Cream Dachshund – Everything You Need To Know

A cream dachshund is part of the dachshund breed and has an elegant, soft, cream-colored coat. Apart from this expensive coat color, a cream dachshund has the same personality, temperament, and physical features as a classic dachshund. The cream dachshunds are smart, loyal, and excellent watchdogs. They are courageous and independent. 

Cream Dachshund Pros and Cons   

Pros     Cons     
Great watchdogs Prey Drive 
Loyal & Affectionate Barking & Digging Tendency 

Cream Dachshund Bulldog Basic Information

  • Name:  Cream Dachshund 
  • Height:  7 to 10 inches 
  • Weight: 15 to 30 pounds  
  • Color: White/ Gold tones of cream 
  • Coat:  Soft, Long 
  • Hypoallergenic:  No 
  • Barking Level: High 
  • Shedding Level: Moderate 
  • Energy:  Medium  
  • Group:  Hound Dogs 
  • Activities: Hunting, Rallies 
  • Other Names: Doxie 
  • Life Span:  12 to 16 Years  

Dachshund vs. Cream Dachshund: A Comparison 

          Features   Dachshund Cream Dachshund 
Origin Germany UK, America 
Height   7 to 10 inches 7 to 10 inches 
Weight   15 to 30 Pounds 15 to 30 Pounds 
Size   Small Small 
Group   Hound Dogs Hound Dogs 
Children Compatibility   High High 
Family Compatibility   Medium to High Medium to High 
Pets Compatibility   Medium Medium 
Barking Level   High High 
Shedding Level   Moderate Moderate 
Hypoallergenic   No No 
Grooming Needs   Medium Medium 
Overall Health   Low to Medium Medium 
Energy   Medium Medium 
Exercise Needs   Medium Medium 
Trainability   Low to Medium Medium 
Complication in Breeding   No No 
Life Span   12 to 15 years 12 to 16 Years 

Cream Dachshund Types

The cream dachshunds can be classified into two based on the geographical location they were bred and their distinct genes. They are, 

  1. English Cream Dachshund 
  2. American Cream Dachshund 
  1. English Cream Dachshund 

English Cream Dachshunds were bred initially in the UK, and they have a pure English lineage. They were continuously bred with other dachshund varieties. However, English Cream Dachshunds have a chinchilla gene, which is unique to them. As a result, they have a cream coat with a mild yellow undertone. 

English Cream Dachshund Types 

The cream coat of cream dachshunds has two varieties: A clear cream coat and a cream coat with a black overlay called shaded or shading. 

  • Clear Coated Cream Dachshund 

The coat color of this puppy will be light cream, and it darkens as the puppy grows. The gene of cream dachshunds with a clear coat will not produce darker tones near the tail or ear tips. This type of cream dachshund is rare as it is difficult to breed dachshunds without pigmentations. These rare coated cream dachshunds have a clear, elegant-looking coat desired by many around the globe. 

  • Shaded Cream Dachshund 

The dark shades on the cream coat emphasize the features of this type of cream dachshund. They have a dark line around their eyes which makes the eyes pop out. The shaded cream dachshunds can be identified at birth with their almost black coat, dark nails, and whiskers. 

  1. American Cream Dachshund 

The American Cream Dachshunds have a light-colored coat with a red undertone. The puppy will have a very light color which becomes a reddish coat as the puppy matures. They have light cream coat color due to the genes such as the dominant red gene, recessive red gene, blue dilution gene. 

Cream Dachshund Personality  

The cream dachshunds have eyes shaped like almonds with dark rims. They have a well-formed muzzle that can be arched slightly. Their trunk is muscled and long compared to other breeds of dogs. The coat of the cream dachshunds is soft, refined, and long. The long hair will be wavy near their ears, tails, fore chest, and under their neck. 

Friendliness Overview      

                          Affection Level                                 Medium 
Family-Friendly      Medium to High 
Kid-Friendly      High 
Pet-Friendly      Medium 
Strangers-Friendly      Medium 

Adaptability Overview      

Good for New Pet Owners      Medium to High 
Good for Apartment Living      High 
Sensitivity Level      Medium to High 
Tolerates being alone      Medium 
Cold Tolerance      Low 
Heat Tolerance      Medium 

Cream Dachshund Temperament  

The innate prey drive in cream dachshunds induces them to chase and hunt potential prey. As a result, they tend to dig and bark a lot. They bark to notify any potential danger at home and during walks, a quality that marks them as exceptional watchdogs and guard dogs. Due to this nature, they can be territorial but are never aggressive. 

