Dalmatian Pitbull Mix – Everything You Need to Know

A Dalmatian Pitbull mix, often known as a Pitmatian, is a cross between a Dalmatian and a Pitbull. 

Carriage dogs, such as Dalmatians, were employed to guard the horses of a horse-drawn coach. However, their precise origins are unknown. They were frequently linked with Romanies, sometimes known as Gypsies, who moved from place to place. 

They are supposed to have gotten their name from being connected with the Dalmatia area of former Yugoslavia, where they were first discovered in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Dalmatian Pitbull Mix Pros and Cons

Easy GroomingAggressive
Family FriendlyExcessive Shedding

Dalmatian Pitbull Mix Basic Information

Name: Dalmatian Pitbull Mix

Height: Approximately 20.5 inches

Weight: 55 pounds

Size: Large

Color: White base with silver or black spots, fawn, red, tan, brown

Coat: Short and Smooth

Hypoallergenic: No

Energy: Medium to High

Activities: Watchdogs, Companion Dogs

Barking level: Low to Medium

Shedding level: High

Group: Mixed breed (terrier group and companion group)

Litter Size: 5 – 9 puppies

Life span: 11 – 16 years

Other names: Pitmatian, Pitbull Dalmatian, Pit Dalmatian 

Dalmatian vs. American Pitbull Terrier: A Comparison

FeaturesDalmatianAmerican Pitbull Terrier
OriginUnknown (named after a region in Yugoslavia, Dalmatia)United Kingdom
Height19 to 24 inches17 to 19 inches
Weight48 to 55 pounds30 to 85 pounds
GroupCompanion GroupsTerrier Groups
Children-friendlyMedium to HighHigh
Pet-friendlyMedium to HighLow
Barking levelLow to MediumMedium
Shedding levelHighMedium to High
Grooming needsLowLow
Overall healthMedium to HighMedium to High
EnergyHighMedium to High
ExerciseHighMedium to High
TrainabilityMedium to HighMedium to High
ActivitiesWatchdogs, Companion DogsWatchdogs, Companion Dogs
Complication in BreedingNoNo
Litter size6 – 9 puppies5 puppies
Life span13 – 16 years12 – 16 years
Other namesPitmatianBull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Dalmatian Pitbull Mix Personality

As a mixed breed, the Dalmatian Pitbull mix may acquire a balanced look from both parents, or one parent dog gene may outnumber the other. The Pitmatian is a robust, well-built dog. Their ears are floppy and triangular, and they are near to the skull. A Pitbull Dalmatian mix will have a stocky physique if they take after their Pitbull parent. Otherwise, they will acquire the lean and elegant form of a Dalmatian.

Like their parent breeds, Pitmatians have a short and smooth white coat. The spots can be black, liver-colored, or inheriting from Pitbull parent he may have markings in varying colors such as black, brown, red, tan, fawn, or patched.

Friendliness Overview

Affection levelHigh
Kid-friendlyMedium to High
Stranger-friendlyMedium to High
Pet-friendlyLow to Medium

Adaptability Overview

Good for new pet ownersLow to Medium
Good for apartment livingLow to Medium
Sensitivity levelMedium to High
Tolerates being aloneLow to Medium
Tolerates cold weatherLow to Medium
Tolerates hot weatherMedium to High

Dalmatian Pitbull Mix Temperament 

Pitmatians are very courageous, playful, intelligent, high- spirited, loving, and loyal. They bond well with family as they are even-tempered. They are also children-friendly. However, they can be aggressive if the child is unknown. They have the fighting tendency that keeps them from loving other animals. However, proper training and socialization can help them curb their tendencies.  

Dalmatian Pitbull Mix Training 

Training Pitmatians are interesting as they require a good amount of training. They thrive for physical and mental stimulation; otherwise, they turn aggressive and can develop behavioral disorders. Therefore, early socialization is mandatory to avoid behavioral problems and disastrous situations. You may also enroll your Pitmatian in puppy training classes under professional trainers.  

