Chihuahua Greyhound Mix – Everything You Need To Know

Chihuahua Greyhound Mix,  also known as Italian Chihuahua and Greyhuahua, is a hybrid of Chihuahua and Italian Greyhound. They are packed with energy and are considered unique due to their striking characteristics. They make great companion dogs. Still, they can be stubborn and need to be socialized early. 

Chihuahua Greyhound Mix Pros and Cons

AffectionateChallenging to train
Maybe hypoallergenicStubborn
LovableLow on health

Chihuahua Greyhound Mix Basic Information

  • Name: Chihuahua Greyhound
  • Height: 10 – 14 inches
  • Weight: 8 – 15 pounds
  • Size: Small
  • Group: Mixed breed
  • Coat: Short fur, medium coat
  • Color: Caramel, chocolate, black, salt and pepper, gray, silver, white, blue, tan, red liver, pied, brindle, sable, merle, spotted, speckled.
  • Barking Level: Medium
  • Shedding Level: Low to medium
  • Hypoallergenic: Maybe (Chihuahua: Non-hypoallergenic/ Italian Greyhound: Hypoallergenic)
  • Energy: Medium to high
  • Activities: Companion dogs, hunter in small games
  • Litter size: 3 – 7 puppies
  • Life span: 13 – 16 years
  • Other names: Greyhuahua, Italian Chihuahua
  • Breed Recognition: The American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA).

Chihuahua vs. Greyhound: A Comparison

Longest Living Dog Breeds | Stacker 
OriginMexico Italy 
Height6 – 9 inches 13-15 inches  
Weight3 – 6 pounds 5 – 14 pounds  
SizeSmall Small 
GroupCompanion dogs Toy Companion
Pet-friendlyLow to mediumMedium to high 
Barking levelMedium Medium 
Shedding levelLow to medium Low to medium 
HypoallergenicNo Yes   
Grooming needsHigh Medium
Overall healthLow to medium Medium   
EnergyMedium Medium to high   
Exercise needsLow Medium to high   
TrainabilityMedium Medium to high 
Complication in breedingNoMedium 
ActivitiesWatchdogs, companion dogs Companionship 
Litter size1 – 3 puppies 4 – 8 
Life span10-18 years 14 to 15 years 
Other names– Italian sighthounds, Iggy  

Chihuahua Greyhound Mix Personality

Chihuahua Greyhound Mix is a small dog that is 10 to 14 inches tall and weighs around 8 to 15 pounds. They have a medium coat with short fur like the Chihuahuas. Their varied coat colors are:

  • Caramel
  • Chocolate
  • Black
  • Salt and pepper
  • White
  • Blue
  • Tan
  • Red liver
  • Pied
  • Brindle
  • Sable
  • Merle
  • Spotted
  • Speckled
  • Grey
  • Silver

The Italian Chihuahuas have a round head, long body, rabbit feet, and skinny legs. Their eyes are brown, noses are black or brown, and their ears are upright and triangular. Their snout is either black or brown. They have tapered and a long tail. 

Friendliness Overview

AffectionateMedium to high

Adaptability Overview

Good for apartment livingHigh
Good for new ownersMedium to high
Sensitivity levelHigh
Tolerates being aloneLow
Cold toleranceLow
Hot toleranceMedium

Chihuahua Greyhound Mix Temperament

Greyhound Chihuahua Mix is a breed that likes being independent yet loyal and affectionate to the family. They are agile and have barking tendencies due to the Chihuahua gene pool. They are highly family-friendly and kid-friendly. However, they become either shy or defensive when they see or meet a stranger. They can do well in apartments and are good with new owners. Remember that they suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for a longer time.

Chihuahua Greyhound Mix Training

Chihuahua and Greyhound Mix are intelligent breeds. However, they are challenging to train due to their Chihuahua gene pool. 

  • The first training they need while you breed them home is housetraining. Use puppy pads if accidents occur and do not punish them. Instead, housetrain your Greyhuahuas as early as puppyhood. 
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  • Next, they require early socialization training and obedience training
  • They might have a high prey drive. Therefore, the puppies need leash training
  • Finally, keep them mentally stimulated with puzzles and toys for a happy and healthy lifestyle.
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Training Overview

Easy to trainLow to medium
IntelligentMedium to high
Prey driveMedium
Mouthiness tendenciesMedium to high
Barking or howling tendenciesMedium to high
Wanderlust tendenciesLow to medium

Chihuahua Greyhound Mix Exercise Needs

Greyhound and Chihuahua Mix is an energetic dog breed. However, they do not require high exercise like giant dogs. Morning and evening stroll with some mental and physical activities will suffice their exercise needs. 

Exercise Needs Overview

Energy levelMedium to high
IntensityLow to medium
Exercise needsLow to medium
PlayfulnessMedium to high

Chihuahua Greyhound Mix Grooming

Chihuahuas mixed with Greyhounds require low maintenance. You will need a slicker brush to comb them frequently. Bathe your Greyhuahua puppy when needed. Ensure that his coat and fur are dry. Do take care of their teeth and ears. Brushing teeth can keep away tartar buildup and other gum diseases. There might not be much debris to harm your puppy, but cleaning ears is suggested. Also, remember to clip their nails regularly.

