Border Collie Chihuahua Mix – Everything You Need to Know

The Border Collie-Chihuahua Mix is a combination of the Chihuahua and the Border Collie. This is done by breeding the male Chihuahua with the female Border Collie or the male Border Collie with the female Chihuahua by the Invitro fertilization method. However, owing to their size differences, a male Chihuahua is crossed with a female Border Collie.

Border Collies were used for herding sheep and are highly energetic dogs. Also, they are the most intelligent dogs globally. Chihuahua, on the other hand, descended from a type of dog, the Techichi. It was believed that these dogs guided the souls of the dead. Thus, each family had one Chihuahua. Chihuahua was not famous until the 20th century. It gained popularity after getting recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1904. Chihuahuas were once bigger in ancient times, and Aztecs used these breeds for ceremonial purposes.

Border Collie Chihuahua Mix Pros and Cons

They are an adorable addition to the householdThey need a plentiful exercise
A perfect small dog that you can opt forShould spend a lot of time to take a proper care
They are high-energy dogsNot good with smaller children
They are easy to trainThey can be stubborn

Border Collie Chihuahua Mix Basic Information

  • Name: Border Collie-Chihuahua Mix
  • Height: 6 – 22 inches
  • Weight: 3- 45 pounds
  • Coat: Either smooth and short or medium-length
  • Color: A wide variety of colors and patterns – From solid colors like black, white, blue, chocolate, gray, and silver to brindle, merle, tan and fawn, patterns like bi-colored, tri-colored, and sable.
  • Energy: High
  • Activities: walking, watchdogs, agility training, and running.
  • Group: Mixed breed
  • Barking Level: Medium
  • Shedding Level: Medium
  • Hypoallergenic: No 
  • Litter Size: 1 to 8 puppies
  • Life Span: 10 to 20 years
  • Other Names: Collie Chider, Border Chigi, Chihuahua Border Collie, Chihuahua Collie, Collie Chihuahua, and Border Collie Chi. 

Border Collie Chihuahua Mix Comparison

FeaturesBorder CollieChihuahua
HeightMale: 19-22 inches, Female: 18-21 inches6 – 9 inches
WeightMale: 30-45 pounds, Female: 27-42 pounds3 – 6 pounds
ColorsBlack & white, tricolor, tan, blue merle, blue merle-tricolor, slate merle, red merle, black, brindle, gold, lilac, red, and sable.Black, white, fawn, chocolate, gray, silver, blue, sable, brindle, spotted, merle, tan and tri-color.
GroupPastoral dogs (Herding Dogs)Companion dogs
Breed TypePurebredPurebred
Children CompatibilityHighHigh
Family CompatibilityHighHigh
Pets CompatibilityAverageLow to medium
Barking LevelLow to mediumMedium
Shedding LevelMediumLow to medium
Grooming NeedsMediumHigh
Overall HealthMedium to highLow to medium
Complication in BreedingNoNo
Exercise NeedsHighLow
ActivitiesWalking, Running, and Agility trainingWatchdogs, Companion dogs
Litter Size4-8 puppies1 – 3 puppies
Life Span12-15 years10-18 years  
Other NamesScottish Sheep Dog, Welsh Sheep Dog, and English Sheep Dog.Chi, Chigi

Border Collie Chihuahua Mix Personality

Border Collie-Chihuahua is a medium-sized dog that would have a combination of both of these purebreds. From physical traits to mental abilities, these can be perfect dogs for energetic pet parents. This mixed breed dog can weigh between three to forty-five pounds and is six to twenty inches tall. However, neither would they be robust and sturdy like Border Collies nor small and dainty like Chihuahuas.

Border Chigis may have a pair of big eyes like Chihuahua or teddy-like eyes like Border Collies. Their ears can be long and pointed. Chihuahua Collie mix is a medium-sized dog with a square body, a snout nose, and a mouth. They have a tail that can be bushy, a neck that has furry hair, and a broad topline.   

Their coat would be medium length like a Border Collie or silky and short like a Chihuahua. They come in various coat colors with solid colors like black, white, red, blue, chocolate, gray, silver to brindle, merle, fawn, tan, and patterns like tri-color, bi-color, and sable. In addition, they would have markings.    

