Corgi Poodle Mix – Everything You Need To Know

Corgi Poodle Mix is a crossbred hybrid dog between Corgis and Poodles. They are developed typically from Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Miniature or Toy Poodle. Also called Corgipoo, they are intelligent, playful, loyal, and have all the best traits of their parent breeds. Corgi Poodle mix breed was developed in the 1980s in the United States and is part of the designer dog craze of the 80s. Poodle mixes were popular because of their intelligent trait and hypoallergenic fur. 

The Parent breed Corgi can be traced back to the medieval periods in Wales and was bred as herding and working dogs. They are cute, fluffy with striking bright orange coats, and known to be loving companions. There are two types of Corgis – Cardigan and Pembroke Corgi, of which Pembroke is the most popular breed. They were beloved family members of the Royal family of England for a long time and were kept, bred, and loved by Queen Elizabeth II for most of her life. The other parent breed, Poodle, is France’s national dog and has its origin in France and Germany. 

The name “Poodle” was derived from the German word “Pudel” meaning “splash in the water.” Poodles have a natural tendency to love water and hence the name. The French term “Caniche” means “duck dog,” as the Poodle dogs were used for duck hunting. The name helped to identify the Poodles back in the Middle Ages. So, French or German, Poodles were named perfectly to fit their natural characteristics. Corgipoos are fluffy, curly pooches and excellent family companions that bring extra snuggles and love into your home and life.

Corgi Poodle Mix Pros and Cons

HypoallergenicHigh maintenance
Low sheddingProne to Obesity
Kid friendlyAttention seeker
Easy to trainstubborn

Corgi Poodle Mix  Basic Information

  • Name: Corgi Poodle Mix
  • Height: 10-12 inches
  • Weight: 12-28 pounds
  • Size: small
  • Coat: Double coated, short, soft, curly.
  • Color: Red, tan, white and black markings
  • Group: Mixed breed
  • Activities: Agility, swimming, water games, fetch, jogging
  • Barking Level: Moderate
  • Shedding Level: Low
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes
  • Energy: High
  • Litter Size:6-7 pups
  • Life Span: 10-18 years
  • Other Names: Corgipoos, Poodle Corgi mix, Corgi mix dog, Designer Corgi, Corgi doodle
  • Breed Recognition: DBR = Designer Breed Registry, DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc., IDCR =  International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR)

Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Poodle: A Comparison

FeaturesPembroke Welsh CorgiToy Poodle

Originthe United KingdomGermany/France
HeightUpto 12 inchesupto 10 inches
WeightUpto 28 inches4-6 pounds
Size Small Toy
Children CompatibilityMedium to highHigh
Family CompatibilityHighHigh
Pets CompatibilityMediumMedium to High
Barking LevelHighLow to Medium
Shedding LevelHighLow
Grooming NeedsMedium to highHigh
Overall HealthMediumLow to Medium
EnergyMedium to highMedium to High
Exercise NeedsMedium to highMedium to High
TrainabilityMedium to higheasy

Herding, Tracking, AgilityAgility, Conformation, Hunting Tests, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Tracking
Complication in breedingNoNo
Litter Size5 puppies on average3 puppies on average 
Lifespan12 – 14 years12 – 15 years
Other NamesPembroke, CorgiPudel, Caniche

Corgi Poodle Mix Personality

Corgi Poodle mixes are small, grow around 10-12 inches, and weigh about 12-28 pounds. The appearance and size of Corgipoo puppies depend on which parent they inherit. However, there are certain general features they inherit. They have two coat types – a short or medium-length coat that is water-resistant and has a wavy appearance. They shed low to medium and are hypoallergenic. The coat color includes white, cream, sable, black, silver, or red. They have a round face, and the ears are floppy and upright. Eyes are round and are black or brown. The body is elongated with short and slim legs. Overall, Corgipoos look like miniature furballs that will warm your heart all day and night. 

