Can Dogs Eat Goldfish? Everything You Need To Know

Yes, dogs can eat goldfish, and it is safe for dogs if it is carefully washed and then fried. However, it would help if you did not feed uncooked goldfish to your dogs to prevent the spread of worms and parasites like germs or viruses.

What is Goldfish?

Goldfish are one of the most familiar aquarium fish. They are often maintained as pets in many tanks because they are amusing, attractive, and pleasant. However, retaining them in their tanks looks lovely and adorable. The goldfish is a freshwater fish belonging to the Cyprinidae family of the Cypriniformes class. It is one of the most popular aquarium fish and is widely kept as a pet in indoor tanks.

Is Goldfish Safe for Dogs?

Goldfish is a healthy and wonderful treat for your dog if provided in moderation. It would be best if you fed only deboned fish to your dogs. Suppose dogs consume fish with bones. In that case, their throats may get obstructed, resulting in significant health problems. Goldfish may harm your dog’s health since it includes tapeworms and coccidia, which can infect him if he consumes an infected goldfish.

Why is Goldfish Good for Dogs?

Protein aids in forming new skin cells, hair growth, and the development of organs, enzymes, antibodies, hormones, and other biological functions.

Potassium: Potassium is an electrolyte that is essential for your dog’s health. Potassium helps electrical charges in the heart, nerves, and muscles work correctly. If your dog lacks this vital mineral, you may notice that they are constantly fatigued, which is not normal or have no desire to eat. Potassium also helps in: 

  • Regulating muscle contractions and heartbeats 
  • Optimizing cognitive functions 
  • Boosting metabolism 
  • Aiding normal blood flow
  • Increasing bone density

Iron: Iron is a mineral that your dog’s body needs to accomplish critical processes, including transporting oxygen throughout the body in the hemoglobin of red blood cells so that his cells can generate energy. Iron is also required to metabolize various enzymes in the body.

Calcium: Calcium is an essential dietary component for your dog’s health. It is required for bone and tooth development, nerve impulse transmission, cell communication, muscle contraction, and blood coagulation. Therefore, it’s critical for your dog’s general health that he gets adequate calcium.

Why is Goldfish Bad for Dogs? 

Goldfish may cause a health hazard to your dog or puppy if consumed in large quantities. Goldfish and other freshwater fish are often infected with coccidia, and salmonella-poisoning parasites such as tapeworms are widespread in goldfish. Therefore, your dog is in danger if he eats an infected fish.


Coccidiosis is rarely seen in dogs exposed to the protozoa coccidia since dogs build an immunity to the parasite as they mature. Coccidiosis is more likely to affect puppies or dogs with underlying health issues. Antibiotics may be used to treat coccidiosis, although recovery is gradual and can take up to two weeks on average.

Symptoms include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Blood in the stool 
  • Vomiting
  • Lack of appetite
  • Dehydration 


Your dog will be in danger of tapeworm illness or cestodiasis if he eats infected goldfish. Small, white worms in the dog’s excrement or near the dog’s tail are symptoms. Anus scratching and scooting on the floor are common ways dogs relieve itching in the region. He will prescribe medicine to kill the worms as soon as your veterinarian believes your dog has a tapeworm.

  • Lethargy
  • Weakness
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Itchiness 

Salmonella infections 

Salmonella, or salmonellosis, is a dog disease caused by the bacterium salmonella. The most known side effects are nausea and vomiting, but they may also develop into other, more severe diseases. Despite the bacteria’s prevalence, it is very rare to cause illness in healthy dogs. However, it may spread to people, other animals, birds, and reptiles. Meat that has not been properly cooked, pet food contaminated with germs, or saliva from an infected animal may all contain the bacterium.

The dog will have the following symptoms:

  • Diarrhea is sometimes accompanied by mucus in the stool.
  • Fever/Vomiting
  • Appetite loss or anorexia
  • Dehydration
  • Their heart rate has increased.
  • Lethargy
  • Depression
  • Skin ailment
  • Lymph nodes swollen
  • Shock
  • Miscarriage in dogs that are pregnant

How Many Goldfish to Feed Your Dog?

Feed it occasionally in and in minimal amounts. Consult your dog’s vet before introducing any human foods.

How to Serve Goldfish to Your Dog?

Always wash well, descale, and cook it well before serving it into bite pieces.

What if My Dog Ate Goldfish?

Suppose your dog consumes one or two goldfish by mistake. That is ok. But if your dog consumes a lot, give your dog lots of water to wash down the harmful chemicals. Keep an eye out for any poisoning symptoms listed in this guide. If your canine exhibits any of these symptoms, don’t wait to see your veterinarian.

It is ok to feed your dog boiled or fried goldfish once in a while as a treat. Avoid feeding your dog a diet specifically designed for fish with different components than a typical dog meal.

Treatments to be Carried Out 

Your veterinarian will give several treatment choices for stabilizing your dog’s health. Then, depending on the sort of toxicity or poisoning they have your dog recovers soon.

  • To remove the toxins from your dog’s system and keep them hydrated, the veterinarian may provide an injection (IV) treatment.
  • Your veterinarian may use anesthesia to make your pup vomit or perform gastric lavage to get rid of the toxins.
  • You may remove the poison in your dog’s digestive system using activated charcoal.
  • An overnight stay at the veterinary hospital is required to ensure that your dog’s body produces red blood cells again.
  • A complete blood transfusion or an oxygen augmentation might be necessary for the patient’s health care if a lot of goldfish were consumed by your dog.

Alternatives to Goldfish

  • Cooked Brussel
  • Sprouts Brussel
  • Oranges
  • Pumpkin

Pro tips on how to make your dog avoid such foods: 

  • Dog obedience training is essential.
  • Hiding your food isn’t the ideal solution. Don’t eat in front of him.
  • Give him some nutritious snacks.
  • You may supplement your dog’s diet with a variety of other products.


The answer is that your dogs can eat goldfish when it is cooked. But It is unsafe for dogs to consume when the goldfish is uncooked. When determining what to feed your dogs, keep their health in your mind. Pet owners are strongly advised to keep raw marine pets away from their furry family members. 

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