Doberman Chihuahua Mix – Everything You Need To know

Doberman Chihuahua mix, also known as Pinhuahua, is a Doberman Pinscher and Chihuahua hybrid, markedly different in appearance and personality. However, it works wonderfully, entirely matching their parents’ characteristics. The Doberman Chihuahua mixes are one unique, affectionate, lively, energetic, intelligent, and low-maintenance breed, making them an exceptional choice for an active family seeking a joyful, entertaining companion. 

Doberman Chihuahua mix is rare and can only be produced through artificial insemination or IVF technologies. Due to the size variations, a male Chihuahua is crossed with a female Doberman. In addition, the size difference between the two parental breeds makes this designer breed seem incredible.

Doberman Chihuahua Mix Pros and Cons  

Pros  Cons  
Low maintenance dog Prone to genetic health issues
Suited for small living spaces Separation Anxiety  
Very loyal and affectionate  Difficult to house-train

Doberman Chihuahua Mix Basic Information  

  • Name: Doberman Chihuahua Mix  
  • Height: 8 – 12 inches
  • Weight: 5 – 18 pounds
  • Size: Small 
  • Coat: Smooth, short
  • Color: Black, chocolate, gold, cream, tan, white.
  • Energy: High  
  • Activities: Companion Dogs
  • Group: Mixed Breed  
  • Barking Level: Occasional  
  • Shedding Level: Moderate; Seasonal  
  • Hypoallergenic: No  
  • Litter size: 6- 8 puppies 
  • Life Span: 10 – 12 years  
  • Another Name: Pinhuahua, Chipin
  • Breed Recognition: DBR – Designer Breed Registry, IDCR – International Designer Canine Registry, ACHC – American Canine Hybrid Club, DDKC – Designer Dogs Kennel Club, DRA – Dog Registry of America, Inc.

Chihuahua vs. Doberman Pinscher: A Comparison  

Features  ChihuahuaDoberman Pinscher   
Origin  Mexico Germany   
Height  6 – 9 inches 22 to 26 inches   
Weight  3 – 6 pounds 50 to 90 pounds   
Size   Small Large   
Group  Companion dogs Herding   
Children Compatibility  Yes High   
Family Compatibility  Yes High   
Pets Compatibility  Yes Low   
Barking Level  Medium Frequent   
Shedding Level  Low to Medium Normal   
Hypoallergenic  No No   
Grooming Needs  High Low   
Overall Health  Low to Medium Medium to High   
Energy  Medium Medium   
Exercise Needs  Low High   
Trainability  Medium High   
Activities  Watch dogs, companion dogs Agility, Herding, Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Tracking    
Complications in Breeding  No No   
Litter Size  1 – 3 puppies 6 – 8 puppies   
Life Span  10 – 18 years 9 – 13 years   
Other Names  – Alsatian, Deutscher Schaeferhund   

  Doberman Chihuahua Mix Personality

A Doberman and Chihuahua mix’s personality will vary depending on which parent gene the canine inherits. Pinhuahuas typically have short, comprehensive, and robust bodies proportionate to their height. In most cases, the coat length depends on the Chihuahua parent, implying that they could have a short or a long coat. In addition, many of them inherit the Chihuahua’s short feet, long ears, and thin nose.

A Doberman Chihuahua mix can be any combination of:

  • Cream
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Fawn
  • Cream and brown
  • Black and cream
  • Black and brown
  • Fawn and black
  • Brown and fawn

Doberman Chihuahuas can be an alpha with a strong disposition and needs a firm and consistent owner with experience who can put themselves as pack leader. Their personality is difficult to pin down as they are gentle, intelligent, and playful but also very loyal, friendly, and protective. However, they can easily get along well with your family, and as an ideal companion dog, their compatibility with kids and other pets is high.

