Chihuahua Husky Mix- Everything You Need to Know

A Chihuahua Husky mix, otherwise known as Chi-Husky, is a hybrid of Chihuahua and Siberian Husky. This designer breed is quite rare and can only be produced through technologies such as Artificial insemination or IVF. The Chihuahua Husky mix is one surprising and unique breed. The size distinction between the two parental breeds makes this combination seem incredible.

Chi-Husky’s appearance significantly differs and is not recommended for new pet owners since they have a stubborn streak. This mixed breed could be very independent. However, if you are not a dominant owner, they will trick you into assuming the alpha part. 

Chi-Husky is loyal, lively, affectionate, playful, and protective. So, he requires rigorous obedience training.

Chihuahua Husky Mix Pros and Cons

Rare mix with a unique lookHealth issues
Intelligent and sassyUnpredictable temperament
Children friendlyTendency to be aggressive

Chihuahua Husky Mix Breed Information

  • Name: Chihuahua Husky Mix
  • Height: 6 – 15 inches 
  • Weight: 7 – 15 pounds   
  • Size: Small to Medium 
  • Coat: Short to medium length
  • Color: White, black, tan, black, silver, brown, red hues, gray, copper, chocolate, Fawn
  • Energy: Medium to High
  • Activities: Watchdogs
  • Group: Mixed breed
  • Barking Level: Medium
  • Shedding Level: Low to medium depending on the dominant trait
  • Hypoallergenic: No 
  • Litter Size: 1 – 5 puppies
  • Life Span: 12 – 16 years 
  • Other Names: Chi-HuskyHusky- Chi, Huskyhuahua, and Husky Chihuahua mix.
  • Breed Recognition: None

Siberian Husky vs. Chihuahua: A Comparison

FeaturesSiberian HuskyChihuahua
OriginSiberia Mexico
Height20 to 23 inches 6 – 9 inches
Weight35 to 60 Pounds 3 – 6 pounds
SizeMedium Small
GroupWorking Group Companion dogs
Children-friendlyHigh Yes
Family-friendlyHigh Yes
Pet-friendlyHigh Yes
Barking LevelHigh Medium
Shedding LevelMedium Low to Medium
HypoallergenicNo No
Grooming NeedsMedium High
Overall HealthMedium to High Low to Medium
EnergyHigh Medium
ExerciseHigh Low
TrainabilityLow to Medium Medium
ActivitiesTransportation Watch dogs, companion dogs
Complication in BreedingNo No
Litter Size4 – 6 Puppies 1 – 3 puppies
Life Span12 – 14 Years 10-18 years
Other NamesChukcha, Chuksha    

Chihuahua Husky Mix Personality

A Chihuahua Husky mix’s size and appearance will differ depending on which parent gene the puppy inherits. Chi-Husky is often a cross between a female Husky and a male Chihuahua owing to breed size. Chi-Husky can reach a height of 6-15 inches at the shoulder and weigh up to 7-15 pounds. 

Suppose the Chihuahua gene is dominant. In that case, a Chi-Husky has bright ruby or dark-colored round eyes and large, erect ears. The coat may be shiny and long. Also, he inherits the marked or splashed coat of Chihuahua. 

If the Husky gene is dominant, your Chi-Husky has blue or brown almond-shaped eyes and highly set, triangular ears. Their nose is liver or black with a medium-length muzzle. With regards to coat, it is double-layered, well-furred, and medium-length.

Most likely, the classic Chi-Husky takes after Siberian Husky’s coat and the personality of Chihuahua. They look like a teacup or miniature version of a Siberian Husky with short legs. As a toy- to a small-sized dog, they will do fine in apartment living, but they will perform best if they have enough space or a yard to run around on their own. Chi- Huskies are sensitive to sunlight. Hence, it would help closely watch them and prevent them from suffering from heatstroke or other skin issues.

Chi-Husky can have a black, gray, white, tan, chocolate, or fawn coat, while some can be bicolored or tricolored. Some breeds also can have that distinctive Husky mask or markings.  

Friendliness Overview

Affection levelMedium to High
Pet-friendlyLow to Medium

Adaptability Overview

Good for new pet ownersMedium to High
Good for apartment livingMedium to High
Sensitivity levelMedium to High
Tolerates being aloneLow
Tolerates cold weatherLow to Medium
Tolerates hot weatherLow to Medium

Chihuahua Husky Mix Temperament

The temperament and overall character of a Chi-Husky are unpredictable, like their appearance. If they have inherited the disposition of their Chihuahua parent, they would have larger-than-life personalities. They manifest a bit of aggression towards outsiders or can be reserved. They would also be detrimental when bored, so you need to engage them consistently in different activities. The main trait is that they connect with a single person. Chihuahuas tend to dedicate their lives to their owners, so expect your Chi-Husky will manifest this trait. 

If your Chi-Husky exhibits Husky traits, they would be highly destructive. So, they would need skilful owners who can guide them with dominance. Despite this, you will never see this crossbreed bark at strangers; hence they are not fit as guard dogs.

Chi-Huskies are friendly and affectionate dogs. They make exceptional family pets, but only for qualified owners with older children. This breed can find kids too exuberant and playful, which can make them bite and snap. Additionally, small canines are more delicate. Anyone who wants to own this adorable dog should know to deal with feisty, stubborn breeds indicating aggressive tendencies.

