Can dogs Eat French fries? Everything You Need To Know

Dogs can occasionally eat a few French fries. However fries are not good for dogs and have no nutritional value. Eating French fries frequently can cause severe health complications. Fries can make the dogs weak and therefore it is best to avoid feeding them to your dog as much as possible. 

Are French Fries Bad for Dogs? 

The standard ingredients in French fries aren’t poisonous to dogs and are edible in small quantities, although that doesn’t mean they are suitable for dogs. Eating too much fries over an extended period can lead to severe health problems.

Potatoes are the main components of French fries. Potatoes aren’t bad for dogs, but they are high in carbs, and these carbs are not good for digestion.

Ingredients in French Fries that are Toxic to Dogs

  • Oil: Some oils, like fish oil, are suitable for dogs, but the oil used in French fries is canola or vegetable oil which is not good or healthy for dogs. This oil gives French fries trans fats –the type of fat you want to avoid. 
  • Fat: Too much fat can cause stomach upset in the short term and result in diabetes, obesity, and pancreatitis for a long time. Extreme fat consumption can also cause bloat in some dogs, a life-threatening situation. 
  • Salt: Depending on weight, it would reasonably take quite a few fries with a lot of salt on them for your dog to undergo salt poisoning. Though fries are often very salted, salt can lead to dryness, extreme thirst, and urination changes in the short term. Long-time susceptibility to excessive salt can lead to kidney problems. 
  • Seasonings or flavorings: Adding seasonings on fries can result in more toxic components and frequently and added dose of salt. 

If you must give your dog fries, you are best off serving them clear, fries without salt. Even then, they aren’t a healthy snack – just a little less unhealthy. 

What If My Dog Had French Fries? 

If your dog had a few fries knowingly or accidentally, you don’t need to be immediately concerned. Most dogs will be fine but some may have allergic reactions.

If your dog eats some French fries, make sure you give them water. Check on them; if your dog shows any symptom of illness, call your vet immediately. 

The following is a list of symptoms you might notice in your dog if they had French fries: 

  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhea or loose stools 
  • Upset stomach 
  • Excessive thirst or dehydration 
  • Changes in urination 

If these symptoms last longer than twelve hours after having the fries, speak with your vet.

Some dogs may experience more acute side effects. If you see the following signs, you must contact your vet quickly, as your dog may be undergoing a life-threatening situation: 

  • Extreme allergic reaction: If your dog shows signs of hives, inflammation, or difficulty breathing, they may be in danger of anaphylaxis. 
  • Salt poisoning: Small dogs that consume many salty fries are most in danger. Symptoms involve agitation, fits, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, drunk-like behavior, and coma. 
  • Bloated: The chief fat in fries can cause some dogs’ stomachs to spin in on themselves and load with gas. Large breeds are more in danger of such symptoms. Signs include a swollen belly, drooling, wheezing, pacing, and pain. Dogs may look like they are attempting to throw up, but nothing comes out. 

What Kind of Fries Can I Feed My Dog? 

When it comes to giving something better from the drive-thru with your pup, most fast-food areas don’t have several vast alternatives. Even their seemingly “healthy” choices like fruit can have added sugar or be managed with herbicides and pesticides. It’s best to leave your dog at home if you intend to get fast food. 

Final Thoughts

There are numerous healthy human meals that you can give to your dogs. Seasonal potatoes aren’t an excellent choice, but dogs can have sweet potatoes. They can also have vegetables such green beans, carrots, broccoli, and more. Some fruits are also suitable for dogs, including blueberries, watermelons, and bananas

Having said this, other human foods such as garlic, grapes, onions can be deadly or unhealthy for dogs. Please check our website or speak to your vet before giving any human foods to your pup. Even what is perceived to healthy for humans, can be harmful in the wrong amounts or harmful even at limited quantities to dogs. Your vet can provide you with guidance on suitable serving sizes. 

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