Friendliness Overview

Affection levelHigh
Stranger-friendlyMedium to high

Adaptability Overview

Good for apartment livingHigh
Good for new ownersHigh
Sensitivity levelLow to medium
Tolerates being aloneLow
Cold tolerancelow
Heat tolerancemedium

Corgi Poodle Mix Temperament

Corgipoo is an energetic, loving, and affectionate family dog. They are also loyal, intelligent, yet stubborn, are kid-friendly, and can get along with other dogs and animals in the household. They are vocal and bark a lot. Their bark can alert you about strangers or a threat that lurks nearby. Being stubborn-natured, they require socialization at an early stage. They are sensitive and become anxious when left alone for a long time. Corgipoo puppies are curious and love to learn and discover new things. Corgi Poodle puppies also are fond of frolicking in the grass and pondering over worms and bugs. They love to chew and lie on their sides, which helps them be alert. They also make a great companion to elders and seniors. These curly pooches love to boss around the house and have a high vocabulary. Corgipoos love to please their humans and make the cutest addition to the family.

Corgi Poodle Mix Training

Corgi Poodle mix puppies are stubborn and require patience and consistency in training. Early socialization helps in behavioral corrections and to get along with strangers, kids, and other animals. They respond to positive reinforcement, and treats and praises do wonder. The pet parents can include many games and playtime in training to help proper mental stimulation. However, Corgipoos are intelligent and quick learners, making training more accessible. They can also be great livestock herders, therapy and service dogs.  

Trainability Overview

Easy to trainMedium to high
Prey drivelow
Mouthiness tendencieshigh
Barking and Howling tendenciesMedium
Wanderlust tendenciesMedium to low

Corgi Poodle Mix Exercise Needs

Corgi Poodle Mix dogs are energetic, active, and need regular exercise. They are playful, love games, also enjoy swimming, puzzle toys, simple games, and jogging. This helps in proper mental stimulation and to burn energy. In addition, 15-20 minutes of daily walk helps maintain mental stimulation. They are prone to obesity, demanding an active lifestyle and regular exercise for a healthy and happy life. Corgipoos are happiest when they are left to play for hours, and this can be done safely in a fenced backyard.

Exercise Needs Overview

Energy levelHigh
Exercise needsHigh
IntensityMedium to High

Corgi Poodle Mix Grooming

Corgi Poodle mix dogs are high maintenance dogs depending on the coat type they inherit. Corgipoos shed less and are hypoallergenic. They can be brushed and bathed once a week. However, daily brushing helps to keep the fur from knots and tangles. Ears should be cleaned and regularly checked as they are prone to ear problems. Brush their teeth daily to prevent plaque. Also, trim their nails as a part of regular grooming needs.

Grooming Overview

Easy to groomLow to Medium
Drooling tendenciesLow
Amount of sheddingLow

Corgi Poodle Mix Health

Corgi Poodle Mix are healthy dogs and may not develop any health concerns. But it always helps to know when to take your pup to the vet.

Von Willebrand’s Disease: This genetic blood disorder impairs the blood’s ability to clot. The primary symptom is excessive bleeding after surgery. Nosebleeds, bleeding jaws, and intestinal or bowel bleeding are some of the signs and consequences. There is still no cure, and the only option is a transfusion from healthy canines. New treatments, including medicine, are being investigated. Most dogs with Von Willebrand’s syndrome can lead everyday lives. You must take your dog to the vet for diagnosis.

Patellar Luxation: It is also known as “slipped stifles,” a common problem in small dog breeds that is caused when the patella, which has three parts-the femur (thigh bone), patella (knee cap), and tibia (calf) — is not correctly bounded. This leads to lameness in the leg or an abnormal gait, like a hop or a skip. This condition is caused by birth, although the misalignment or luxation does not always occur much later. The rubbing caused by patellar luxation leads to arthritis. There are four patellar luxation grades, ranging from phase I, an occasional luxation causing unstable lameness in the joint, to grade IV, where the turning of the tibia is heavy, and the patella cannot be realigned manually. This gives your dog a bow-legged appearance. Uphill grades of patellar luxation may require surgery.

Osteochondrosis of Knees and Shoulders: The condition of improper cartilage growth in the elbow, knees, and shoulder joints. The stiffness of the joints makes it unable to move or bend its elbows and knees. Osteochondrosis can be detected in puppies as early as four to nine months. Overfeeding of formulas causes this disease.

