Bulls can inherit the merle and brindle color pattern from their Pitbull parent or salt and pepper markings from the Great Dane parent. Its tail curves slightly upward.

Friendliness Overview

Affection levelMedium to High

Adaptability Overview

Apartment livingMedium
Good for new ownersLow to Medium
Sensitivity levelMedium to High
Tolerates being aloneLow
Tolerates hot weatherMedium
Tolerates cold weatherLow to Medium

Great Dane Pitbull Mix Temperament

Great Dane Bulls are clever, affectionate, protective, and eager to please, making them very easy to train. They are also highly gregarious and friendly dogs. However, these dogs develop highly connected to their families and experience separation anxiety if left alone for an extended period or regularly. They should also not be left outdoors for extended periods. They are not aggressive but are very possessive about their family or master.  

Great Dane Pitbull Mix Training

Both the Great Dane and the Pit Bull are clever, eager-to-please trainable dogs. Hence, you can consider the Great Danebull to be the same. They respond well to obedience training, and with enough positive reinforcement and socialization, you’ll have a wonderful pet and companion.

Training Overview

Easy to trainHigh
IntelligenceMedium to High
Prey driveMedium
Tendency for mouthinessMedium
Tendency to bark and howlMedium
Wanderlust abilityMedium

Great Dane Pitbull Mix Exercise Needs

Pit bulls are high-energy dogs, whereas Great Danes are more laid-back but still require moderate activity. Your Great Danebull will most likely be in the middle, which means you’ll need to take him for a 20 to 40-minute walk at least twice a day and expect plenty of active playtimes. Expect him to get a restful night with a sound sleep.

Exercise Needs Overview

Energy LevelHigh
Exercise NeedsHigh

Great Dane Pitbull Mix Grooming

The Pit Bull and the Great Dane are low-maintenance breeds, and the Great Dane Pitbull is no exception. Weekly brushing with a hound glove, rubber mitt, or medium bristle brush is required for short and smooth coats. Wash your dog with a decent dog shampoo only when needed. 

You must cut the Great Danebull’s nails every three to four weeks, clean his ears once a week, and brush his teeth twice a week.

Grooming Overview

Amount of sheddingHigh
Tendency to droolMedium
Easy to groomHigh

Great Dane Pitbull Mix Health

Although hybrid dogs do not have the same health issues as their purebred parents, it is vital to be aware of the genetic health issues that your Great Dane Pitbull may have.

Health Overview

Basic healthMedium to High
Weight gain possibilitiesLow to Medium
SizeMedium to High

Hip Dysplasia: Hip dysplasia occurs when the back leg bones do not fit correctly in the joints. Certain circumstances, such as accidents, obesity, and incorrect exercise, might cause this genetic disease. Hip dysplasia can be fatal, but you can also treat it with medicines or hip replacement surgery. 

Heart Problems: Abnormal heart murmurs and heart rhythms can be caused by heart diseases. An X-ray, an ECG, or echocardiography can all be used to identify this disease. Treatment varies depending on the reason and might include anything from medicine to dental care to weight loss

Allergies: Allergies and parasitic skin diseases, like fleas, are common in Great Dane Bulls. This scenario may be avoided with regular grooming and monitoring of your pet after outside visits. 

Bloat: Bloating, also known as gastric inflation, is a digestive system disease. The injured dog’s stomach dilates, spins, and twists, causing agony. As a result, the blood arteries will be damaged, and the blood supply to critical organs will be disrupted, resulting in organ failure.

Great Dane Pitbull Mix Diet and Nutrition

For a huge to extra-sized Great Danebull, you’ll need the right kind and quantity of food. Begin by purchasing high-quality dog food, keeping in mind your dog’s present form, age, and activity level, and following the directions on the food bag to help decide how much you should give him.

Great Dane Pitbull Mix Living Condition

Great Dane Bulls are large dogs and will need a huge backyard to play and exercise. They cannot be confined to small areas or indoors throughout the day, leading to depression and aggressive behaviors. 

Adding Great Dane Pitbull to Your Family

Things to Remember Before Adding Great Dane Pitbull to Your Family 

Local, trustworthy breeders are preferred since they assure the happiness and health of both the parents and the puppies. For a vaccinated puppy, they should give health clearance certifications as well as gene testing. It would be ideal if you could meet the puppy’s parents. This way, you’ll receive a healthy dog and learn about the parents’ personalities. 

Cost of a Great Dane Pitbull Mix 

The price of a Great Dane Pitbull Mix can range from $600 to $1,500. This is the average pricing range for those who want to buy one of these puppies. 

Great Dane Pitbull
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