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Grooming Overview

Easy to groomHigh
Drooling tendenciesLow
Amount of sheddingLow to medium

Chihuahua Greyhound Mix Health

Italian Greyhuahuas are healthier breeds than their purebred parents. Still, they are susceptible to a few health issues:

Patellar Luxation: When the dog’s patella (kneecap), which typically lies in the cleft of the femur (thighbone), slips out of position, it is known as luxating patella. If the patella luxates, your dog may feel periodic hind limb “skipping,” lameness, or locking up the leg at an abnormal angle.

Tracheal Collapse: Tracheal collapse is a gradual respiratory disease caused by the collapse of such tissue tracheal rings. This is common in small breeds like Chihuahuas and their mixed breeds. As the windpipe contracts, it might create breathing issues in your dog. A severe dry cough may emerge as a result of this. The reason for the tracheal collapse in dogs is usually unknown. 

Molera is a gap between the frontal and parietal bones in a dog’s cranium vertebrae that hasn’t merged. Most puppies are born with an unfinished skull, known as molera. It’s located a few inches above the nose, at the upper edge of the cranium.

Patent Ductus Arteriosus: A cardiac abnormality known as patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) occurs once the ductus arteriosus fails to seal properly at birth. 

Eye Diseases:  Italian Greyhuahuas can be prone to these eye diseases:  

  • Corneal damage 
  • Dry eye (keratoconjunctivitis sicca) 
  • Pink eye (conjunctivitis) 
  • Eyelid mass
  • Cataracts 
  • Glaucoma 
  • Cherry eye 
  • Entropion 

Cataracts: As in humans, canine cataracts are characterized by cloudy spots on the eye lens that can grow gradually. Cataracts may develop at any age and often don’t damage vision, although in some cases, they cause vision loss. A board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist certifies the breeding dogs after testing them free of hereditary eye disease before breeding. Usually, you can remove cataracts surgically with good results. 

Lens Luxation: This condition dislocates the dog’s eye lens from its correct position resulting in eyesight problems, swelling or reddening, and trembling of the lens or iris.

Hypoglycemia: Anorexia, excessive tiredness, poor coordination, shaking, muscular twitching, fatigue, convulsions, and skin and gum discoloration are all symptoms of hypoglycemia. When dogs are in low sugar shock, they will usually refuse to eat or drink. 

Hip Dysplasia is a disorder that affects dogs during their growing phase. It causes the hip joint to relax, resulting in discomfort and dysfunction. In addition, the cartilage and bones in the dog’s hip start to wear away as he develops. This leads to arthritis, muscular atrophy, and decreased mobility over time.  

Dental Issues: Dental issues like bleeding gums, gum inflammation, tartar buildup, bad breath, cavities are common in Chihuahuas and their mixed breeds. Regularly brushing their teeth can prevent oral infections, gum diseases, and other dental problems. 

Health Overview

Overall healthLow to medium
Weight gaining tendenciesLow to medium

Chihuahua Greyhound Mix Diet and Nutrition

Italian Greyhuahua needs food that is low in calories and high in protein. It must comprise a chicken meal with proper nutritional division. As this breed is small, they will not have food intake similar to giant dog breeds. Usually, they need a cup of dog food daily. Consult a vet before getting an Italian Greyhuahua puppy for a general dietary plan. After getting your puppy, the first task should be consulting a vet about the puppy’s height, weight, and medical issues to determine the exact diet plan. 

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Chihuahua Greyhound Mix Living Conditions

Italian Greyhuahua is lovable and eager to please its owner. They dwell in apartments and get along with kids very well. These puppies need extensive love and care and, at times, might turn aggressive. Their training must be consistent; you should not take punitive measures against the puppy. They will require high protein food for their healthy gut and lustrous coat. 

Greyhuahuas cannot bear extreme climate conditions. Their short and fat coats make it difficult for them to sustain the climate changes. You can protect your dogs with jackets in winter and keep them indoors to avoid heat strokes in summer.

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Adding A Chihuahua Greyhound Mix Puppy

Things to remember before adding a Chihuahua Greyhound mix puppy to your family

Chihuahua Greyhound mix puppies are adorable and rare that you, a dog lover, cannot wait to take them. However, before adding them to your family, contact a reputable breeder who would provide you with gene testing certificates, vaccination certificates, and medical histories. In addition, reputable breeders will show you the breeding area and ensure you meet the purebred parents. 

Cost of a Chihuahua Greyhound mix puppy

Chihuahua Greyhound mix puppies are rare as Italian Greyhounds are a rare breed. Therefore, the mixed breed is also rare. They are challenging to find in the U.S. Therefore, the breed is expensive, costing around $500 and above. The price may vary from one breeder to another. 

Chihuahua Greyhound mix puppy
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Chihuahua Greyhound Mix Images

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