French Bulldog Muzzle – Everything You Need to Know

A French Bulldog muzzle is a device or a tool designed to put it over the snout of your Frenchies to prevent them from biting, opening their mouth to bark, or while retraining aggressive dogs. Dogs can bite, and bark when injured, nervous, or stressed, and a muzzle can be helpful a great deal. In addition, muzzles can be efficacious during your trips to the vet, while visiting new parks, and in situations when your dog may meet new people or new dogs.

Muzzles are used to prevent your furry friends from licking or eating. When used appropriately, this tool can be beneficial to teach socially acceptable puppy behaviors. A muzzle is also helpful for dealing with stray dogs. As stray dogs are unpredictable, you can utilize a muzzle to prevent your dog from getting hurt. While you fit a muzzle for a canine with behavioral issues, you would need a professional trainer or a vet to help you.

Different dog muzzles range from simple to sophisticated types, from Nylon straps and wired or leathered basket muzzles to padded muzzles, designed for the comfort of the Frenchies. Some are even designed for eating and drinking, with the muzzles put on. One thing to be considered while choosing a muzzle is that it should not hinder your dog from breathing comfortably.

French Bulldog- Overview

Despite his somber expression, a French Bulldog is a playful, amicable breed who is lively wherever he is. French Bulldogs are otherwise quiet and reserved dogs but bark when they find visitors. It can be challenging to train, but they can learn and respond well with their memory power. Unfortunately, some Frenchies may tend to nip or bite while they are injured or frightened or when they find strangers.

Frenchies are unsuitable for pet owners who don’t want to deal with snorting, wheezing, snuffling, snoring, and drooling and may have some potential health issues due to their deformed faces. Frenchies got their signature look when the French-bred pugs and terriers were crossed. The “large expressive eyes” and “bat-like ears” make these French Bulldogs enticing. Unfortunately, a host of respiratory problems comes with the short push in the brachycephalic face. So let us scroll down to know when, why, and how to muzzle your French Bulldog.

When and Why Should You Muzzle a French Bulldog?

If you are a novice owner, you might not know when a muzzle is suitable to use. However, there are various situations when muzzles can come in handy. For example, the best way to prevent injuries in dogs due to surgery, skin disease, biting, or chewing is by wearing muzzles with your dogs. As French Bulldogs have brachycephalic skulls, it is fundamental to find a muzzle that would fit their snout appropriately and allow them to breathe easily without causing any skin irritations or injuries around the eyes and nose. Here are some circumstances to know when you need to muzzle your French Bulldogs.

Injuries or Exigency: When your French Bulldog is injured, your pet may immediately want to lick, bite, or chew the wounded body parts or tear out the stitches and sometimes attack anyone nearby. So to avoid any panicking or developing further injuries or infections, muzzling your dog for a few minutes is vital.

Grooming Sessions and Visits to Vet: As your French Bulldogs may face anxiety issues while entering the examination room or grooming parlor or finding other bigger dogs or strangers, it is recommended to muzzle them.

Outside Walks and in Public Places: French Bulldogs are highly adaptable to any environment; however, if you have adopted an adult French Bulldog or are not appropriately socialized, he will likely show some aggressive behaviors, nip, or bite. Even if they don’t bite others, there are chances that they may eat some unwanted stuff on the ground. Hence, you can use a French Bulldog muzzle while taking your French Bulldog for a stroll. 

Yeast Infections and Allergies: Some French Bulldogs can suffer from yeast infections. Yeast infection can spread over the body parts, and it occurs when there is an imbalance in your dog’s immune system. Licking the body parts, especially paws, is a sign of some allergy that your dog may suffer, and will try to chew or bite the skin to relieve the pain. Therefore using a French Bulldog muzzle can prevent your puppy from developing wounds and cuts.

Anxiety and Fear: Some dogs that are traumatized or rescued suffer from behavioral issues like fear and anxiety. Reasons for their anxiousness can be punishments, rejections, bad experiences with human beings, or a lack of confidence. A French Bulldog muzzle can be used as a tool while training your Frenchie to make it calm, and relaxed, and become an obedient family member.

How to Properly Muzzle a French Bulldog?