Friendliness Overview

Affectionate with familyHigh
Friendly with PetsMedium
Friendly with KidsHigh
Friendly with StrangersMedium

Adaptability Overview

Adapts well to Apartment LivingMedium
Good to New OwnersMedium
Sensitivity LevelHigh
Tolerates Being AloneLow
Tolerates Cold WeatherMedium
Tolerates Hot WeatherMedium

Border Collie Chihuahua Mix Temperament

Border Collie -Chihuahua Mix is a very energetic dog. A Border Collie and Chihuahua mix are high-energy pups. Be ready to offer them more options for expelling their excess energy. Since the Border Collie – Chihuahua Mix loves their family, they might suffer from separation anxiety. As they are a mix of Border Collies and Chihuahua, they are brilliant dogs.

The Chihuahua’s aggressive tendency and the Border Collie’s chasing and herding instinct can lead these mixes to non-stop chasers. Thus, early socialization and training play a vital role. Therefore, they are not suitable for houses with small children. 

Border Collie Chihuahua Mix Training

Chihuahua Collie Mix is above the average intelligent breeds and can succeed in different types of training quickly. They are generally quick – learners. However, the combination of aggressiveness and intelligence can make them stubborn at times. Handling this mixed breed indeed needs a tough pet parent who can be equally more competent.

Border Chigis can take up physical tasks and can be engaged well in exercises intensively. They are attached to their owners and would require training to be on their own. This has a long way in helping them from separation anxiety. Like all other dog breeds, Border Collie – Chihuahua Mix responds well to positive reinforcements.

When they are puppies, socialization training can help them not chase strangers or not exhibit aggressive behaviors. One problem that you commonly find in smaller dogs that are crossbred is – Potty Training. They are very stubborn to get trained for potty training, so it is the best idea if the pet owners pay extra care and start training them as early as a puppy. In addition, you should start crate training when they are young, which would result in a long-lasting relationship between you and your dog. 

Trainability Overview

Easy to learnHigh
Potential for mouthinessMedium
Prey driveMedium
Tendency to bark or howlMedium
Tendency to chew, nip, or biteMedium
Wanderlust potentialMedium

Border Collie Chihuahua Mix Exercise Needs

It is most important to engage Chihuahua Collie physically and mentally. They succeed in any agility and dog – sports activities. Chihuahua Collie Mix is a highly energetic dog. Therefore, it is best to plan intensive exercises schedules with some playtime and a minimum of two hours of walks per day. A bored Chihuahua Collie can be a destructive dog since they may have herding instincts of Collie combined with the aggressiveness of Chihuahua. Too many activities can make Chihuahua Collie exhausted; however, a tired dog is a good dog.  

Exercise Needs Overview

Energy levelMedium to high
Exercise needsMedium
Potential for playfulnessHigh

Border Collie Chihuahua Mix Grooming

Chihuahua Border Collie requires less grooming and care. Brushing long hair coat thrice a week and short hair occasionally will help your dog’s coat from not getting matted or tangled. They shed pretty heavily, taking the shedding tendency from parent Border Collie that sheds moderately unlike none to minimal shedding in Chihuahua. Since Chihuahua Collies are sensitive to cold, humidity, and dampness, they are comfortable indoors. It is better to clean their ears after a bath to avoid any ear infections. It is recommended to brush teeth regularly to prevent any dental issues. Trim their nails regularly as they grow fast. Have a weekly health examination; this will help you check any minor health issues and rectify them on time. 

Grooming Overview

Amount of sheddingMedium
Drooling potentialLow
Easy to groomMedium to high

Border Collie Chihuahua Mix Health

Usually, Chihuahua Collies are healthy, and sometimes they are prone to health issues as they are mixed breeds. Pet owners are recommended to have a regular checkup for their pet with the vet. Thanks to their Chihuahua parental genes, a Chihuahua Collie will forever be young; they might live for a maximum of 20 years. Many mixed breed dogs are unpredictable when compared to purebred dogs. Following are the health issues that Border Chigis inherit from their parent:

Hip Dysplasia: Hip dysplasia is an inherited condition in which the thigh bone would not fit into the hip joints. X-ray screening for hip dysplasia can be done in the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. It is challenging to breed dogs with hip dysplasia. Do not buy a puppy without asking the breeder for proof that the parents have been tested and are hip dysplasia-free.    

Osteochondrosis of Knees and Shoulders: The condition of improper cartilage growth in the elbow, knees, and shoulder joints. The stiffness of the joints makes it unable to move or bend its elbows and knees. Osteochondrosis can be detected in puppies as early as four to nine months. Overfeeding of formulas causes this disease.    

Progressive Retinal Atrophy: An eye disorder that can cause blindness from losing photoreceptors at the back of the eyes. It can be detected earlier. A very later stage is blindness. Dogs with this condition can survive for several years since they have other senses to compensate.  