Since they have an independent mind of their own, they can be stubborn at times. The cream dachshunds love their owner and exhibit utmost loyalty. Their calm nature allows them to settle anywhere easily which makes them excellent companion dogs. 

Cream Dachshunds thrive on the attention they get from their family. If there is a lack of attention, there is a possibility of them getting jealous. They will socialize well with children, but supervision is recommended. Cream dachshunds can accompany other dogs and pets and calmly lead the pack. 

Cream Dachshund Training 

Training cream dachshunds can be easy because of their intelligence and people-pleasing characteristics. As they are barkers, it is vital to train them to stop barking on command. They are stubborn. So, ensure proper training since puppyhood to prevent any undesired behaviors. Their stubbornness might be an interruption during training sessions. Always prefer positive reinforcement, and the cream dachshunds will respond to it.  

Trainability Overview      

Easy to Train      Medium 
Intelligence      Medium to High 
Prey Drive      High 
Tendency to Chew, Nip & Play-bite      Medium to High 
Tendency to Bark or Howl      High 
Wanderlust Ability      High 

Cream Dachshund Exercise Needs 

Every day walking and playtime around the house are necessary for cream dachshunds. Physical exercises will aid in maintaining their overall health. However, wrong exercises, complex exercises, long exercise sessions can lead to many health conditions.   

Swimming can be an entertaining exercise for cream dachshunds. They enjoy the water and are splendid swimmers. 

Exercise Needs Overview      

Energy Level                                      Medium 
Exercise Needs                                 Medium 
Playfulness                                        Medium to High 
Intensity      Medium 

Cream Dachshund Grooming 

The grooming needs of cream dachshunds are moderate. Though the cream dachshunds are a low shedding breed, brush their coat regularly to avoid debris, matting, and tangles. Trim the long hair near the ears, tails, and fore chest once every three to four weeks. Bathing them once a month is sufficient as excessive bathing can dry their skin, causing dandruff. In addition to these, teeth brushing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning must be followed as part of grooming. 

Grooming Overview    

Amount of Shedding                        Medium 
Tendency to Drool      Low 
Tendency to Snore      Low 
Easy to Groom      Medium  

Cream Dachshunds Health 

The cream dachshunds are generally a healthy breed and live long. Through regular health checkups and healthy living, they can even live beyond their average life expectancy. 

Health Overview     

Basic Health     Medium 
Weight Gain Possibilities     High 
Size     Small 

Progressive Retinal Atrophy: It affects the photoreceptors of the eye. The affected dog will eventually be blind due to the deterioration of the photoreceptors cell. 

Canine Diabetes Mellitus: Dogs with canine diabetes mellitus cannot regulate their sugar levels as their bodies will not produce sufficient insulin. All Dachshunds, including cream dachshunds, are prone to diabetes. This condition can cause excessive thirst, hunger, and urination, along with weight loss. Diabetes is curable using medication and insulin injection.

Gastric Dilatation-volvulus: Often called Bloat, this occurs when the stomach is filled due to pressure with gas or air. The dog cannot get rid of this excessive air in the stomach, resulting in blood pressure falling, and the dog might go into shock. It could be fatal without proper medical care. If your dog has a swollen abdomen, drools excessively, and retches  without throwing up, it could be the signs of Gastric Dilatation-volvulus. Other symptoms include restlessness, lethargy, depression, and weakness with a rapid heart rate.

Intervertebral Disc Disease: In Intervertebral disc disease, the cushion-like joints of the vertebrae will slip or break, causing the vertebrae to press hard on the spine. Few symptoms of this painful condition are that the dog will have no interest in jumping or climbing the stairs, and he might stay in one place without moving, refusing to eat. They will cry out in pain; so get medical help immediately as this condition can lead to paralysis. The treatment varies from supplements to surgeries, depending on the severity of the disease. Wrong exercises, injuries, and obesity can cause intervertebral disease. 

Cream Dachshund Diet and Nutrition 

The appetite for cream dachshunds is high. They love food and eat a lot. However, this breed is prone to obesity, and overeating will lead to being overweight. Schedule a diet plan according to your dachshund’s size, health conditions, appetite. It would be ideal for feeding a puppy thrice a day and reduce it to twice a day as the puppy matures. They should have access to meals only during mealtime. You can feed homemade food or store-bought high-quality dog food. While treats can be helpful during training sessions, compensate the quality of treats with the quality of regular diet to avoid obesity.

Cream Dachshund Living Condition 

Cream Dachshunds can adapt to any environment. They are best suited for apartment living. They enjoy some time around the house every day. A backyard would be better, but they can manage just well without a backyard. 

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