Before making your Frenchie wear its muzzle, it is vital to introduce them to your pets. Here are some tips and steps on how to muzzle your French Bulldog.

  • You can drop the muzzle on the ground to let your dog smell it. While he is sniffing, you can give him a treat.
  • Now, drop some treats inside the muzzle and allow your dog to eat them up. While they do so, ensure to pull the muzzle away to show your dog that the purpose of the muzzle is not to eat the treat but something else. 
  • Gradually you can socialize them to the muzzle and make them wear for a shorter period initially and increase the span later. Remember to serve them treats as a reward for their tasks. This will help your puppy understand the muzzle as a positive tool.
  • Till your Frenchie is accustomed to the muzzle, let them wear the muzzle inside the house for some time, as your home would be the safest place for your dog in the world.
  • As a pet owner, you must ensure that your French Bulldog gets a positive experience on his first outdoor trip with his muzzle. Therefore the best idea would be that you can try taking your French Bulldog to its favorite spot. Positive reinforcement and some patience would make it a successful event.

Things to Remember Before Buying Muzzles for French Bulldogs

Though French Bulldogs are adorable pets, they tend to be aggressive in some situations and are known to snap when nervous. Some points to be borne in mind by pet owners while purchasing muzzles for your French Bulldogs are as follows:

Tailor-made Muzzle for French Bulldogs: French Bulldogs are brachycephalic breeds. So, it is crucial to purchase a muzzle made only for Frenchies. Hence, the muzzles made for general dog breeds may not be suitable for Frenchies, as they may be either more significant in size or unaccustomed and can cause injury to your French Bulldog.

Easy to Breathe: Your French Bulldog muzzle should contain facilities like drinking water while the muzzle is on, and breathing easily (as Frenchies have respiratory issues like snorting, wheezing, and snuffling). It is necessary to look out for muzzles made of breathable mesh. This can keep your dog calm and reduce anxiety issues while wearing the muzzles.

High Visibility with Rounded Corners: Your priority is to focus on breathing and seeing through the muzzles. An accurate muzzle has rounded and soft corners around the eyes, mouth, and nose. This will prevent the muzzle from rubbing against the skin, causing irritation, rashes, and hurt.

Adjustable Straps: The pet parents must ensure that the muzzle should also bears an elastic strap like a collar or a harness; this will allow you to customize the size. It will also prevent your dog from getting hurt. Adjustments around neck and jaw areas are mandatory; also, the muzzle should have a padded hole specially designed for French Bulldog’s nose. The spots around the eyes should be more prominent and padded; your dog needs to have a lucid view when walking.

Different Types of Muzzles for Your French Bulldogs

There are many variants of muzzles. Some types that can be suitable for your French Bulldogs are suggested below: 

Short Snout Mesh Muzzle: This muzzle type will look like a mask. Along with the mesh, the nylon straps are very durable. Choosing a muzzle with openings for the eyes and nose is vital. The gaps are essential for your Frenchies not to get any sort of skin irritations. Mesh muzzles may come in varieties of styles; only the short snout design would be suitable for your French Bulldog’s flat face.

Short Snout Soft Muzzle: Unlike the other muzzles, this soft muzzle uses fabric as a material in the mouth part. Thus it would be smoother than other meshes and would not irritate the sensitive areas of your French Bulldog’s face. For French Bulldogs that cannot fit into a mesh muzzle, this short snout soft muzzle may be a more comfortable one. This is customized especially for the brachycephalic face of a Frenchie.

Plastic Basket Muzzles: The plastic basket muzzles don’t cover your French Bulldog’s mouth; they only surround it. Thus, your dog won’t be able to bite or eat any scraps off the floor. However, they will be able to bark. If you don’t want your French Bulldog to bark, you can make them wear a soft or mesh muzzle.

2021 Top-Rated Muzzles Recommended for French Bulldogs

Just as there are different dog breeds, there are different muzzles. Our responsibility is to help you choose the best muzzle for your dog. They are categorized according to the ratings. So here are the most recommended and top 10 muzzles for your Frenchies. Kindly have a look at them.


Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle
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Indeed it is difficult to find a basket muzzle for dog breeds with small snouts and flat faces like a Frenchie. However, it is not the case with the Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle. After picking the right size according to your dog’s snout, you can customize it by adjusting the straps and ensuring it will not slip off your French Bulldog’s face. There is also a removable over-the-head strap, ensuring safety. 

