Chihuahua Pug Mix – Everything You Need to Know

Chihuahua Pug Mix, also known as the Chug, is a mix between two adorable small dogs, namely Chihuahua and the Pug. Chugs are loyal, fun-loving, and tiny, making them the best out of their small, feisty parent breeds. This popular mix can adapt to almost any household, be it a small place to rest! Historically there are no records or proof of the origins of the Chihuahua Pug mix. However, it was probably intentionally bred in the U.S sometime in the last 20 years. Luckily, while this hybrid’s history is a bit muddled, that of its parents is not.

Chihuahua Pug Mix Pros and Cons

Affectionate and playful Prone to health issues
Does well in small apartments as wellDoesn’t do well in extreme hot and cold weathers
Low maintenance petProne to small dog syndrome

Chihuahua Pug Mix Basic Information

  • Name: Chihuahua Pug Mix 
  • Origin: US
  • Height: 6 to 14 inches
  • Weight: 10 to 20 Pounds
  • Size: Small
  • Coat: Short and dense
  • Color: Black, brown, cream, golden and white; Could have brindling, spots, and sabling as markers
  • Energy: Medium to high
  • Activities: Conformation, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Agility 
  • Group: Mixed Breed
  • Barking Level: Low to Medium 
  • Shedding Level: Medium to High
  • Hypoallergenic: No 
  • Litter Size: 5 puppies on average 
  • Life Span: 10 to 13 Years
  • Breed Recognition: American Hybrid Canine Club (ACHA), Dog Registry of America (DRA), International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR)
  • Another name: Chug

Chihuahua vs Pug: A Comparison

OriginCentral or South AmericaChina
Height6 to 9 inches10 to 13 inches
Weight3 to 6 pounds14 to 18 pounds
GroupCompanion dogsToy group
Children CompatibilityHighHigh
Family CompatibilityHighHigh
Pet CompatibilityLow to mediumMedium to high
Barking LevelMediumLow to medium
Shedding LevelLow to mediumHigh
Overall HealthLow to mediumLow
EnergyMediumLow to medium
Exercise NeedsLowLow
ActivitiesCompanion dogs, family dogsWalking and Sniffing, Fetch Games,
Tug Games, Scent games, Swimming,
Agility Games, Trick games,
Free play with mental stimulation toys.
Complications in BreedingNoHigh
Litter Size3 puppies4 – 6 puppies
Life Span10 to 18 years13 – 15 years
Other NamesLo-Sze (China), Mopsi (Finland),
Doguillo (Spain),
Mopshonds (Dutch), Mops (Germany),
Carlin (France), Caganlino (Italy),
Dutch Bulldog, Dutch Mastiff. 

Chihuahua Pug Mix Personality

A Chihuahua Pug mix has various personalities, ranging from the feisty Chihuahua to the cute comic Pug. A Chug is typically an excellent fun dog to be around and gets on well with any household member, including pets. A Chug weighs around 10 to 20 pounds and may stand tall up to 14 inches. Generally, the Chug is a small, sturdy, muscular dog. They have a round face, with brown eyes which protrude into a large, almond shape. The nose is short, round, and dark, which may be pushed in. The ears may flop down like their Pug parent or be medium in length, folding at the peak, like the Chihuahua parent. These features make them charming and comical. They trot around all cute and bouncy, displaying confidence and joy. 

Friendliness Overview

Affection levelHigh
Kid-friendlyMedium to High

Adaptability Overview

Good for new pet ownersMedium
Good for apartment livingHigh
Sensitivity levelMedium 
Tolerates being aloneMedium
Tolerates cold weatherLow to Medium 
Tolerates hot weatherMedium 

Chihuahua Pug Mix Temperament

The temperament of your Chihuahua Pug mix can be much like flipping a coin. These breeds being a hybrid, there are equal chances of having traits from either parent. For example, he may be somewhat suspicious and imperious like their Chihuahua parent, or he may be like his adorably comic Pug parent. The perfect Chug blends the loving personality of the Pug with the obedience of the Chihuahua. They may even inherit the snippy, yappy side of the Chihuahua and the stubbornness of the Pug. 

Commonly Chihuahua Pug mixes are affectionate, social, fun-loving, playful, energetic, outgoing, and loyal dogs. They are smart and learn quickly but can also be stubborn and have a short attention span. Though not aggressive, Chugs can be wary of strangers until they know them. Both parents of the Chug tend to overestimate their physical strength and think that they’re stronger than they are. So ensure your Chug is trained and socialized to avoid undesirable confrontation, which could be with a large dog.

Chihuahua Pug Mix Training Needs

Early training is needed for the Chihuahua Pug mix to keep their strong, willful personalities in check and establish that you are in charge. House training can also be difficult for these breeds at first, so you’ll want to be engaged with a Chihuahua Pug mix. Solid training upfront will result in a better-behaved dog, which equals less work in the long run for you.

Typically, it is recommended to provide basic obedience training as with all dogs, including rescues – and ongoing obedience training with their owners at home is always the best way to continue their learning and reinforce positive behaviors.