Friendliness Overview  

Affection level  Medium to High  
Family-friendly  Medium to High  
Children-friendly  High 
Pet-friendly  Medium 
Stranger-friendly  Medium 

  Adaptability Overview  

Apartment living  High
Good for new owners  Medium to High 
Sensitivity level  High 
Tolerates being alone  Low  
Tolerates hot weather  Medium  
Tolerates cold weather  Medium  

  Doberman Chihuahua Mix Temperament

Doberman Chihuahua mixes are known for the following temperaments:

  • Energetic and loving
  • Affectionate and intelligent
  • Calm and eager to please
  • Excitable and quick learner
  • Watchful and playful

Doberman Chihuahua mixes crave to be in the center of the stage. They are packed with energy and passionate about cuddles from their owners and masters. These designer breeds may suit you if you have a family with active kids who appreciate spending time outdoors. Pinhuahuas bark a lot. However, they generally bark out of surprise, fear, excitement, and aggression towards other pets and strangers.

Even though the Doberman Chihuahua mix is a small breed that can adapt to apartment living, they thrive in surroundings with enough freedom to play and run around. However, they may exhibit stubborn qualities that you can rectify with continuous and proper training. Brain stimulation is just as vital as body training, so they should not be left alone for long periods. They might get scared and nervous, chewing off couches, shoes, other objects, or bark excessively. 

Doberman Chihuahua Mix Training

Training your Doberman Chihuahua mix is effortless and exciting as they are brilliant, people-pleasing, and quickly pick up commands or instructions. In addition, they react well to positive reinforcement during the training sessions. Thus, it is essential to treat and reward them when they take your commands. Unfortunately, they also have moderate prey drive, which you can rectify after proper obedience training

Doberman Chihuahua mixes will need the below-listed training activities:

  Training Overview  

Easy to train  Medium to High  
Intelligence  High  
Prey drive  Medium 
Tendency for mouthiness  Medium  
Tendency to bark and howl  Medium  
Wanderlust ability  Medium  

Doberman Chihuahua Mix Exercise Needs

Doberman Chihuahua mix is a small breed that requires at least 45 minutes of daily activity to stay fit and healthy. In addition, they must undergo proper obedience training, and they should not be over-exercised as they might experience bones and joint issues.

You can meet your Pinhuahua’s exercise requirements by:

  • Walking
  • Jogging 
  • Fetching
  • Playing hide-and-seek
  • Teaching new tricks
  • Playing with puzzle toys
  • Frisbee

Exercise Needs Overview  

Energy Level  High  
Exercise Needs  Medium 
Playfulness  High  
Intensity  Medium 

Doberman Chihuahua Mix Grooming

Chihuahua Doberman mixes are non-hypoallergenic low shedders. Unfortunately, their fur is a potent allergen and may cause allergic reactions. One way to reduce the shedding is to get an excellent de-shedding tool to brush. 

The Furminator Undercoat Tool is an exceptional choice as it can remove all loose fur with a delicate touch.

  • Brush to lose and detangle their fur.
  • Bathe to rinse off any hair that didn’t fall off. The Pro Pet Works All Natural 5 In 1 Oatmeal Shampoo is ideal for your dog as it has a natural oatmeal formulation to soothe as you wash off dirt with its effective lather.
  • Dry or blow-dry it yourself.
  • Brush again to get rid of loose fur strands.

Other grooming requirements include:

Grooming Overview  

Amount of shedding  Low to Medium  
Tendency to drool  Low 
Easy to groom  High  

Doberman Chihuahua Mix Health 

Doberman Chihuahua mixes are healthy breeds. However, they may experience health disorders passed down from Doberman and Chihuahua parent breeds. So, it is vital to maintain good health care and regular vet check-ups.

Health Overview  

Basic health  Medium to High  
Weight gain possibilities  Low to Medium  
Size  Small 

Wobbler’s syndrome:  A hereditary disorder affects canines through a cervical vertebral flux or malformed spinal canal. 


  • Spinal cord compression 
  • Paralysis of the legs
  • Neck pain 

IVDD: Spinal degeneration affects all Doberman mixes. Canines will experience a disc eruption caused by the lengthy body not providing adequate support to the spine. If the situation worsens, it might result in pain and paralysis.