  • RATINGS: 4.1/5

This is the best muzzle for bite control as it would be impossible for my dog to bite with it on. It allows him to sniff and breathe easily. Shaping was simple as well as per instructions.


Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Short Snout Dog Muzzle
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There are very few soft muzzles meant to fit the flat, short snout of a French Bulldog. This Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Short Snout Dog Muzzle withstands all that you need for your Frenchie. It has some simple straps that are fully adjustable. It is a worthy buy, this is recommended by professional groomers and comes in seven different sizes. (Enabling French Bulldogs of all ages to wear it). It is easily washable, for you can put them in the washing machine for a wash when they are dirty and dry them.

  • RATINGS: 4/5

This is the perfect fit for my pug/cattle dog. He doesn’t try and take it off, it’s not loose on him. I was worried about ordering this thru the mail but I’m glad I did!! Thank you, chewy!!


JYHY Snort Snout Dog Muzzle
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JYHY Short Snout Dog Muzzle is made specifically for dog breeds with flat faces. For example, they cover your French Bulldog’s snout. They are so comfortable that they would not rub against your dog’s nose or eyes and will open up in those particular areas. In addition to the soft mesh, there is also nylon in the well-known sites that ensures wear and tear durability.

  • RATINGS: 3.9/5

My dog is terrified of the vets, he won’t let them touch him. He has had a couple of serious health problems recently and this facemask is an absolute lifesaver. They could not examine/treat him. I ordered this on prime it came fast and the vets could examine him the very next day.

It looks intimidating, but it’s a very soft fabric, with plenty of space for eyes and nose holes. He’s got space to pant if he gets hot or stressed. Once the vet’s exam is over he doesn’t seem to mind the mask too much, he wants it off but it doesn’t cause him undue stress.

It’s quick to put on, it has adjustable straps behind the ears. You are better off doing it a little tighter than too loose.

An absolute must for any pug/Frenchie/bulldog owner, you never know when you might need it.


Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Short Snout Dog Muzzle
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The Short Snout Muzzle is made for Frenchies. This muzzle will keep your Frenchie safe. This muzzle has a vast portion of the chin area and an adjustable strap to secure your dog’s head. The openings near the eyes ensure good visibility—the soft bumpers guard from being rubbed against the sensitive parts of your Frenchie’s face.

  • RATING: 3.9/5

I’m a dog groomer and have never heard of a short-snout dog muzzle. I’ve never even seen one at the dog grooming convention I attend every year. I came across this and had to try it. I have 2 super aggressive fat headed English bulldogs I groom that try to rip my face off for numerous reasons. This muzzle is literally a lifesaver.


Canine Friendly Short Snout Dog Muzzle
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Canine Friendly Short Snout Dog Muzzle offers the comfort and protection that your French Bulldog needs. It can be adjusted according to your dog’s comfort and has two colors: Orange and Gray. In addition, it has a buckle that is easy to use. The Canine Friendly Short Snout Dog Muzzle is durable nylon and an easily breathable mesh. There are soft bumpers that prevent the mesh from rubbing against the eyes.

  • RATING: 3.9/5

I have French Bulldogs and this muzzle is fantastic! It fits perfectly and stays on (unless they can convince another canine accomplice to try and chew it off LOL) They can still drink water and eat small amounts of food while wearing it, but I would not suggest leaving it on for long periods of time. They cannot injure other dogs while wearing it. And it is very difficult to bark, my dog (who can be very yappy) won’t even attempt to bark when she has it on. I highly recommend this for french bulldogs!!!


Tandd Short Snout Dog Muzzle
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The TANDD is explicitly designed for Frenchies. They are safe and allow your Frenchies to breathe while enabling them to drink as well quickly. In addition, the durability of the material keeps your Frenchies away from biting. This muzzle is your go-to for a worthy purchase with eco-friendly PVC material. Three openings will allow your pet to view things and breathe freely.

