Doberman Rottweiler Mix – Everything You Need To Know

Doberman Rottweiler mix, also known as Rotterman, is a cross between two formidable German breeds that encompasses the muscular physique of the Doberman Pinscher with a dignified appearance and unique stature of the Rottweiler. Both parent breeds are obedient, fearless, steady, and aloof from strangers. Rotterman is arguably one of the best designer breeds with a beautiful build, personality, and appearance. They might look imposing at first glance but are big softies’ underneath. Since they are exceptionally loyal dogs, they often get close to you once you build a relationship with them. Once they are connected with you, Rotterman will be a friendly, loyal and affectionate protector to the end.

Rotterman is characterized by an athletic, muscular body depicting stamina and strength, with its eyes reflecting a fearless, intelligent, and alert expression. As a result, they are often used in police, military works, guarding, search and rescue operations. Rewards and praises work well with this hybrid, as does fair but firm handling. Novice owners may find it challenging to train these dogs because Rottermans will constantly push the boundaries of the rules. Both their parent breeds are stubborn, alpha-pack leaders. However, they are not aggressive dogs; they will do anything in their capability to protect you and become very connected to their human family and adore cuddling and snuggling.

If you are leading a sedentary life or living in an apartment, Rotterman may not be an ideal option for you. They require proper exercise and adequate training to control their stubbornness and separation anxiety. In addition, equip them with lots of mental and physical stimulation because Rottermans can become bored quickly as they are highly energetic breeds. 

A Rottweiler can be your reliable companion, only if:

  • You have wide, open areas for them to get sufficient exercise. 
  • You are committed to positive reinforcement training.
  • There is a well-rounded loyalty in fulfilling their extensive physical and mental necessities.

A Doberman can be your reliable companion, only if:

  • You are willing to provide daily enrichment activities for their minds and bodies.
  • You live in surroundings that allow a lot of contact with you and opportunities for vast exercise.
  • You are eager to train those who want to discover and explore their potential.

Male vs. Female

Although the predominant breed has more of a decisive factor in defining features and other traits, the female Rotterman is more affectionate and comfortable to control than a male Rotterman. In addition, male Rottermans tend to be a little bigger than their counterparts.

Doberman Rottweiler  Mix Pros and Cons  

Pros  Cons  
Very happy and playful Challenging to train 
Less grooming required Not good with strangers
Can make good watchdogs Their strength can make them challenging to control
Adaptable and can live in most householdsSeparation Anxiety  

  Doberman Rottweiler  Mix Basic Information

  • Name: Doberman Rottweiler
  • Origin: USA 
  • Height: 23 to 28 inches
  • Weight: 65 to 130 pounds 
  • Size: Large
  • Coat: Flat, short, coarse 
  • Color: Cream, tan, black, brown, tannish reddish colors, rust, fawn, sable.
  • Energy: High  
  • Activities: Companion dogs, sports, agile, guarding, tracking, rescue
  • Group: Mixed Breed  
  • Barking Level: Occasional  
  • Shedding Level: Moderate; seasonal  
  • Hypoallergenic: No  
  • Litter size: 6- 8 puppies 
  • Life Span: 8 – 12 years  
  • Other Names: Rotterman, Doberweiler, Doberott, Rottie Dobe, Rottie Dobie
  • Breed Recognition: IDCR – International Designer Canine Registry, ACHC – American Canine Hybrid Club, DDKC – Designer Dogs Kennel Club

Rottweiler vs. Doberman Pinscher: A Comparison  

Features  RottweilerDoberman Pinscher   

Origin  Germany Germany   
Height  21 to 26 inches 22 to 26 inches   
Weight  76 to 134 pounds 50 to 90 pounds   
Size   Large Large   
Group  Working Dogs Herding   
Children Compatibility  Medium to High High   
Family Compatibility  High High   
Pets Compatibility  Low to Medium Low   
Barking Level  Medium to High Frequent   
Shedding Level  Medium to High Normal   
Hypoallergenic  No No   
Grooming Needs  Medium to High Low   
Overall Health  Low to Medium Medium to High   
Energy  Medium to High Medium   
Exercise Needs  Medium to High High   
Trainability  Medium to High High   
Activities  Driving Cattles, Cart Pulling, Escorts, Police Dogs, Police Dogs Agility, Herding, Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Tracking    
Complications in Breeding  No No   
Litter Size  5 to 10 puppies 6 to 8 puppies   
Life Span  7to 12 Years 9 to 13 years   
Other Names  Rottie Alsatian, Deutscher Schaeferhund   

  Doberman Rottweiler  Mix Personality  

Rottermans can seem threatening and intimidating at first glance, but you’ll see a trace of affection in their eyes. These large breeds have a surprisingly gentle side with love, patience, and tolerance, making them perfect companions for kids. They are territorial and very protective of their human family. They growl and bark when they sense danger to ward away any threats. However, they will become incredibly loyal and affectionate family dogs with early socialization and extensive training.