Cardiomyopathy: A condition caused due to the inappropriate conduction of blood to the heart, causing a sudden elevation in heart rate. 

Hip Dysplasia: A skeletal condition that hits a dog’s joints. It’s more prevalent in small to medium breeds, but it can occur in any puppy. 

Osteosarcoma: A deadly bone cancer common in Doberman Chihuahua mixes.

Von Willebrand’s Disease: VWD is a hereditary disorder in which the capability for a blood clot is troubled. Some signs are excessive bleeding after surgery or injury, nosebleed, bleeding gums, or bleeding in the abdomen or intestines.

Demodicosis: A condition caused by Demodex mite in the hair follicles. Dogs with weak immune systems are predisposed to the disease. The signs include scaly patches of red, skin with hair loss on the neck, forelegs, head, or severe conditions all over the body.

Spina Bifida: A genetic condition concerning canine’s backbone resulting in improper bone formation. When a dog is born, it will have difficulties with mobility. Chihuahua Doberman mixes are very exposed to this disorder. This condition is noticed right at birth and does not happen later in life.

Patellar Luxation: A condition emerges when the kneecap falls from its position in the legs. Symptoms are that the canine might feel irritated while running or hiking and kick their leg to set the kneecap back in place. 

Color Dilution Alopecia: A condition caused by recessive genes, inherited from either parent, but most likely from the purebred Doberman. This condition can affect your dog to lose excess fur. 

Dental Issues: Dental issues like bleeding gums, gum inflammation, and cavities are common in Pinhuahuas.

Eye Diseases:  Doberman Chihuahua mix can be prone to these eye diseases:  

  • Corneal damage 
  • Dry eye (keratoconjunctivitis sicca) 
  • Pink eye (conjunctivitis) 
  • Eyelid mass 
  • Cataracts 
  • Glaucoma 
  • Cherry eye 
  • Entropion 

Obesity: Obesity is a common health disease in the Doberman Chihuahua mix. Excess weight can result in back pain, digestive disorders, joint problems, and heart diseases. The ideal way to control this disorder is by maintaining a healthy diet and routine exercise.  

Cataracts: As in humans, canine cataracts are characterized by cloudy spots on the eye lens that can grow gradually. Cataracts may develop at any age and often don’t damage vision, although in some cases they cause vision loss. A board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist certifies the breeding dogs after testing them free of hereditary eye disease before breeding. Usually, cataracts can be removed surgically with good results.   

Doberman Chihuahua Mix Diet and Nutrition

Considering the age, weight, and metabolism, a Doberman Chihuahua mix should have high-quality dog food, preferably real meat, fruits, and vegetables. Since they are predisposed to hip dysplasia, enhance their diet with fish oil, chondroitin, and glucosamine.

Based on your Pinhuahua’s weight, you can consider feeding him the following quantity of food:

WeightQuantity of Food
6-12 pounds½-1 cup
13-20 pounds1 – 1⅓ cups
21-25 pounds1⅓ – 2 cups
26-50 pounds2 – 2⅔ cups
50-60 pounds2⅔ – 3 cups

Doberman Chihuahua Mix Living Condition  

Doberman Chihuahua mixes are energetic and active breeds that can quickly adapt and live in any environment. However, they require lots of engagement to maintain them physically and mentally stimulated. Therefore, a yard with proper fencing is the most appropriate place to play around.    

Adding a Doberman Chihuahua Mix to Your Family

Things to Remember before Adding a Doberman Chihuahua Mix to Your Family   

Reputed breeders are preferred since they guarantee the health and happiness of both the puppies and their parents. For a vaccinated pup, they should provide health clearance documents and gene testing. It would be best if you could visit the puppy’s parents. You’ll get a healthy dog while also knowing about the parents’ traits.   

Cost of a Doberman Chihuahua Mix  

The cost of a Doberman Chihuahua puppy can range from approximately $150 to $1500.   

Doberman Chihuahua Mix Images

Doberman Chihuahua Mix Videos

Doberman Chihuahua Mix

Doberman Chihuahua Mix

Doberman Chihuahua Mix

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