  • RATING: 3.9/5

It’s nearly impossible to find a good muzzle for a French Bulldog. Unfortunately, my dog is very reactive on walks and guards me. Because he goes in for bites, in an effort to prevent any bites (from or to him), I got this. Because of his facial shape, other muzzles were too restrictive and he could not open his mouth all the way to pant. With this muzzle (with the tongue spot) he can comfortably pant during the walk and still get treats through it. He is even able to still drink water (not the cleanest way ever but he gets the water in his body at least). Fits his face well and is well worth it to keep him safe!


Barkless Dog Muzzle For Short Snout Dogs
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The drawbacks of soft mesh muzzles are that they may rub against the sensitive part of the dog and injure them. This problem is resolved by the Barkless Dog Muzzle for Short Snout Dogs. It has some openings that will prevent your dog from viewing things and let it breathe easily. In addition, you can quickly release the buckle after it serves its purpose and remove the Barkless Muzzle in less than a minute.

  • RATINGS: 3.8/5

This was the perfect solution for my 2 Frenchies that were attacking my 6 lb Yorkie. When we all are together relaxing in the living room, we put these muzzles on the Frenchies and everything is good. They know they get treats when the muzzles are on, so they are all for that 😊 I got Meds and they fit well. 1 Frenchie is 19lbs and her mom is 22lbs. We limit their time of wearing these between 1-2 hours max. After I remove them, they keep putting their faces in the muzzle for more treats.


Collar Direct Basket Leather Dog Muzzle
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A Bulldog-specific muzzle, Collar Direct Basket Leather Dog Muzzle uses genuine and handcrafted leather that is smooth against your French Bulldog’s snout and endures wear and tear. It contains three straps, two adjustable and one over-the-head strap, secured on all sides. One point to be borne by the pet parents is to measure the size and the length of your French Bulldog’s snout and ensure to buy the exact size. They come in 2 colors – Tan and Black colors.

  • RATINGS:3.7/5

I believe my dog is a bully (I rescued her) or mixed with a bully so her snout is shorter than regular pits. I went through numerous muzzles and none of them seemed to fit her. I finally came across this muzzle and my dog approves! She doesn’t try to take it off compared to other muzzles I’ve tried in the past. This one seems comfortable and the material feels nice and thick. Worth the money!


BWOGUE Anti-Bite Dog Muzzle
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BWOGUE Anti-Bite Dog Muzzle may be a suitable choice for your Frenchies with biting issues. Unlike other mesh muzzles, this would not rub against your French Bulldog’s eyes and nose. A unique feature of this muzzle is blue glasses to prevent the muzzle from scratching the corneas. Also, a quick and easy-to-remove buckle enables you to release it whenever you need it. It is a perfect summer wear muzzle and secures your Frenchie in possible means.

  • RATING: 3.6/5

It works great for my Frenchie when necessary. It stays on! I also love that I can throw it in the wash.


Wintchuk Short Snout Dog Muzzle
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The Wintchuk Short Snout Dog Muzzle is specially designed for your Frenchies and other dog breeds with short snouts. For dogs like these, the regular ones will be dangerous. So, muzzles such as these will guard your dog and keep him safe from injuries and allow him to breathe easily.

  • RATING: 3.6/5

The medium size fit my French Bulldog perfectly. It stays on and works to keep her from biting her two Frenchie siblings. It does seem to make her snout a little irritated but I’m not sure that can be avoided. I’m very pleased with the construction and durability. Good purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be Inhumane to Make my Frenchie Wear a Muzzle?

It is not inhumane to occasionally wear a muzzle to your Frenchie. It is rather good to muzzle French Bulldogs to keep them safe, and secure and prevent them from hurting or eating scraps off the ground. It is also suggested to avoid strangers from getting bit by French Bulldogs.

How Long Can My Frenchie Wear a Muzzle?

Muzzles are blessings for your French Bulldogs. They can be helpful to you and your dogs in many ways. However, they should not be left with muzzles worn for a long duration. It is always good to keep your French Bulldog muzzled for less than an hour. You must take care and ensure that French Bulldogs with respiratory issues should be muzzled for even a lesser time than the time prescribed in general.

What Is The Best French Bulldog Muzzle Type?

It may vary from dog to dog. However, a short snout mesh muzzle or well-fitting plastic basket muzzle is ideal. These types of garments would be more accessible for your Frenchie to breathe and allow them to drink water.

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