A Doberman Rottweiler  mix has long legs to support their square frame, and these hybrids are created to run fast with a balanced walk and a high rate of acceleration. Their face closely resembles Doberman’s tiny eyes, black nose, and long snout. However, Rottermans usually have flopped-down ears, more like a Rottweiler’s with strong teeth that meet together in a scissor bite. In addition, this breed typically has large feet, docked tail, a sleek black and tan straight or short coat that sheds a medium to a high range, long and lean muzzle, deep chest and proud stance, dark ringed eyes with deep glowing brown or amber eyes. 

Rottermans have a short, straight waterproof coat that protects them from harsh environments and keeps them warm during winter. Their coat color ranges in various shades, including cream, tan, black, brown, sable, fawn, rust, and tannish reddish colors. 

Friendliness Overview  

Affection level  Medium to High  
Family-friendly  Medium to High  
Children-friendly  Under supervision 
Pet-friendly  Under supervision 
Stranger-friendly  Low  

  Adaptability Overview  

Apartment living  Low to Medium  
Good for new owners  Low  
Sensitivity level  Medium 
Tolerates being alone  Low  
Tolerates hot weather  Medium  
Tolerates cold weather  Medium  

Doberman Rottweiler  Mix Temperament

Doberman Rottweiler mixes are known for the following temperaments:

  • Kind and caring
  • Loving and playful
  • Protective and loyal
  • Very smart and fearless
  • Snuggle bug
  • An ideal supervisor/watchdog 
  • Excellent for children
  • Exceptional guard dog
  • Adaptable to most climates

Elegant, athletic, and perfectly groomed, the Doberman Rottweiler  mixes are winning hearts. Still, some people may be anxious about the standoffishness and possessiveness of a Rotterman. They require a firm but loving owner, experienced with large-sized dogs. Genetic dispositions, early socialization, and training are vital to having a well-behaved dog. In addition, both the parent breeds are known for their guarding and protection abilities. They will protect their family, patrol their yard, and can even anticipate dangers and threats.

Rotterman can be a remarkable family guardian and loyal companion with a solid bond for you, especially kids. They can easily get along with pets and other animals. However, it is advised to socialize them early to help guarantee their proper behavior when meeting another canine. Since they have a high prey drive, keeping them away from small animals or slowly and carefully introducing them is recommended.

Doberman Rottweiler  Mix Training  

A Doberman Rottweiler  might exhibit an independent disposition, making them feel dominant, so they will need firm but positive training to establish you as the pack leader. However, they will enjoy being trained by an experienced trainer and seek to please, making training sessions relatively easy. Rotterman Puppies should be socialized with other animals and people to become familiar even when fully grown. Being a sensitive hybrid, you must avoid yelling, harsh treatment, and punishments, likely making them more stubborn. Here are some of the training exercises that you need to do with your Rotterman:

Training Overview  

Easy to train  Medium to High  
Intelligence  High  
Prey drive  Medium to High 
Tendency for mouthiness  Medium  
Tendency to bark and howl  Medium  
Wanderlust ability  Medium  

  Doberman Rottweiler  Mix Exercise Needs 

Doberman Rottweiler  mixes are working dogs who need adequate mental and physical stimulation. Therefore, these large, high-energy dogs need at least 60 to 90 minutes of daily exercise to keep them fit and sustain their energy. In addition, they love playing with rope toys and balls. If you fail to allow your canine to release their energy positively, they will exhibit destructive and anxious behaviors. You can meet your Rotterman’s daily exercise essentials by:

  • Teaching new tricks
  • Walking
  • Fetching
  • Chasing
  • Playing with puzzle toys
  • Playing tug of war
  • Schutzhund
  • Frisbee
  • Herding trials
  • Flyball
  • Agility training
  • Hiking
  • Dog park

Exercise Needs Overview  

Energy Level  High  
Exercise Needs  High  
Playfulness  High  
Intensity  Medium to High  

Doberman Rottweiler  Mix Grooming 

Doberman Rottweiler  mix is not a hypoallergenic breed and requires low maintenance for their well-fitted tailored coat. Rottermans have a medium-length elegant coat that requires weekly brushings. They shed twice a year heavily and so groom your pet accordingly. Rotterman’s grooming needs are as follows:

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Grooming Overview  

Amount of shedding  Low to Medium  
Tendency to drool  Medium
Easy to groom  High  

Doberman Rottweiler  Mix Health 

Like any mixed breed, Doberman Rottweilers  can be predisposed to health problems that most often affect their parent breeds. Generally, Rottermans are healthier than their parents. To keep your dog healthy, ensure to take them for regular vet check-ups and keep updated with their vaccines.

Health Overview  

Basic health  Medium to High  
Weight gain possibilities  Low to Medium  
Size  High 

Narcolepsy: A neurological condition that affects the brain’s regulation of wake-sleep patterns. An affected canine may suddenly fall asleep.

Panosteitis: Dogs with rapid growth tend to develop Panosteitis.

Color Dilution Alopecia: The coat’s red dilution occurs due to Color Dilution Alopecia, a condition in which your dog might develop hair thinning slowly on their skin, resulting in hair loss forever. This disorder is developed in some but not all canines that have been bred for unique coat colors. 