Hip Dysplasia: Hip dysplasia is outwardly a painful disease that occurs when the bones of the back legs do not fit properly in the joints. While some dogs will exhibit symptoms, the majority of canines will not. Hip dysplasia is primarily genetic, although other causes such as accidents, excessive weight gain, and inappropriate training can also cause it. Even though this disease is Fatal, therapies range from medicine to hip replacement surgery. To avoid this problem, avoid breeding dogs with hip dysplasia parentage and get annual examinations.

Other Causes of Hip Dysplasia: 

  • Injuries 
  • Excessive weight gain 
  • Wrong exercises 
  • This condition causes defects or damage to the hip bones and joints and worsens without treatment.

Symptoms of hip dysplasia in dogs include:

  • Reduced activity and movements
  • Reluctance to rise, jump, run or climb
  • Lameness in the hind limbs
  • Reducing thigh muscle mass
  • Swaying, “bunny hopping” gait
  • Grating in the joint during movement
  • Enlarging shoulders
  • Pain
  • Stiffness

Intervertebral Disc Disease: IVDD affects Corgi Poodles by causing a damaged and bulging disc in their back or neck. This may make it challenging for them to walk correctly and cause excruciating discomfort that renders them motionless.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy: Many eye infections involve the retina’s slow deterioration. In the initial phases, puppies become night-blind. As it progresses, they lose their eyesight during the daytime as well. However, most canines slowly adapt to their slight or complete sight loss as long as their home surroundings remain the same.

Epilepsy: Idiopathic epilepsy is a common hereditary disorder. It frequently causes seizures, ranging from mild to severe. Unusual behaviors may indicate a stroke or frantically fleeing as threatened, stumbling, or hiding.

Seizures frighten, but dogs with idiopathic epilepsy have a relatively good long-term outlook. Other than unexplained epilepsy, seizures can be induced by metabolic disorders, respiratory illnesses of the brain, malignancies, toxin poisoning, and severe traumatic injury. 

Achondroplasia Dwarfism: Corgi Poodles are prone to dwarfism because of Achondroplasia. This manifests itself in the shape of their body or the creation of their limbs.

Recommended test for Corgi Poodle Mix

  • X-Rays 
  • CT Scan 
  • Eye Examination 
  • Physical Examination 
  • Blood Work

Corgi Poodle Mix Diet and Nutrition

Corgi Poodle Mix Dog requires high-quality nutritional food formulated for small dogs. Meat should be an essential part of the diet as they are rich in proteins and required vitamins. Corgipoo dogs can be given dry food, wet food, or a combination of both. They can be fed with ½ to 1.5 cups of high-quality kibbles, divided into two meals per day. Never hesitate to consult a vet to meet your doodle’s dietary requirements to keep them happy and healthy.

Corgi Poodle Living Condition

Corgi Poodle Mix dogs are playful, cheeky, gentle, and adaptable. They can live in an apartment with urban settings and play and romp around in a big country yard. Whatever their living environment, Corgipoos need to be kept in a fenced space. They require a leash as they may get easily distracted by a squirrel on a tree or a neighbor’s cat. With early socialization, they get along with other dogs and can also be gentle with cats. They love to be with caring families and require regular exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Corgipoos develop strong bonds with their owners and suffer from separation anxiety when left alone. They are tolerant of cold and hot temperatures and can adapt to any environment.

Adding a Corgi Poodle Mix Puppy to Your Family

Things to remember before adding a Corgipoo puppy to your family

It is best to get a Corgi Poodle breed from a reputable breeder to prevent unavoidable circumstances like health disorders and provide you with vaccination certificates. It is best to check with the puppy’s parents to ensure his health and happiness. Always remember the following red flags to avoid backyard breeders and puppy mills.

  • Puppies are available round the year.
  • You can choose from a variety of litter that is always available.
  • One will be promised any puppy they want. 
  • Payment can be made online without looking at the puppy.
  • The breeder does not invite you to visit the puppy and its parents but promises to do door delivery.

Rescue Groups

  • Poo-Mix Rescue
  • Corgi Rescue
  • Texas Corgi Rescue

The cost of a Corgi Poodle Puppy is $350 to $850.

Corgi Poodle Mix
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