Can Dogs Eat Banana Chips? Everything You Need to Know

Yes, dogs can eat banana chips in moderation. However, suppose your dog consumes too many banana chips. In that case, it can be harmful to him, as it may cause obesity, diarrhea, diabetes. As a responsible pet owner, feed your dog with banana chips accordingly.

What are Banana Chips?

To know what banana chips are, we need to understand what bananas are. The word banana is considered to have originated in West Africa, likely from the ‘Wolof’ word ‘bananas’, and was introduced into English via Spanish or Portuguese. The cultivation of bananas first started in New Guinea. Before the Austronesian speakers arrived, the Papuans cultivated this elongated fruit. 

 Banana chips are made from this fruit. First, it is cut into pieces, coated with a few culinary ingredients, and then deep-fried. 

Are Banana Chips Safe for Dogs?

 Banana chips are not toxic for your dog if it is all organic or homemade. However, it can be harmful to dogs if the chips are made with sugar, honey, salt, spices , preservatives, flavors, additives, and deep-fried.

Why are Banana Chips Good for Dogs?

Banana chips are good for dogs because of their nutritional content. It contains:

  • Potassium helps nerve impulses, brain functioning, muscle activity, and heart functioning.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids help in the proper functioning of the central nervous system. They also prevent inflammation.
  • Omega 6 fatty acids help in structuring the cell membrane, maintains silky coat and skin, efficient functioning of immune system, and reproduction.
  • Magnesium helps in improving metabolic functions and aids in bone development by absorbing proteins and minerals. 
  • Phosphorus helps in keeping the bones and teeth strong.
  • Vitamin A helps the coat and skin  stay healthy, aids in neurological functioning, and is suitable for pregnant dogs.
  • Vitamin C prevents glaucoma, cataracts, joint inflammation, arthritis and kennel cough in dogs.
  • Iron helps in forming the red blood cells and improves the hemoglobin content in the dog’s blood. 
  • Fiber assists in keeping the digestive tract healthy. 

Why are Banana Chips Bad for Dogs?

Banana chips, if consumed in large amounts, can be dangerous for your dog’s health. Additional hazards can occur if the banana chips are not organic and are made with spices and additives. The usual pattern of preparing the banana chips are-

The unripe banana is cut into round pieces and then heavily coated with sugar and honey. After the coating is completed, spices are sprinkled over, and then it is deep-fried. 

The consequences which your dog will face if he consumes inorganic, store-bought banana chips are:

  • Obesity and Diabetes: Bananas naturally are the fruit that contains fructose, glucose, and sucrose. Adding sugar or honey to the chips will lead to obesity and diabetes. Also, a little serving of fried banana chips contains 14g of fat that can worsen your dog’s health condition and results in obesity.
  • Diarrhea: Dried fruit contains a considerable amount of sugar, leading to diarrhea. Fried food also leads to diarrhea in dogs. 

Symptoms which your dog will show if he has consumed banana chips:

  • Lethargy
  • Drooly
  • Upset Stomach

How Much Banana Chips to Feed Your Dog?

Banana chips should be given as occasional treats if it is store-bought. Remember to get the organic banana chips from the store to avoid the risks. Homemade banana chips can be offered to your dog once every 2 weeks. It must not be the staple in your dog’s diet. 

You can feed your large or medium-sized dog with 6-10 chips and not more than 3 chips to your small breed dog. 

How to Feed Banana Chips to Your Dog?

You can offer banana chips as treats or rewards during training sessions. Also, you can add a small number of banana chips to your dog’s food. Remember, moderation is the key!

Check for allergic reactions if you are feeding your pet with banana chips for the first time. For example, suppose your dog doesn’t show any symptoms of excessive licking, itching or behavioral changes. In that case, it means that your dog is non-allergic to banana chips, and you can feed him in a safe quantity. 

What if My Dog Ate Banana Chips?

If your dog accidentally consumed banana chips, do not panic. Instead, visit the veterinarian to rule out the upcoming issues. Also, you can wait for your dog to show the symptoms of stomach upset, digestive issues and loose stools; allow him to drink water to ease his unsettled stomach. Keep banana chips out of your dog’s reach. 

Alternatives to Banana Chips

There are few healthier alternatives to banana chips. They are:

  • Dried Banana Chips:  The banana slices are frozen, which helps the water to evaporate completely. This does not necessitate frying. 
  • Dehydrated Banana Chips: The banana slices are kept at hot temperatures to help the water evaporate. However, the heating process also deducts the amount of nutrition by 50%. 
  • Unsweetened Banana Chips: This does not contain sugar, spices, honey. It can either be dehydrated or dried. It is considered the best alternative. 
  • Organic Banana Chips: Organic banana chips bought from stores are all naturals and do not pose any risk. 
  • Green Banana Chips: Green bananas have less sugar than other bananas, with the same nutritional content. Dogs can consume chips made through dehydration or drying procedures. 

Homemade Recipe

You can also make peanut butter banana chips at home. Let’s get started:

  • Take 2 medium-sized bananas, and slice them into medium thickness. 
  • Add a coat of organic peanut butter to the banana slices.

You can freeze them in the freezer or heat them in an oven. Once the chips are ready, bring them to room temperature and treat your dog. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dogs Eat Freeze-Dried Banana Chips?

Yes, your dogs can eat freeze-dried banana chips in moderation, as they are regular bananas sliced into chips and then frozen. These chips have the same nutritional benefits as the fruit and so are safe for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Dehydrated Banana Chips?

Though 50% of the nutrients are lost in the dehydration process, yet your dogs can eat these chips as they do not contain any harmful ingredients added to them.

Can Dogs Eat Green Banana Chips?

Yes, your dogs can eat green banana chips as they are made from cooked plantains that are entirely safe for your dog. 


Your dog can consume banana chips in moderation, provided it is organic or homemade. The inorganic product from the market can lead to obesity, diabetes, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal tract issues. This will further make your dog lethargic and drooly. Do not make banana chips as a staple food for your dog. Accidentally if your dog consumes many banana chips, try to calm his stomach, and visit the veterinarian. Provide a healthy life to your dog.

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