German Shepherd Doberman Mix– Everything You Need to Know

German Shepherd Doberman Mix is the offspring of the two popular pure breeds, German Shepherd and Doberman. Inheriting the best qualities from both parents, the German Shepherd Doberman Mix is a robust, courageous, fierce, intelligent, and loyal mixed breed that protects his family with his life.

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Pros and Cons  

Pros  Cons  
Loyal Aggressiveness 
Great Watch Dogs  Not suitable to cold regions 
Easily Trainable Not suited for apartment living  

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Basic Information

  • Name: German Shepherd Doberman 
  • Height: 22 to 26 inches     
  • Weight: 90 to 110 pounds   
  • Color: Black, Dark Brown, Tan 
  • Coat: Short & Silky  
  • Hypoallergenic: No 
  • Energy: Medium to High  
  • Activities: Therapy Dogs, Service Dogs, Companion Dogs  
  • Barking Level: Normal  
  • Shedding Level: Moderate  
  • Group: Mixed breed  
  • Litter Size: 5 Puppies  
  • Life Span: 10 to 13 Years  
  • Other Names: Doberman Shepherd 
  • Club Recognition: DRA also known as Dog Registry of America, Inc.  

German Shepherd Vs Doberman: A Comparison  

Features  German Shepherd  Doberman 
Origin  Germany  Germany 
Height  22 to 26 inches  24 to 28 inches  
Weight  50 to 90 pounds  60 to 80 Pounds  
Size   Large  Medium/Large  
Group  Herding  Working 
Children Compatibility  High  Medium 
Family Compatibility  High  High  
Pets Compatibility  Low  Low 
Barking Level  Frequent  Low 
Shedding Level  Normal  Medium to High 
Hypoallergenic  No  No 
Grooming Needs  Low  Medium to High 
Overall Health  Medium to High  Low  
Energy  Medium  Medium 
Exercise Needs  High  Medium  
Trainability  High  Medium  
Activities  Agility, Herding, Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Tracking   Conformation, Obedience, Search and Rescue, Therapy Dog, Tracking, Rally, Schutzhund  
Complication in breeding  No  No  
Litter Size  6 to 8 puppies  6 to 8 puppies   
Lifespan  9 to 13 years  10 to 13 years  
Other Names  Alsatian, Deutscher Schaeferhund  Doberman Pinscher 

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Personality

The German Shepherd Doberman Mix is the most loyal and affectionate dog. Managing their natural temperament is vital for them to get along well with the family. Being excellent watchdogs, they observe and alert the family in danger. Their bone-breaking high bite force is an added quality in their guarding.  

The size of a female German Shepherd Doberman Mix will be comparatively smaller than the male. When your puppy is three months old, the healthy weight is around 25 to 30 pounds. They start to mature around the 9th or 10th month, where the males will mature slowly. They will be a grown adult around 25 to 30 months. An average adult dog will weigh about 90 to 110 pounds and grow as tall as 22 to 26 inches.   

The appearance of a German Shepherd Doberman Mix depends on the dominant gene. Most dogs resemble the looks of their Doberman parents. They get the Doberman’s muscular body giving them a commanding appearance. Doberman Shepherds will have black noses, long muzzles, and their eyes can be black or brown. The large cropped ears make them look intimidating. However, it is optional to crop their ears. Some dogs might have pointed ears, while some can have floppy ears.  

The coat of Doberman Shepherds can be shiny and short if they inherit Doberman’s gene. On the other hand, it can be thick, wiry, or long if he inherits the German Shepherd’s gene. Also, the puppy is well suited in warmer places than cold regions because of his low body fat and short coat inherited from the Doberman parent. 

Friendliness Overview 

Affection level   Medium to High 
Family-Friendly   High  
Kid-Friendly   Medium  
Pet-Friendly   Low 
Strangers-Friendly   Medium to High  

Adaptability Overview  

Good for New Pet Owners   Low to Medium  
Good for Apartment Living   Medium 
Sensitivity Level   Medium to High  
Tolerates being alone   Low to Medium 
Cold Tolerance   Low to Medium   
Heat Tolerance   Medium  

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Temperament 

Doberman Shepherds are one of the strong-willed breeds. You should assert your dominance for them to accept you as their master. Due to their guarding nature, they will be suspicious of any stranger. This can result in aggressiveness without proper socialization in puppyhood. Leaving them alone for many days can lead to separation anxiety. Without appropriate training, they might not get along well with children. Their temperament depends primarily on their training and upbringing. 

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Exercise Needs 

German Shepherd Doberman Mixes need adequate exercise to match their energy level. Their exercise sessions should be regular for 90 to 120 minutes twice a day. You can introduce your dog to military training, herding, and agility training, as this breed descends from working group parents. He will enjoy herding, jogging, and walking. You can play hide and seek, fetch with him. Games such as scent tracking, treasure hunt, and puzzles will keep him mentally stimulated. 

Exercise Needs Overview           

Energy Level                                        Medium to High  
Exercise Needs                                   Medium to High  
Playfulness                                          High   
  Intensity        Medium to High  

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Training 

German Shepherd Doberman Mix can be easy to train because of their intelligence. They will learn various commands quickly through positive reinforcement. They can bark a lot to alert you, so it is essential to train them to stop barking on command. Their guarding quality can cause harm to other pets and dogs. So, you can teach them correct behavior to avoid any aggressive habits.   

Early socialization with other dogs, pets, and kids will restrict their protective instincts. Through proper socialization, German Shepherd Doberman Mix will learn to trust people. Start training your dog from the puppy stage to create a bond with him and establish yourself as the alpha. With proper training, your Doberman Shepherd puppy will grow into an obedient dog knowing how to control and direct his aggression and guard nature. 

