Dog tricks: 17 Cool tricks you should teach your dog- Everything you need to know

The basic dog training commands—sit, down, come, and stay—are what most people think about when they think about dog training. Although these command are important, one should not underestimate the value of teaching a dog to do tricks. Dog tricks are an ideal way to keep the dog psychologically and physically healthy.  

Dog tricks are a fun way to provide emotional stimuli for your dog, and all of them draw on simple commands. Moreover, teaching a dog some interesting dog tricks to show off to friends is a lot of fun!  

Benefits of Dog Trick Training  

It’s more than about impressing your mates! Tricks can have multiple benefits including:   

  1. Strengthen the bond with your dog: Spending time with your dog will strengthen your relationship with him while still maintaining discipline and behavior.  
  1. Teach your dog patience: Teaching dog tricks will help them learn to wait patiently (or work) for a treat. Dog training is all about persistence and repetition.  
  1. Release your dog’s pent-up energy: Tricks can help hyperactive dogs burn off steam and allow them dedicated time to exercise, which can lead to less aggressive habits  

List of Dog Tricks  

Teaching the dog new tricks will help them be more obedient and behave better. Here’s a compilation of fun and easy dog tricks to train your dog:  

  1. Kiss Your Dog: One of the simplest tricks to teach a dog is to teach him to lick. While not everyone appreciates a huge, wet puppy smooch, this dog trick is generally well-received by children. You’ll easily be able to get all the love you want from your dog on demand by placing a little reward on your cheek and adding the command!
  2. Speak to your dog: It’s a lot of fun to teach a dog to talk, and it solves a common dilemma. Several dog owners consider using the ‘speak’ and ‘still’ signals to avoid repetitive barking. Putting this on order helps you command your dog to bark in specific circumstances while still giving you discretion when the barking can begin and end. Showing off your dog’s conversational skills is also a lot of fun.  
  3. Shake Paws: Has your dog shake paws with your mates and welcome them? This is a basic dog trick that most dogs can master in a few short practice sessions. Many dogs love using their hands and will welcome the positive affection they will get when performing this trick.  
  4. Back-Up: Backing up is a fun dog trick that can be used in several circumstances. You should use your dog’s willingness to back up on orders to prevent it from running out the door, crowding you at the refrigerator, or amuse your buddies. Backing up is a relatively easy skill to teach a puppy. What you’ll need is a little patience and a few treats. When you offer the signal, you can efficiently train a dog to back up a few steps.  
  5. Wave: Waving hello or farewell to a dog is an enjoyable and relatively easy dog trick. Start by teaching your dog how to shake his hands. You’ll teach your dog to wave by lifting its hand in the same way it shakes. This is an excellent attention-getting technique that would be amusing to watch.  
  6. Spin: You will quickly entice the dog into a spin by putting a treat near its nose. You can make this dog trick more complicated by training your dog to spin in a specific direction. You’ll astound your mates as you demonstrate how your dog can distinguish between left and right.  
  7. Beg: What might be cuter than your dog begging for a reward while lying on its hind legs with its paws up? This dog trick is a bit more challenging to teach than some of the others, and with a bit of effort, your dog will soon be sitting up to beg.  
  8. Roll Over: Most people start by teaching a dog to roll over in small sections and work their way up to allowing the dog to roll over fully. Training a dog to do this dog trick can take some time and effort, which is well worthy. It’s a great experience, and it can even be seen as a foundation for other dog tricks like playing dead.  
  9. Take a Bow: Taking a bow is a dog trick in which the dog places its chest on the ground while the back end is raised in the air. Bowing can appear to be a tough dog trick to teach a dog, but it is a natural phenomenon for dogs.   
    If you see two dogs interacting together, you’ll know that they always bow. This is referred to as a play bow by coaches, and it is a dog’s way of welcoming every dog to play. You can quickly teach your dog to take a bow by using its innate playful disposition. It’s also a fantastic way to round off a show of all your dog’s new tricks!  
  10. Play Dead: When you raise your finger like a pistol and yell boom, your dog falls to the floor to play dead, and your mates will be blown away. While it seems complicated, training a dog to play dead is not as difficult as it seems, mainly if you have already taught it to roll over.  
  11. High Five: Nothing beats catching a palm-full of paw by shouting “gimme five.” If your dog has a habit of pawing at you, this action can be used to redirect some bad manners into a fun trick.  
  12. Hide and Seek: When a dog has completed simple obedience instruction, progress to more advanced behaviors teaches it to obey commands. Hide an object and order your dog to ‘find’ or ‘seek’ it, beginning with a familiar toy and progressing to other things – make a big deal out of it and praise your dog each time he succeeds. When fully trained, the dog would retrieve lost gloves, neoprene, and other items.  
  13. Mix and Match: To train the dog in the names of various things so that he can recognize them on orders. Begin with well-known items, such as dog toys and recognition and award when the name is identified by retrieving the correct object.  
  14. Tidy Up Time: Teach the dog who has learned to recognize a few items to fetch them and dump them in a box as a trick to facilitate tidying up during playtime. Keep alert and verbalize clearly; otherwise, items belonging to family members can make their way into the puppy’s custody.   
  15. Delayed Gratification: Teaching the dog to balance a favorite treat on his nose before the order to throw it in the air and retrieve it is given is a brilliant trick. This one can take patience, and the dog’s obedience qualities must be razor-sharp. Many dogs can be taught with the correct strategy, and both purebred dogs and famous celebrity designer dog breeds love learning new tricks.   
  16. Riding Trick: Dogs who have become used to traveling in cars are quickly tempted to pursue smaller vehicles such as skateboards or carts. Starting gently and encouragingly, with a reward every few steps, they are soon encouraged to be courageous and enjoy the journey.   
  17. Dance: What is the right way to train a dog to dance? This trick might be useful if your dog is having trouble with the “Off” command while he’s jumping on people. Replacement activity works perfectly for certain dogs and training them to dance in a perfect way to bring all that passion to good use.  
    When your pet becomes agitated and starts hopping around you, say “Dance” and softly take and hold his front legs, drawing him to his hind legs. Sway him a little bit from right to left. Praise him, reward him with a treat, and place him back on the floor gently.  

These are fun and easy dog tricks that can be used in various circumstances. If you are a dog parent, and are exhausted with the daily training sessions, consider a shift to dog tricks. This will help build a good relationship with a dog and also will leave a tiring and boring training session into a happy session. 

The Bottom Line 

Your dog is a gift to you, and you should make a good time together through various training sessions. Include these funny tricks in the training session to make it a pleasant memory for the dog.  


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