Can Humans Catch Worms from Dogs? Everything You Need to Know

Yes, humans can catch worms from dogs. Worms are common in dogs. Sometimes some worms can be inherited by the puppy from parent dogs. Others can quickly get them from feces, other animals, or soil. The pet owners can contract from their dog by doing everyday tasks, as simple as walking barefoot on the lawn petting your puppy. Humans would require proper medical attention if any of these parasites attacked them. They are not only dangerous for your canines but also for humans. They primarily cause harm to children and people with suppressed immune systems.

Types of Worms In Dogs that Catch Humans

There are three types of worms in canines that can affect humans.

  • Roundworms
  • Hookworms
  • Tapeworms

Except for tapeworms, the other two worms are the deadly worms seen commonly. Occasionally we must have heard about ringworms. However, ringworms are fungal infections and not a worm.


If your canine has roundworms residing in your dog’s intestine, then the chances are likely that the eggs will be excreted through your dog’s feces. The eggs can cause infection after 14 days. Following are the chances of getting the worms from your dog.

  • It may stick to people’s feet or hands and can even be consumed accidentally.
  • They can also be passed straight from the canines to humans if they have transferred eggs from their anus to their mouth in due course of cleaning themselves.
  • Roundworms in the lungs may cause nasty coughs in humans. An infection in the eye can cause blindness.
  • Roundworms in the intestines can roll up into a ball and cause a blockage.
  • Long, stringy worms might be seen in the infected human’s stools when the condition gets worsened.


Like roundworms, you can also find hookworms’ eggs in canine feces. After seven days, the larvae hatch. If they contact skin, they can effortlessly latch on and burrow into the new host. The affected person may get an itchy rash at the location. Severe conditions can cause diarrhea and lead to loss of weight and anemia.


There are many types of tapeworms, but the prevalent kind is flea tapeworm. The name indicates that flea tapeworms are transmitted if the canine ingests an infected flea, which happens similarly in humans. Generally, tapeworm infection doesn’t show any symptoms. The only possible way is to spot tapeworm segments in stools as they are passed. Sometimes, diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, and weight loss can be seen. These species can form cysts in the body, mainly in the lungs or the liver. 

What to do If You Contract Worms From Your Dog?

Suppose you find yourself contracted by worms from your canines. In that case, the foremost step that you must follow is to book an appointment with your physician immediately and notify him of contracting it from your puppy.  Your physician may then ask you to get your blood work, and stool tests are done to investigate if the worms have colonized your body. After diagnosing the severity of the condition, your doctor may further start the necessary treatment.

How to Prevent Worms From Being Passed on From Dogs?

Pet owners can follow simple steps to prevent worms from passing from dogs to humans.

Glove and Bags

Animal feces is one of the significant factors of contracting worms from pets. To handle this in the best way, pet parents can use gloves or dog poop bags and dog pooper scoopers when removing their dog’s poop.

Routine Canine Check-Ups

Pet owners should fix a deworming schedule. This is beneficial not only for your pets but also for your health. For example, a household with children can have a chance of contracting worms, which can be hazardous to your children. 

Keeping Your Dog’s Bed Tidy

A host of bacteria can be found on your canine’s bed. Therefore, regular washing of your dog’s bed sheets is essential.

Sanitizing Your Hands

A walk in the park could be enough to contract viruses, bacteria, and worms. A hand sanitizer can help keep you safe from these viruses, bacteria, and worms.

Checking Pools before swimming

The water pool would be an ideal spot to keep yourself calm during summer. However, there can be some parasites and bacteria hidden in these waters. 

Cook Meat Thoroughly

Cook the meat that you are feeding your puppy thoroughly. Sometimes some uncooked meat can have worms that your dog may contract, and your dog, in turn, can pass it on to you.

Mosquito Repellent

With the help of mosquito repellent, pet owners can ward off parasites and worms. Although you cannot stop mosquitos altogether, pet owners can decrease the chance of mosquito bites on their pets and prevent some instances of worms or parasites.