Trainability Overview

Easy to trainMedium to High
IntelligenceMedium to High
Prey driveLow to Medium
Tendency for mouthinessMedium to High
Tendency to bark and howlLow to Medium
Wanderlust abilityMedium to High

Dalmatian Pitbull Mix Exercise Needs

Pitmatians are energetic and active. They require ample exercise to keep healthy and happy. They might develop aggressive and disturbing tendencies if kept indoors for long. If you are planning to get a Pitmatian, remember to have a backyard, where they can exercise daily at least for an hour. 

Exercise Needs Overview

Energy levelMedium to High
Exercise needsHigh
PlayfulnessMedium to High

Dalmatian Pitbull Mix Grooming

Your Dalmatian Pitbull Mix dog’s coat will most likely be short and silky, making maintenance a snap. Because he is considered a heavy shedder, a Pitmatian should be groomed at least once a week.

Ensure regular trimming of nails, cleaning eyes and ears to avoid infections, and brushing teeth to keep gum and periodontal diseases at bay.

Grooming Overview

Shedding levelHigh
Tendency to droolLow
Easy to groomHigh

Dalmatian Pitbull Mix Health

Mixed breed dogs, on average, may be fitter than purebred dogs due to their genetic diversity. However, a few conditions should not be overlooked.  

Health Overview

General HealthMedium to High
Weight gain possibilitiesMedium to High

The health issues which a Pitmatian can go through are: 

Hip Dysplasia: Since hip dysplasia affects both parent breeds, the Pitbull Dalmatian hybrid might also be in danger. It’s a term for a hip malformation that develops throughout infancy. It may cause the joint to weaken and eventually lose its function in some situations. 

Canine Congenital Sensorineural Deafness (CCSD): Several Dalmatians have deafness linked to the Microphthalmia-associated Transcription Factor (MITF) gene, which contains pigmentation variants. Unfortunately, your Dalmatian Pitbull mix may inherit this trait as well. 

Kidney Stone: Urinary stones are more common in Dalmatian mixes, such as the Pitmatian. These are induced by the SLC2A9 gene, responsible for excessive uric acid levels, leading to kidney stones. 

Iris Sphincter Dysplasia (ISD): ISD is another congenital disease that affects Dalmatian mixes and is caused by underdeveloped iris sphincter muscles. In intense light, the pupils of dogs with ISD do not contract properly, producing pupillary dilatation. 

Cerebellar Abiotrophy (Ataxia): Pitbulls and Pitmatian mixes are prone to this abrupt, uncontrolled muscular activity. Absence of balance, head or body tremor, hyperreactivity, lack of threat reaction, high-stepping or stiff stride, and jerky head bob are all symptoms. 

Cardiac Disease: Heart problems, including mitral and tricuspid valve murmurs, may be present in Pitbull Dalmatian mixes. They may develop a murmur as early as four to six years due to a leaky mitral valve. 

Dalmatian Pitbull Mix Diet and Nutrition 

Pitmatian puppies will require more frequent feedings than adult dogs. In a day, a Pitmatian puppy should consume 2 to 3 cups of wet or dry dog food, split among four meal schedules. 2 to 3 cups of dog food divided into two meal servings are required for a fully developed Pitmatian. 

Dalmatian Pitbull Mix Living Condition 

It is essential to keep Pitmatians engaged at all times as they are working dogs by nature. They can build up aggressive nature if kept without exercise and training. Healthy dog foods are necessary to keep them healthy. Their living condition should be well equipped with crates and a backyard to play around and rest when needed.  

Adding Dalmatian Pitbull Mix to Your Family 

Things to Remember before Buying a Dalmatian Pitbull Mix 

Buying from a reputable local breeder who guarantees the health and happiness of both the parents and the puppy is the best option. They should provide health clearance certifications as well as gene testing for a vaccinated dog. If you could visit the puppy’s parents, it would be perfect. You’ll get a healthy puppy while also knowing about the characteristics of the parents. 

Cost Of a Dalmatian Pitbull Mix Puppy 

Since the Dalmatian Pitbull mix is rare, only a few places, such as a rescue center or a shelter house, have them. As a result, the price range may vary depending on the dog’s availability and size. However, the price range is $500 to $1000 on average.

To add a Dalmatian Pitbull Mix to your family, you may Buy Dalmatian Pitbull online

Dalmatian Pitbull Mix Images

Dalmatian Pitbull Mix Videos

Pitmatian Puppies

Pitmatian in a shelter house

Pitmatian enjoying snow

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