Trainability Overview

Easy to TrainMedium
Intelligence Medium to High
Prey Drive Low to Medium
Tendency to Chew, Nip & Play-bite Medium
Tendency to Bark or Howl Low to Medium
Wanderlust Ability Low to Medium
Attention/Social NeedsHigh

Chihuahua Pug Mix Exercise Needs

Regarding exercise needs, the Chihuahua Pug is a spirited and active pup who loves to run around and have some fun. These dogs also enjoy short walks. So your Chihuahua Pug mix should be enjoying a 30-minute walk followed by 15 minutes of playtime every day. Just make sure you don’t overexert this tiny toy, as he is prone to breathing issues and tends to get overheated. Also, please do not leave your Chug alone for so long, as it can lead to excessive barking and destructive behaviors.

Exercise Needs Overview

Energy LevelMedium to High
Exercise NeedsMedium 
PlayfulnessMedium to High
Intensity Medium

Chihuahua Pug Mix Grooming

Chugs don’t require much grooming, whether they have long hair or short. These dogs are not considered hypoallergenic dogs, especially if they have more of a Pug coat. Regular brushing will help keep the Chug’s hair under control and keeps the coat healthy and shiny. Chugs are prone to dental disease like many other small dogs. Brush their teeth regularly to help keep them healthy or use other dental health products recommended by your veterinarian.

Grooming Needs Overview 

Shedding LevelMedium to High 
Tendency to DroolLow to Medium 
Easy to GroomMedium to High

Chihuahua Pug Mix Health

Chugs are healthy breeds. However, they may undergo health conditions passed down from Chihuahua and Pug parent breeds. So, it is essential to maintain good health care and routine veterinary check-ups.

Health Overview 

General HealthMedium to High
Weight Gain PossibilitiesMedium to High

Some of the possible health ailments in Chihuahua Pug mixes are:

Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome: A condition that causes airway abnormalities making breathing difficult, and can be life-threatening in some circumstances.

Necrotizing Encephalitis: In dogs, it causes swelling of the brain with the death of brain tissue simultaneously. It can be seen in some breeds of canines, including Pugs, Yorkshire terriers, and Maltese.

Heart Diseases: Both the parent breeds suffer from heart issues, and the two significant crises to be aware of are mitral valve disease and cardiomyopathy.

Epilepsy: Idiopathic epilepsy is a common hereditary disorder. It frequently causes seizures, ranging from mild to severe. Unusual behaviors may indicate a stroke or frantically fleeing as threatened, stumbling, or hiding. Seizures frighten, but dogs with idiopathic epilepsy have a relatively good long-term outlook. Other than unexplained epilepsy, seizures can be induced by metabolic disorders, respiratory illnesses of the brain, malignancies, toxin poisoning, and severe traumatic injury. 

Patellar Luxation: It is also known as “slipped stifles,” a common problem in small dog breeds that is caused when the patella, which has three parts-the femur (thigh bone), patella (knee cap), and tibia (calf) — is not correctly bounded. This leads to lameness in the leg or an abnormal gait, like a hop or a skip. This condition is caused by birth, although the misalignment or luxation does not always occur much later. The rubbing caused by patellar luxation leads to arthritis. There are four patellar luxation grades, ranging from phase I, an occasional luxation causing unstable lameness in the joint, to grade IV, where the turning of the tibia is heavy, and the patella cannot be realigned manually. This gives your dog a bow-legged appearance. Uphill grades of patellar luxation may require surgery.

Obesity: Obesity is a notable health disorder in Chugs due to excess weight resulting in back pain, digestive disorders, joint problems, and heart diseases.

Allergies: Chihuahua Pug mixes are predisposed to react adversely to food allergies. These allergies happen due to low-quality elements in their food. 

Dry Eye: A condition in which the eye doesn’t produce enough tears. Dry Eye symptoms in dogs include eye irritation causing redness, squinting, excessive blinking, and a tendency to keep their eyes closed. Chronic dry eyes may lead to ulcers.

Chihuahua Pug Mix Diet and Nutrition

The Chug is a small dog with a big appetite. He is prone to overeat, so try not to overdo it on the treats. Also, keep his daily caloric intake to under 600 every day, which roughly equates to one cup of dry, high-quality kibble. Excess weight can worsen some health issues, including breathing difficulties and joint problems. Here are some of the canine food brands that will work for your Chihuahua Pug:

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Chihuahua Pug Mix Living Conditions

Chug requires you to live with you and your family. If you live in a hot environment,  ensure that you keep your pup in an air-conditioned place so that your Chihuahua Pug mix doesn’t suffer from breathing problems. Irrespective of the size of the place, Chugs do well in any house or even small apartments.

Adding a Chihuahua Pug Mix to Your Family

Things To Remember Before Breeding

Crossing two pure breeds like Chihuahua and Pug can have a terrifying effect on the offspring. In addition, crossbreeding may pass on the health problems of the parents to their puppies. So, when crossing a Chihuahua and a Pug, check their parent’s lineage and health records from a responsible breeder to avoid ending up with a weak hybrid pet.

Chihuahua Pug Mix Puppy Cost

A Chihuahua Pug mix puppy may cost around $400 to $800. This entirely depends on the sex of the puppy you chose, the breeder’s location, the show record of the parent dogs. Check for the puppy’s parents’ health clearances before buying. Also, it is suggested to visit the breeder’s place to view the puppy’s parents’ lively and estimate how your dog may look in the future.

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