Can Dogs Eat Hash Browns? Everything You Need To Know

No, dogs should not eat hash browns as all the main ingredients of hash browns are detrimental to your dog’s health. Hash Browns are deep-fried and are also high in fats, preservatives and salt – all three are bad for your dog’s health. In addition, most Hash browns are seasoned with onions, which are also bad for your dog’s health.

What are Hash Browns?

Hash Browns are a popular American fried dish mainly made of Potatoes, along with onions and salt. Hash browns, also spelled hashed browns, are a popular American breakfast dish consisting of finely chopped potatoes that have been fried until browned. Hash browns first started appearing on breakfast menus in New York City in the 1890s

Are Hash Browns Safe for Dogs?

No, Hash Browns are not safe for Dogs as they are toxic and salty. They can also lead to serious health issues such as Pancreatitis and Obesity.

Why are Hash Browns bad for your Dog?

Include Toxic Ingredients: They contain onions as one of its main ingredients. Onions are considered to be toxic for dogs’ health, as they can damage the red blood cells of the dog.

Can Cause Salt Poisoning: Hash Browns are loaded with excessive salt that can lead to salt poisoning. This, in turn damages the dog’s kidney or even results in a coma.

Can Cause Pancreatitis: Hash Browns contain excessive vegetable oils, which can cause inflammation in your dog’s pancreas. Your dog might even end up getting diagnosed with pancreatitis.

Can Damage immune System: Owing to the ingredients present in it and the way it is prepared, Hash Browns are bound to adversely affect your dog’s immune system.

Can Cause Obesity: As they contain ingredients like potatoes, salt, onions and vegetable oils. Hash Browns have many calories in them and consuming more than the required amount of calories will make your dog obese.

It is recommended that dogs should consume about 25 calories per pound that they weigh. Of that total calories, only 10% of that should be dog treats. The rest of the calories should be given through nutritious food.

Keeping this in mind, Hash browns are simply not safe for a dog to consume as the calories present in them are too high. 

What if my Dog ate Hash Brown?

Symptoms to look out for your dog has consumed Hash Brown are:

  • Excessive thirst
  • Lack of appetite
  • Constant panting and licking of lips.
  • Discomfort

How much Hash Browns to Feed Your Dog? 

A tiny piece will probably not do your dog any harm. But, it is recommended that Hash Browns should not be fed to your dog.

Alternatives to Hash Browns for your Dogs

Canned pumpkin – It is high in Fiber which can be suitable for dogs, especially for the dogs diagnosed with diabetes.
Dog Biscuits – Markets have many dog biscuits made of suitable ingredients for your dog’s consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dogs eat Frozen Hash Browns?

No, dogs should not eat frozen Hash Browns as they are still high in fats, salts and preservatives- all these components are bad for dogs.

Can Dogs eat McDonald’s Hash Browns?

Like other Hash browns, McDonald’s hash browns are also high in salt, contain several oils and are loaded with calories. Hash Browns can wreak havoc in your dog’s immune system. Hash Browns from McDonald’s or any other fast food joint should not be fed to your dogs.


In conclusion, dogs should not be fed Hash Browns as they are made of harmful ingredients which can damage your dog’s immune system and can even lead to severe ailments such as Salt Poisoning and Pancreatitis. 

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