Chihuahua Husky Mix Training 

The Chi-Husky mix should undergo early socialization and proper obedience training. Both parent breeds are recognized for their intelligence, so training will be easy for this designer breed. Here are some tips to help train a Husky mixed with a Chihuahua:

  • Establish a daily routine
  • Be consistent
  • Socialize your dog
  • Get rid of distractions
  • Always use positive reinforcement
  • Negative reinforcement or other discipline types can be scary and overwhelming 

Trainability Overview

Easy to trainMedium to High
IntelligenceMedium to High
Prey driveMedium
Tendency for mouthinessMedium to High
Tendency to bark and howlMedium
Wanderlust abilityMedium to High

Chihuahua Husky Mix Exercise Needs

Chi-Husky requires at least 30-60 minutes of daily exercise. Never overexert them as they won’t have the same energy or structure as the Husky. Besides that, their Chihuahua parent is predisposed to Brachycephaly, indicating they can undergo respiratory illnesses and breathing problems due to their short muzzle.

Chi-Husky might also be susceptible to heat. Getting a suitable toy can keep your dog mentally and physically engaged. This will also prevent destructive inclinations from appearing. 

Exercise Needs Overview

Energy LevelMedium
Exercise NeedsMedium
PlayfulnessMedium to High

Chihuahua Husky Mix Grooming

Chi-Huskies are not hypoallergenic, but they don’t shed as much as Huskies do. They are considered low- to medium-shedders who need weekly brushing. Do it more frequently during shedding season, 2 to 3 times weekly at least. But grooming will depend on the coat type your dog inherited. Bathe them when needed, so you can avoid drying your dog’s hair and removing their natural oils. Clean and check their ears weekly to make sure they are also clean, dry, and infection-free. Never forget to trim their nails to avoid splitting or breakage and brush their teeth regularly. 

Grooming Overview

Shedding LevelMedium
Tendency to DroolLow
Easy to GroomHigh

Chihuahua Husky Mix Health

Generally, mixed breeds like Chi-Huskies are healthier than their purebred parents because of crossed vigor. However, there are risks of inheriting health diseases from their parent breeds.  

Health Overview

General HealthMedium
Weight Gain PossibilitiesMedium
SizeLow to Medium
  • Brachycephalic Syndrome: This is a disorder where the dog’s nostrils will narrow to the extent that they can block the nasal airways. This would create a difficulty in breathing to even a total hindrance in breathing. 
  • Cataracts: This disorder is caused due to the eye lens thickening, leading to cloudy vision. You can treat this condition either with surgery or medication.
  • Collapsed Trachea: A dog’s windpipe or trachea is a muscular tube backed by soft cartilage rings. On its passage to the lungs, the trachea moves through the dog’s neck. When a dog pulls too hard on a choke chain or collar, it can create a tracheal collapse. 
  • Dental Issues: Dental issues like bleeding gums, cavities, gum inflammation are common in Chi-Husky Mix.  
  • Heart Problem: Although Huskies are not predisposed to heart problems, Chihuahuas can undergo Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). This is a condition that exhibits after the pup is born. It hits a small blood artery in the heart and blocks it from shutting correctly. The difficulty happens when weaker heart valves let blood flow backward, setting the heart under a lot of pressure. 
  • Hip dysplasia:  A skeletal disorder that strikes a puppy’s joints. It’s more common in larger breeds, but it can occur in any dog. Since Huskies are large-sized canines and predisposed to this disease, your Chi-Husky is also in danger. 
  • Patellar Luxation: This is an orthopedic difficulty that concerns small dogs often. Patellar luxation occurs when one or both of the dog’s kneecaps dislocate due to a trauma or an accident.  
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): This disease happens when the Chi-Husky’s retina degenerates. This is expensive to rectify and can result in blindness if left untreated.
  • Zinc Deficiency: When your mixed dog undergoes zinc deficiency, they will show hair loss on the lip area, eyes, elbows, chin, and feet. To relieve symptoms, vets usually recommend zinc supplements.
  • Hypoglycemia: Chi-Huskies with low blood sugar or hypoglycemia frequently feel drowsy, weak, dizzy, and disoriented. 

Chihuahua Husky Mix Diet and Nutrition 

Chi-Huskies need high-quality dog food, preferably natural fruits and vegetables, real meat, and little grains or additives, considering their health, age, weight, and metabolism. Since Huskies are sensitive to hip and joint issues, enhance their diet with chondroitin, glucosamine, and fish oil.

Chihuahua Husky Mix Living Condition 

Chi-Husky can quickly adapt to any environment they live in. Hence, they require lots of engagement to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. In addition, they want a loving residence for proper growth. Therefore, a yard with appropriate fencing is the most suitable place for them to play around.  

Adding Chihuahua Husky Mix to Your Family 

Things to Remember before Buying a Chihuahua Husky Mix

Ensure to get a Chi-Husky puppy only from a reliable breeder. They guarantee the wellness and satisfaction of both the puppies and their parents. In addition, they should provide health clearance reports along with gene tests for a vaccinated pup.  

Cost Of a Chihuahua Husky Mix Puppy 

Chihuahua Husky mixes can range from $1000 to $2000, not including miscellaneous costs.

Chihuahua Husky Mix
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Chihuahua Husky Mix

Chihuahua Husky Mix

Chihuahua Husky Mix

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