Do Not Share Your Bed with Your Dog

While your pets can be your love, some areas are strictly prohibited to ensure your hygiene. For example, sharing your bed or couch with your pet can welcome unwanted dangers. For instance, if your dog carries some worms, they can be transmitted on your bed when your dog jumps on it. So, pet parents must keep their pets away from such hazards.

Can Dog-to-Human Worms Transmission be Prevented?

Some ways to prevent contracting worms are listed below:

  • Use a worm-controlling medicine, for instance, Sentinel. This is a productive way 
  •  way to ward off several kinds of worm infestations. A flea prevention regime will aid in reducing the risk of flea-borne worms.
  • Keeping up a clean yard is another way to prevent infection for pet parents and their pets. Trim the grass and keep them damp-free.
  • Some rodents and mice can also be carriers of worms. So, it is mandatory to prevent them from taking charge of your house.
  • Check that there is no water stagnant in your area to prevent mosquitoes from breeding other worms.
  • Do not walk in bare feet while in your yard. Stop your kids from playing in the grass.
  • Do not let the dog’s feces stay in your yard for long.
  • One of the potential sources of worms can be raw meat. Cook the meat thoroughly before feeding. Never allow your dog to eat any animal waste or carcasses.
  • Pet parents must always wash their hands after playing with their canines. Also, monitor your kids after they are back from the yard.

Home Remedies For Worms

There are some home remedies by which you can fight worms if you suspect that you have contracted them. if you suspect that you have contracted from your pet. However, remember not to use any toxic ingredients which can harm your dog.

Coconut Oil

A healthy dose of coconut oil will help you stay away from parasitic infections and can also aid in healthily building your immune system.


Although garlic is a natural antiparasitic treatment, keep them away from your dogs. Every day, just three cloves of garlic can keep you healthy and away from parasites.

Pumpkin Seeds

You can add two heaped tablespoons of pumpkin seeds to hot water and allow to soak for thirty minutes before drinking. This is recommended for those who are suffering from intestinal worms. These seeds have properties to lose the ability to hold onto the digestive tract and effortlessly eliminate them from the body.


These vegetables are rich in beta-carotene. In addition, vitamin A in carrots can destroy internal parasites.


With its medicinal properties, this pungent herb is not used too often due to its strong smell and taste. You can also prepare clove tea. All you require is to take a teaspoon of crushed cloves and soak them in hot water for about twenty minutes before drinking.


Turmeric is a magical spice that is used in a variety of home remedies, including killing parasites. Add a teaspoon of turmeric to your daily food to help kill the parasites.

Medical Treatment For Worms

The most usual form of treatment for worm infestation in humans is to prescribe an anthelmintic. This drug either leads the body to remove parasites or kill them. Recovery from this is very quick and results in patients getting parasite-free within a few days. While it is always recommended to consult your physician, some medications can be purchased from the pharmacy. Once your dog is diagnosed with worm infestation, you can approach your vet for further treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can humans get worms from the dog if he licks them?

Yes, worms can transfer from dogs to humans when your pet licks you.

Is it common for humans to get worms from dogs?

It is not so common for humans to get infected with worms from dogs. Still, accidents do happen. Therefore, ensure you follow the preventive measures suggested in this article. Also, take steps to prevent worm contact with your pets.

How to be aware if you got worms from your dog?

Suppose you become infected with worms from your dog. In that case, you may experience digestive issues such as gas, bloat, nausea, or diarrhea. Also, you might see whole worms or pieces of them in your stool. See your doctor if you feel you have contracted a parasite from your animal.


How to know if your dog has worms?

Treatment for Fleas, Ticks, and Worms in Dogs

Home remedies for worms in dogs


Summing up the points discussed in the article, keeping your pup healthy and maintaining good personal hygiene is vital. Besides being cautious, if you suspect you have worms, contact your physician immediately to avoid worsening conditions.

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