Cane Corso with Ears – Everything You Need To Know

Cane Corsos are pleasing puppies descended from Roman war dogs. They make excellent guard dogs, working dogs, war dogs, and skilled hunters for various games. Hence, ears play a crucial part in their efficient functioning and healthy lifestyle. 

Cane Corso’s floppy ears are cropped to give a wary look. Besides this, ears are cropped primarily for aesthetic reasons. Some owners believe dogs look better if their ears are cropped. Many purebred dogs like the Great Danes, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Boxers, etc., have cropping as a part of their usual growing-up procedures. However, the sole idea of ear cropping is inhumane. Many canine associations are trying to convince governments to ban these traditions. Yet, we should finally put an end to and relieve the puppies from any unnecessary pain. Also, considering that the AKC allows all dogs to enter competitions naturally and uncropped, even this aesthetic logic is an inadequate excuse to put your Cane Corso puppy through so much distress.

Cane Corso Basic Information 

  • Name: Cane Corso
  • Origin: Italy
  • Group: Working
  • Size: Large
  • Height: Male: 24 – 28 inches Female: 23 – 26 inches
  • Weight: Male: 99 – 110 pounds Female: 88 – 99 pounds
  • Coat: Short, stiff, and light undercoat
  • Color: Dark to light gray, fawn, red, brindle, chestnut brindle, black and brindle, gray and brindle, and black
  • Energy: Medium to high
  • Activities: Guard dogs, companion dogs
  • Barking Level: Medium
  • Shedding Level: Medium
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Litter Size: 5 puppies
  • Other Names: Cane Corso Italiano, Bodyguard dog, Guard of the Estate, Coursing Dog
  • Breed’s Original Pastimes: Hunting and herding
  • Life Span: 9 – 12 years

Cane Corso Pros and Cons

Loyal and people pleasersHigh exercise needs
Highly energeticUnsuitable for amateur pet parents

Why Does Cane Corsos Have Their Ears Cropped?

Ear cropping not only prevents injuries but will also help fight ear infections, the infestation of mites and ticks, repeated veterinary trips, and antibiotic treatments for your puppy. Also, some experts and owners believe that after cropping Cane Corso’s ear, the dog will get its iconic gladiator look, and it even helps them score better in shows since a Corso’s head shape is unique.

AKC suggests that Cane Corsos must have ears set well above the cheekbones. May be cropped or uncropped. If cropped, it is in an equilateral triangle. If uncropped, they are medium size, triangular in shape, held tight to the cheeks, and not extending beyond the jaw bone

Also, floppy ears pose a significant problem when dealing with outsiders because Cane Corso is a guard dog. So, a Cane Corso can get hurt or injured by someone catching their ears. 

3 Reasons to Crop Cane Corso’s Ears

You can crop your Corso’s ears for the following reasons:

  • Aesthetic look and appearance
  • Practical difficulties
  • Health complications due to floppy/uncropped ears.

Ear Cropping Styles in Cane Corso

Cane Corso pet parents prefer to crop their pet’s ears in one of the following ways:

The Long Crop 

The longest cropping of all ear cropping styles needs taping support to heal and remain upright in a vertical position.

The Show Crop 

Shorter than the long crop, the ears naturally stand erect after healing and need no support, unlike the long crop style.

The Battle Crop

The most famous of all cropping styles, the battle crop is the shortest available style removing most parts of the skin. With a more erect position, this ear cropping gives a threatening look to Cane Corsos.

The Short Crop

Yet another popular ear cropping style in Cane Corsos, the ear length spans between the show crop and the battle crop.

Benefits of Ear Cropping in Cane Corso

  • To give an excellent appearance.
  • Prevents being torn in dogs’ fights.
  • To make straight ears in Cane Corso.
  • To better hearing.
  • To reduce ear infections and prevent infestation of mites and ticks. 
  • It avoids ear wounds, nicks, cuts, tears, and bleeding.


Ear infections are the most common in Cane Corsos with floppy ears. Fungi and bacteria can cause ear infections to thrive in the warmth and darkness provided. Cropping ears prevent this. If your pet is infected, you can try these products to treat ear infections in Cane Corsos:

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Drawbacks of Ear Cropping in Cane Corso

  • Immense pain.
  • Heavy blood loss.
  • Waste of money and has lots of defects.
  • This leads to less bonding between you and your puppy
  • Behavioral problems in puppies.
  • Make discomfort.
  • Loss of communicating method.
  • High chance of infections while doing the surgery.

Ear Cropping Procedures

A veterinarian performs ear cropping under general anesthesia when the Cane Corso puppies are between 8 and 12 weeks old. Cropping means the puppy’s outer ears (floppy part), also known as the pinna, will be removed to give them an upright and straight shape. Once their ears have been cut, they are taped to a hard surface to heal in the preferred position. If everything goes as expected, the process will take between 3 to 7 weeks. However, the American Veterinary Medical Association declares that ear cropping is not medically indicated nor of benefit to the dogs. Also, these procedures cause pain and distress to puppies.

How To Care for A Cane Corso with Cropped Ears?

Cane Corso’s ears are one of their most sensitive parts, so proper care is critical to ensure that a Corso remains healthy. So, it would be better to take special care to keep your puppy’s ears clean. 

If you get a puppy with cropped ears, try to find out who was responsible for the procedure. Did a licensed vet do it? Or, a so-called professional in their yard? Knowing why it matters most to find accountable breeders is very important. So, we recommend you find a reputed breeder with high-quality, transparent breeding procedures to ensure you get a healthy puppy. 

It’s more important for breeders to conduct health tests and provide health certifications rather than perform ear cropping. Responsible breeders who care about their dogs will most likely be against these procedures and won’t recommend you or anyone else to perform them.

Did You Know?

Some Cane Corsos with floppy, uncropped ears have rose ears that appear like airplane wings. They stand out of their heads, flying and flopping on either side.

Final Thoughts

Cane Corso is an intimidating breed, and their appearance should be just as imposing. The ear position is necessary for them to communicate naturally and effectively. Cutting off ear parts hinders their communication system. Unfortunately, it also limits their ability to communicate and puts them at a social disadvantage. So, build a loving environment for your Corso puppy and ensure his welfare.

Cane Corso with Ear Videos

Cane Corso with ears

Cane Corso with ears

Cane Corso with ears

Cane Corso with ears

Cane Corso with ears

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