Anesthesia Sensitivity: Some Border Collies are sensitive to anesthesia. Hence, it is better to check with the breeder and inform your vet accordingly before adopting a Border Collie. 

Collie eye anomalies: This genetic condition seen in Border Collies can be passed on to Border Chigis. It causes eye issues and blindness. This problem occurs when the dog turns two years old, and unfortunately, there is no treatment for this anomaly. The disorders include:  

  • Choroidal Hypoplasia: This is an abnormal growth of choroids. 
  • Coloboma: This is a flaw in the optic disc of the eyes. 
  • Staphyloma: Thinning down of sclera and retinal detachment. 

Cerebellar Abiotrophy: is an inherited neurological disease that affects certain dog breeds like Brittany Spaniel, Kerry Blue Terrier, and Rough-coated Collies. Symptoms include goose-stepping, falling, muscle tremors, and being unable to nurse, to mention a few. 

Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis: They are a kind of inherited disorder especially seen in Border Collies that cause neurodegenerative lysosomal disease. It is seen in cats, dogs, sheep, goats, humans, and cattle. The condition can show symptoms like change in gait, posture, muscle twitching, and even cause premature death.

Hypoglycemia: Hypoglycemia is a disorder that can affect several tiny dog breeds, including Chihuahuas. When a dog’s blood sugar level drops too low, hypoglycemia occurs. This occurs most frequently after an exercise session, when the dog skips a meal, or when the dog witnesses an exciting occurrence. If you suspect your dog is suffering from hypoglycemia, make an appointment with your veterinarian right away. 

Collapsed Trachea: A dog’s trachea (windpipe) is a muscular tube supported by soft cartilage rings. On its way to the lungs, the trachea travels through the dog’s neck. When a dog pulls too hard on a collar or chokes chain, it can cause tracheal collapse. Many little dogs, on the other hand, are born with malformed or weaker tracheal cartilage. This can cause the windpipe to collapse, making it difficult for the dog to breathe. 

Pregnancy Issue: Chihuahuas are known to have issues with pregnancy. Female Chihuahuas typically have reproductive troubles, so this breed is rare and difficult to come by. 

Open Fontanels: Moleras are present when Chihuahuas are born. Chihuahuas have this as a standard. However, because your dog is a mix, you should have it examined. A hole in the skull caused by incomplete closure is known as an open fontanel. Dogs should be able to close the hole in 9 to 12 weeks. If not, you’ve got an open fontanel.

Heart Problem: Chihuahuas can suffer from two types of cardiac diseases—Mitral valve disease with Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). PDA is a condition that manifests after the puppy is born. It affects a small blood artery in the heart and prevents it from closing correctly. In fully developed dogs, mitral valve disease develops. The problem occurs when weaker heart valves allow blood to flow backward, putting the heart under a lot of stress. 

Deafness: This can be a genetic disorder seen in Collies, and there is every possibility that the mixed breed pup gets inherited. 

Health Overview 

General healthLow to medium
Potential for weightMedium
SizeLow to medium

Border Collie Chihuahua Mix Diet and Nutrition

Chihuahua Collie should be fed an amount of 1 to 1 ½ cup of finest, dry dog food. This quantity may vary depending on the size, weight, age, and activity levels. Overfeeding any dog may lead to health issues like obesity, diabetes, elbow and hip dysplasia. 

Border Collie Chihuahua Mix Living Condition

Border Collie – Chihuahuas are active and energetic dogs. Hence, they need a lot of activities to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. A loving house with a backyard and proper fencing can be a suitable place for them to play. They are ideal for apartment living. Ensure they have a lot of space to move around. 

Things to Remember Before Breeding Border Collie Chihuahua Mix

  • The Chihuahua Collie needs plenty of time to take proper care of.
  • They can make a lovable family pet. However, they are not suitable for families with small children.
  • Socialization is vital for these dogs. Introducing them to different people and places is a good idea.
  • It is crucial to begin training and exercise requirements as early as possible when bringing a puppy home. 
  • Choosing an appropriate healthy diet and feeding the proper food is vital to keep your furry friends healthy.
  • Therefore, if you are an energetic person looking for a smaller pet, Chihuahua Collies would be a perfect choice.
  • Since a Border Chigi is a mixed breed, buyers need to ensure if the breeders have obtained the necessary health clearances for the puppies.

Adding a Border Collie Chihuahua Mix to Your Family

Cost of a Border Collie Chihuahua Puppy – $200 to $500

Border Collie Chihuahua
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