Trainability Overview 

Easy to Train  High  
Intelligence   High  
Prey Drive   Medium  
Tendency to Chew, Nip & Play-bite   Medium to High  
Tendency to Bark or Howl   Medium  
Wanderlust Ability   Low to Medium  
Attention/Social Needs  Medium to High  

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Grooming 

German Shepherd Doberman Mix has a short, silky coat with low grooming needs. They don’t shed much, so it is sufficient to brush their coat three to four times a week. You should make them get used to water and bathing at an early age. Other grooming needs include nail trimming, dental care, and cleaning their ears regularly.

Grooming Overview 

  Amount of Shedding                          Medium to High 
Tendency to Drool        Medium 
Tendency to Snore        Low   
Easy to Groom        High 

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Health 

Similar to other mixed breeds, the German Shepherd Doberman Mix also has low health risks. However, they can be prone to diseases that are common to both parent breeds. Proper exercises, regular vet visits, and a well-balanced diet can prevent most diseases.  

Health Overview  

Basic Health       Medium  
Weight Gain Possibilities       Low to Medium  
Size       Medium to Large  

Hip Dysplasia: Hip dysplasia is caused when the bones of the rear legs don’t fit properly in the joints. It is a painful condition, and only some dogs show signs. Though it is hereditary, injuries, excessive weight gain, and wrong exercises can lead to hip dysplasia. Treatment ranges from medication to replacement of the hip through surgeries. This condition, if ignored, can be life-threatening. Still, you can prevent it by avoiding the breeding of affected Doberman Shepherds.

Von Willebrand’s Disease: VWD is an inherited condition in which the ability for a blood clot is disturbed. Some symptoms are extreme bleeding after surgery or injury, nosebleed, bleeding gums, or bleeding in the stomach or intestines. Currently, there is no cure but, a blood transfusion from a healthy dog can be done.

Cardiomyopathy: In cardiomyopathy, the heart muscles become weak and thin. It can be identified through widening of the heart chambers, an abnormally large heart, and heart failure. Treatments include fluid therapy, oxygen supply, and medication.

Wobbler Syndrome: Wobbler Syndrome is an inherent condition that causes spinal cord compression or malformation in the canal. Symptoms such as neck pain, paralysis of the legs can indicate this condition.

Megaesophagus: Megaesophagus is a congenital disease characterized by an enlarged esophagus in dogs. It affects the esophageal motility that carries the food from mouth to stomach. Symptoms include vomiting, weight loss, anorexia, and bad breath.

Degenerative Myelopathy: Doberman Shepherd inherits degenerative myelopathy from his German Shepherd parent. The spinal cord degenerates and leads to lame rear legs and incontinence, gradually ending in paralysis.

Cataracts: It is a common cause of blindness in older Doberman Shepherds. The lens of the eyes becomes cloudy and opaque. Treatment might require surgery for good results.

Pannus: Pannus is an eye condition in which the inflammatory cells penetrate the eye’s cornea and darkens when exposed to ultraviolet rays leading to blindness.

Osteosarcoma: Osteosarcoma is a deadly bone cancer that’s common in large and giant dog breeds.

Allergies: Doberman Shepherds can be affected by various allergies, ranging from food to environmental factors. Identifying the allergen will help in avoiding allergies.

Obesity:  Excess weight is a significant health condition that can cause joint problems, back pain, digestive disorders, and heart diseases. It can be prevented through a balanced diet and regular exercise. 

Major Health Issues 
Hip Dysplasia 
Elbow Dysplasia 
Wobblers Syndrome 
Minor Health Issues 
Gastric Torsion 
Von Willebrand’s Disease 
Perianal Fistulas 
Progressive Posterior Paresis 
Recommended Health Tests 
DNA Test 
Eye Examination 
Physical Examination 

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Diet and Nutrition 

German Shepherd Doberman Mix requires a nutrition-dense diet. They are a large breed of dogs and consume a lot of food, resulting in obesity without adequate physical stimulation. They need a considerable amount of protein with medium-level carbs and fats for a well-balanced diet. If there is too much protein content, it can also lead to being overweight.  

The quantity of food varies based on size, health condition, and physical activities. You can get help from a vet to plan a holistic diet for your German Shepherd Doberman Mix. Feeding them often should be avoided. It is ideal to feed them 4 to 5 cups of high-quality dog food or homemade food twice daily. 

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Living Condition 

German Shepherd Doberman Mix is best suited for warm and tropical regions. They cannot adapt to cold climates because of their short coat. In addition, Doberman Shepherds might not be suitable for apartment living due to their insecurity towards strangers. As they are active outdoors, they will need a backyard to run around and play. If you have other small pets or dogs at home, Doberman Shepherds will need early socialization to be friendly with them. However, they don’t have preying instincts, and so with adequate socialization, they can live along with cats, dogs, and other pets. 

Adding a German Shepherd Doberman Mix to Your Family 

Things to Remember Before Buying a German Shepherd Doberman Mix 

You should always consider buying from reputable breeders to get healthy puppies. They will show health clearance certificates for the parents. Responsible breeders might run some background checks on you before selling the puppy.

Cost of a German Shepherd Doberman Mix Puppy 

German Shepherd Doberman Mix puppies will cost around $200 to $500. Female Doberman Shepherds are more sought after. So, their price might be slightly high. The total expense can exceed $1500, including medicines and vaccines. You can also adopt a puppy from any rescue group. This would be a more budget-friendly option.

German Shepherd Doberman
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German Shepherd Doberman Mix Images 


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Petra – German Shepherd Doberman Mix Residential Dog Training 

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