Border Collie Husky Mix – Everything You Need To Know

Border Collie Husky mix is an offspring of two gorgeous dog breeds named Border Collie and Siberian Husky. This hybrid is a pack of intelligence, energy, and devotion.

Border Collie Husky mix is a medium-sized dog that loves its family to the fullest. It is well-known for its athletic built body, wolf-headed shape, and semi-erect ears. In addition, these dogs are friendly and prefer to be the center of attention all the time. 

Border Collie Husky Mix Pros and Cons

Affectionate and loyalCan become destructive if left alone for a long time
Healthy and long livingEnergetic dog breed that requires a lot of activity
Excellent stamina and ideal family companionMental stimulation is necessary to stop your dog from being aggressive

Border Collie Husky Mix Basic Information

  • Name: Border Collie Husky Mix
  • Height: 18 to 22 inches
  • Weight: 30 to 55 pounds
  • Size: Medium
  • Color: White, Red, Brown, Gray, Black, Red Merle, Blue Merle, Saddleback Sable
  • Coat: Double coat
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Energy: High
  • Activities: Agility, Conformation, Herding, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Tracking, Dog Sledding, Therapy
  • Barking Level: Medium to High
  • Shedding Level: Medium to High
  • Group: Mixed Breed Group
  • Litter Size: 4 to 8 puppies(approx)
  • Lifespan: 10 to 15 years
  • Breed Recognition: Dog Registry of America, Inc (DRA) 
  • Other names: Borsky, Border Husky

Border Collie and Siberian Husky: A Comparison

FeaturesBorder CollieSiberian Husky
OriginUnited Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, EnglandSiberia
Height18 to 22 inches20 to 23 inches
Weight30 to 45 pounds35 to 60 pounds
Size MediumMedium
GroupHerding Working 
Children CompatibilityMedium to HighHigh
Family CompatibilityHighHigh
Pets CompatibilityMediumHigh
Barking LevelLow to MediumHigh
Shedding LevelMediumMedium to High
Grooming NeedsMediumLow to Medium
Overall HealthMedium to HighMedium to High
Exercise NeedsHighHigh
TrainabilityMedium to HighMedium to High
ActivitiesAgility, Conformation, Herding, Obedience, Rally Obedience, TrackingAgility, Dog Sledding, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Therapy
Complication in breedingNoNo
Litter Size4 to 8 puppies4 to 6 puppies
Lifespan12 to 15 years12 to 15 years
Other NamesScottish Sheep Dog, English Sheep Dog and Welsh SheepDogChukcha, Husky

Border Collie Husky Mix Personality

No matter which parent a Border Collie Husky mix takes after, he/she will be an attractive outcome when two beautiful breeds like Border Collie and Siberian Husky are combined.

A Border Collie Husky mix has an athletic personality that stands tall about 18 to 22 inches and can weigh around 30 to 55 pounds. The Border Collie Husky inherits intelligence, wolf-like body and brown or blue eyes(sometimes one of each color) from its parent Husky while he/she may inherit loving and aloof nature from its Border Collie parent.

Friendliness Overview

Affection level High
Family-Friendly High
Kid-Friendly Medium to High
Pet-Friendly Medium to High
Strangers-Friendly High

Adaptability Overview

Good for New Pet Owners Low to Medium
Good for Apartment Living Low to Medium
Sensitivity Level Medium to High
Tolerates being alone Low
Cold Tolerance Medium to High 
Heat Tolerance Medium to High

Border Collie Husky Mix Temperament

Border Collies are hard-working dogs primarily used to herd animals, while Huskies are known for being family-friendly with a strong prey drive towards other animals. Both these breeds require early socialization to cope with strangers and animals. 

 Border Collie Husky mixes are the same as their parents. As these dogs are extremely energetic, they need a job to do and demand a lot of attention. If not, they may become destructive or show up their instincts on children and animals. Early socialization is necessary to ensure these dogs get along well with your family and other pets.

Border Collie Husky Mix Training

A Border Collie Husky mix is an intelligent mixed breed easy to train but hard to handle, as he is a master of escape. Early obedience training can help your pup understand that he isn’t the boss and has boundaries to act accordingly. Border Collie Husky mixes stay happy when they are allowed to stay outdoors to play games. Socialize your dog in the early stages with many people and animals to develop his confidence and grow as a well-mannered pup. 

Trainability Overview

Easy to TrainMedium
Intelligence Medium to High
Prey Drive Medium
Tendency to Chew, Nip & Play-bite Medium to High
Tendency to Bark or Howl Medium to High
Wanderlust Ability Medium to High
Attention/Social NeedsHigh

Border Collie Husky Mix Exercise Needs

Both the Border Collie and the Siberian Husky are highly active and athletic dog breeds that need a lot of vigorous exercise. Border Collie Husky mix excels when allowed to perform tasks and thrives plenty of time outside playing games like fetch and jogging with their human. However, your Border Collie Husky mix might become destructive and cause damage if not exercised regularly. Therefore, allow your dog to have a daily exercise routine to stimulate both physically and mentally. Usually, a Border Collie requires an average of 60 minutes of exercise, whereas Siberian Husky needs 90 minutes of exercise. So it is recommended to exercise your Border Collie Husky mix puppy for at least 90 minutes to keep him fit and mentally stimulated.