Elbow Dysplasia: A progressive condition in Rottermans causing developmental elbow malformation. Canines with this condition exhibit pain and forelimb lameness.

Von Willebrand’s Disease: A hereditary blood dysfunction conflicts with its clot ability. The main sign is severe bleeding after surgery or injury. 

Joint Dysplasia: A structural disorder in the elbow joints due to inflammation, cartilage damage, or disrupted anconeal is Elbow dysplasia. This can be inherited from the parent breeds and is familiar in large breed dogs.

Cancer: The Doberman has a higher life expectancy than Rottweiler, so they are predisposed to cancer as they grow older. This deadly disorder can be cured by surgical removal of tumors and chemotherapy. 

Thyroid Dysfunction: A disorder with an irregularity in the thyroid hormonal levels leading to hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. 

Hypothyroidism: A dog with this disorder produces low thyroid hormones. This can be treatable with proper medication and diet.

Heart Disease: A condition that creates uneven heart rhythm and heart murmurs. Vets can diagnose this condition through an ECG or an X-ray. 

Eye Defects: A severe defect and should not be understated or ignored. Eye issues include cataracts, corneal dystrophy, and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).

Bloat: A typical digestive system disorder of Rottweilers and Dobermans, you must be very cautious of the symptoms in their puppies.

Causes of bloat: 

  • Exercise vigorously after eating 
  • Drink large volumes of water after eating 
  • Eating rapidly 
  • When they are fed more than one large meal daily 

Symptoms of bloat: 

  • Restlessness 
  • Depression 
  • Lethargy 
  • Weakness 
  • Excessive salivation 
  • Retching without vomit 
  • A distended abdomen 

Hip dysplasia: Rottweilers and Dobermans commonly struggle with this disorder, passing it on to their heirs. 

Causes of Hip Dysplasia: 

  • Wrong exercises 
  • Excessive weight gain 
  • Injuries 

Symptoms of hip dysplasia: 

  • Reluctance to rise, jump, run or climb 
  • Enlarging shoulders 
  • Pain 
  • Stiffness 
  • Reduced activity and movements 
  • Reducing thigh muscle mass 
  • Grating in the joint during movement 
  • Lameness in the hind limbs 

Wobbler’s Syndrome: An inherited disorder affects canines through a cervical vertebral flux or malformed spinal canal. 


  • Spinal cord compression 
  • Paralysis of the legs 
  • Neck pain 

Allergies: Rottermans can be allergic to various substances, ranging from food to pollen. If your dog licks his paws or rubs his face a great deal, get him checked by your veterinarian. 

Mitral Valve Disease: In this condition, the weakening of their heart valves causes blood to flow back into the atrium, which can lead to cardiac failure. Veterinarians can detect it early, so it’s crucial to keep up with their regular examinations. 

Skin Problems: The continual scratching or licking paws can be annoying, but don’t blame your dog for his bad behavior; the skin issue is to be blamed. Parasites, allergies, and underlying sickness are all possible reasons. The following are the symptoms of skin problems:  

  • Skin Sores  
  • Dry Skin  
  • Rashes  
  • Lumps  
  • Redness  
  • Dandruff  
  • Bumps  
  • Sunburns  
  • Hair Loss 

Doberman Rottweiler  Mix Diet and Nutrition

The Doberman Rottweiler  mix is an active and heavily muscled dog that requires a lot of energy for proper growth and body maintenance. Therefore, they need a protein-dense and nutritious, preferably wet or dry large-sized food in moderation as per their regular diet; otherwise, they tend to put on weight quickly. In addition, the food you serve your canine should be calcium-rich to keep them away from ailments like hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.

When it comes to feeding your Rotterman, you will need to:

  • Feed a puppy 1.5 lbs to 0.5 lbs cups daily.
  • Feed an adult around 3 cups or 1 lb of food daily (Break their feeds to 2-3 courses a day accordingly).

Doberman Rottweiler  Mix Living Condition  

  • Rottermans are not recommended for apartment living because of their exercise requirements and high energy.
  • They are more suited to live on a farm, ranch, or a house with a big yard.
  • If you are a novice owner, Rotterman is not ideal for you.
  • They are a little more susceptible than many other canine breeds. 
  • They should never be left alone for an extended duration, mainly without toys that keep them engaged.

Adding a Doberman Rottweiler Mix to Your Family  

Things to Remember before Adding a Doberman Rottweiler  Mix to Your Family 

Before you adopt/buy a puppy from a breeder, you should ensure they care for both the puppies and the parents. In addition, the breeder should be ready to show you to any part of the areas where they let their dogs so you can inspect and guarantee that it is clean and safe. Finally, you must check their parent’s lineage and health and the puppy’s vaccination records and gene testing credentials.

Cost of a Doberman Rottweiler  Mix

The cost of a Doberman Rottweiler puppy can range from approximately $300 to $3000, depending on the breeder.   

Doberman Rottweiler Mix Puppy
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Doberman Rottweiler  Mix

Doberman Rottweiler  Mix

Doberman Rottweiler  Mix

Doberman Rottweiler  Mix

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