French Bulldog Husky Mix – Everything You Need To Know

French Bulldog Husky Mix is the offspring of two distinct dog breeds: French Bulldog and Siberian Husky. The puppy will inherit the characteristics of either one of the parents or a combination of both. The mix of French Bulldog and Husky is also called French Bullsky. These intelligent dogs are loving, gentle, loyal companions. They get along well with children and family members. You can also meet the parents to know more about your dog’s temperament, health, and personality.

French Bulldog Husky Mix Pros and Cons  

Pros  Cons  
Great Family Dogs Stubbornness 
Loyal & Protective High Prey Drive 

French Bulldog Husky Mix Basic Information  

  • Name: French Bulldog Husky Mix 
  • Height:  12 to 22 inches
  • Weight: 35 to 45 pounds 
  • Color:  Black & White, Brindle, Fawn, Liver, Black & Tan, Sable & White, Grey & White  
  • Coat:  Long & Thick/ Short 
  • Hypoallergenic: No 
  • Energy:  Medium to High 
  • Activities:  Watch Dogs, Companions 
  • Barking Level:  Medium to High 
  • Shedding Level:  Medium to High 
  • Group: Mixed breed  
  • Litter Size:  3 to 6 Puppies 
  • Life Span:  10 to 14 Years 
  • Other names: French Bullsky 

French Bulldog Vs. Husky: A Comparison  

Features  French Bulldog Siberian Husky  
Origin  France, England Siberia  
Height  11 to 13 inches 20 to 23 inches  
Weight  16 to 30 pounds 35 to 60 Pounds  
Size   Low to Medium   Medium  
Group  Companion Dogs Working Group  
Children Compatibility  Medium to High   High  
Family Compatibility  High High  
Pets Compatibility  Medium to High High  
Barking Level  Low High  
Shedding Level  Medium Medium  
Hypoallergenic  No No  
Grooming Needs  Low Medium  
Overall Health  Medium Medium to High  
Energy  Medium High  
Exercise Needs  Medium High  
Trainability  Medium to High Low to Medium  
Activities  Watch Dogs Transportation  
Complication in breeding  High No  
Litter Size  3 to 5 Puppies 4 to 6 Puppies  
Lifespan  10 to 15 years 12 to 14 Years  
Other Names  Frenchie, Bouledogue Français Chukcha, Chuksha     

French Bulldog Husky Mix Personality  

The dominant parent gene determines the personality of the French Bulldog Husky mix. Generally, they are excellent guard dogs. They love their family and are great family dogs. They show loyalty towards their owner and protect them. Generally, coat type will be inherited from the husky parent. Therefore, primarily the French Bulldog Mix will have a long and thick coat. However, some dogs with the dominant bulldog gene can have short coats.    

Friendliness Overview  

Affection level   Medium to High 
Family-Friendly   High 
Kid-Friendly   Medium to High 
Pet-Friendly   Medium to High 
Strangers-Friendly   Medium to High 

Adaptability Overview  

Good for New Pet Owners   Medium 
Good for Apartment Living   Low to Medium 
Sensitivity Level   Medium 
Tolerates being alone   Low 
Cold Tolerance   Medium to High 
Heat Tolerance   Low to Medium 

French Bulldog Husky Mix Temperament 

French Bulldog Husky Mix is a courageous and patient breed. Your dog’s compatibility with children will be high. However, she can be stubborn at times. As French Bulldog Husky Mixes are protective, they can exhibit aggression. Do not leave French Bulldog Husky Mix alone for a long time. If you travel a lot or stay away from home for a long time, the French Bulldog Husky Mix may not suit you. Their prey drive can cause certain undesirable behaviors such as chasing, digging which can be maintained in control with proper training. 

French Bulldog Husky Mix Training 

Training a French bulldog husky mix can be difficult owing to their stubbornness. To make training sessions easier, you have to assert your leadership and be firm in your commands. Due to the Husky parent gene, the French Bulldog Husky Mix can be vocal. You can train her to be calm when left alone for a certain time. They tend to dig, so you have to train them to avoid this behavior indoors. Early socialization is recommended to prevent any unwanted behaviors. They respond well to positive enforcement. You can also enroll her in puppy training classes or seek help from professional dog trainers. 