Exercise Needs Overview

Energy Level                                      High
Exercise Needs                                 High
Playfulness                                        High
Intensity      Medium

Border Collie Husky Mix Grooming

The Border Collie parent has a double coat that requires thorough grooming, and the Siberian Husky has a double coat that protects him from the cold climates. The Border Collie Husky mix will also have a thick and fluffy coat that sheds minimally during shedding season. However, while the months are warming up, you should pay more attention to brush his coat to keep him neat and healthy. Prepare yourself to brush him every day during the shedding time. The Border Husky mix will require intense brushing at least once every week, with a quick brush to remove loose fur on his body. Trim your dog’s nails regularly to keep his walk comfortable.

Grooming Needs Overview

Amount of Shedding                        Medium to High
Tendency to Drool      Low to Medium 
Tendency to Snore      Medium 
Easy to Groom      Medium  

Border Collie Husky Mix Health

The Border Collie Husky mix is generally a healthy mix dog. As it is said that no dog is completely healthy and is prone to few health ailments during his lifetime, the Border Collie Husky mix inherits the same health problems as his parent breeds. 

Health Overview

Basic Health     Medium to High
Weight Gain Possibilities     Medium
Size     Medium

The list of diseases that a Border Collie Husky mix is prone to are:

  • Hip Dysplasia: Hip Dysplasia is a painful, life-threatening condition caused when the bones of the rear legs don’t fit properly in the joints. Hip Dysplasia is primarily hereditary, but factors such as injuries, excessive weight gain, wrong exercises can cause hip dysplasia. Some dogs might exhibit symptoms, while some might not. Treatment ranges from medication to replacement of the hip through surgeries. To prevent this condition, avoid breeding Border Collie Husky mixes with hip dysplasia parentage. Regular checkups are suggested.
  • Deafness: The Border Collie Husky mix might become deaf in one or both ears. The BAER (Brainstem auditory evoked response) testing is done to ensure that their hearing is normal.
  • Elbow Dysplasia: An inherent structural defect in the elbow joints because of cartilage damage, inflammation, or disrupted anconeal is Elbow dysplasia. It is common in large breed dogs, causing arthritis leading to pain or organ malfunction. 
  • Collie Eye Anomaly: Collie Eye Anomaly(CEA) is an inherited, developmental disease that is commonly seen in breeds like Border Collies, Shetland sheepdogs, Australian shepherds, Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers etc. This disease can lead a dog to blindness.
  • Heart Diseases: Heart Diseases can cause abnormal heart murmurs and heart rhythm. The best way to diagnose is through an X-ray, an ECG, or an echocardiogram. Treatment includes medication, dental care, and weight control.
  • Eye Diseases: Both parent breeds are sensitive to eye problems. Mainly, Huskies are prone to different eye problems. Siberian Huskies can develop cataracts; even puppies as young as three to four months old can develop juvenile cataracts. It is suggested to have a canine ophthalmologist examine the Border Collie Husky mix annually when he reaches 12 months.

Border Collie Husky Mix Diet and Nutrition

The Border Husky mix is to be fed a dry kibble that is specific to high-energy medium-sized dogs, and it is essential to ensure that this food is age-specific. Feed your dog 3 times a day and the quantity of food to be served depends on his size and energy levels. Like other dogs, ensure to feed him the best nutrient diet to keep him healthy and monitor their food intake to avoid obesity. Also, avoid feeding human foods to your dog.

Border Collie Husky Mix Living Condition

As the Border Collie Husky mixes have a high energy drive, these dogs are not suited to apartment living, which will eventually make these dogs feel upset and likely to get crate fever. Border Collie Husky mixes need  fresh air and access to yard to keep them fit, considering their parent’s working past. Ensure to reinforce your yard, as a Border Husky can become an escape artist like his Husky parent if bored, and he is known to jump 6-foot fences easily.

Things to Remember Before Breeding 

Crossing two pure breeds like Border Collie and Siberian Husky can have a terrifying effect on the offspring. In addition, mixed breeding may pass on the health problems of the parents to their puppies. So, when crossing a Border Collie and a Siberian Husky, check their lineage and health records from a responsible breeder to avoid ending up with a weak hybrid pet. 

Border Collie Husky Mix Puppy Cost

On an average, a Border Collie Husky mix puppy may cost approximately around $500 to $1000. This entirely depends on the sex of the puppy you chose, the location of the breeder, show-record of the parent dogs. The cost may even go above the estimated figure if your Border Collie mix puppy has additional qualifications.

Check for the puppy’s parents’ health clearances before buying, and also, it is suggested to visit the breeder’s place to view the puppy’s parents lively and estimate how your dog may look in the future.

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