Trainability Overview 

Easy to Train  Medium 
Intelligence   Medium 
Prey Drive   Medium 
Tendency to Chew, Nip & Play-bite   Medium 
Tendency to Bark or Howl   Medium to High 
Wanderlust Ability   Medium 
Attention/Social Needs  Medium to High 

French Bulldog Husky Mix Exercise Needs  

The exercise needs of the French Bulldog Husky Mix varies depending on their parent gene. If the husky gene is dominant, your dog’s energy level will be high. She needs regular exercise and walking twice a day. If the Bulldog gene is dominant, walking once a day is sufficient for their medium energy. Irrespective of the dominant gene, you can schedule walking once or twice a day along with some playtime for French Bulldog Husky Mix.

Exercise Needs Overview 

Energy Level                                        Medium to High 
Exercise Needs                                   Medium to High 
Playfulness                                          High 
Intensity        Medium 

French Bulldog Husky Mix Grooming 

The grooming needs of French Bulldog Husky Mix depend on the type of coat they inherit. If they have long, thick coats of Husky parent, they will shed a lot and need regular brushing. They might shed more than usual and require more attention for grooming during their shedding season.

The grooming needs are comparatively less for dogs with Bulldog coats. They will shed minimally, and everyday brushing is sufficient. Nail trimming, dental care, ear cleaning are common grooming needs and should be done once every three weeks. 

Grooming Overview      

Amount of Shedding                          Medium to High 
Tendency to Drool        Low to Medium 
Tendency to Snore        Low to Medium 
Easy to Groom        Medium 

French Bulldog Husky Mix Health 

French Bulldog Husky mixes are susceptible to diseases that are common to the parent breeds. The breeder should present a health clearance certificate. Regular medical tests can help to identify and cure these diseases at an early stage. 

Health Overview  

Basic Health       Medium 
Weight Gain Possibilities       Medium 
Size       Low to Medium 

Hip Dysplasia: Hip dysplasia, one of the painful conditions, is caused when the rear leg bones do not properly fit the joints. This condition is primarily hereditary, but injuries, obesity, and wrong exercises can cause hip dysplasia in dogs. Even though it is life-threatening, hip dysplasia can be cured through medications or hip replacement surgeries.

Cataracts: Cataract is a white film-like layer grown on the eyes covering the eye lens. The eye will look opaque. It is genetically transmitted, which, if ignored, can lead to blindness. It can be treated through surgery.

Von Willebrand’s Disease: This hereditary condition affects the blood’s capacity to clot. The primary symptom is excessive bleeding after surgery. Von Willebrand’s Disease can be identified through certain signs like nosebleed, bleeding gums, and intestinal or bowel bleeding. As there is no other solution, blood transfusion from normal dogs is the only remedy available now. Research is underway to find new therapies and medications.

Hypothyroidism: A disruption in the thyroid gland that is believed to cause epilepsy, obesity, hair loss, dark skin patches, lethargy, and other skin conditions. Treatment is medication and a proper diet.

Corneal Dystrophy: Corneal Dystrophy affects the eye’s cornea layer. This genetic disorder will not be painful. Corneal Dystrophy can be identified by symptoms such as the formation of an opaque layer.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy: PRA is a group of degenerative diseases affecting the retina of the eye. The affected dog will eventually be blind owing to the deterioration of the photoreceptor cells in the retina.

Brachycephalic Syndrome: As this condition is prevalent in dogs with short muzzles, French Bulldog Husky Mix with short muzzles are prone to Brachycephalic Syndrome. In dogs with Brachycephalic Syndrome, nostrils will be narrowed, and the airways will be blocked. The blockage can range from difficulty in breathing to noisy or total obstruction in breathing.

French Bulldog Husky Mix Diet and Nutrition 

Diet and nutrition needs can differ according to the dog’s unique needs. You can consult a vet to schedule a diet plan for your dog. You can give high-quality dog food or homemade food to the French Bulldog Husky Mix. As they are susceptible to hip dysplasia, you can include fish oil, chondroitin, and glucosamine in their diet. Raw food diet will be more suitable for this particular mixed breed. Feed your puppy 3 – 4 meals in small quantities when she is a puppy and reduce to 2 meals per day as she matures. 

French Bulldog Husky Mix Living Condition 

French Bulldog Husky Mix may not suit apartment living or closely packed neighborhoods because they tend to howl. In addition, they cannot adapt well to hot weather. If you have a backyard, ensure that it is adequately fenced and regularly check for deep holes. Your dog can leap or dig to escape the fence, which is one of the character traits of her husky parentage.   

French Bulldog Husky Mix Images 

French Bulldog Husky Mix Videos 

French Bulldog Mixed with Husky 

French Bulldog Husky Mix 

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