Blue Tri English Bulldog – Everything You Need To Know

Blue Tri English Bulldogs are one of the most popular and rare breeds of English Bulldogs. They have similar traits to the English Bulldog, but their coat and eye colors are the only distinctions. Black tri, blue tri, chocolate tri, and lilac tri are the four varieties of Tri color English Bulldogs. The blue tricolor occurs due to the same dilution gene causing a blue hair shade. This coloring appears spontaneously when a canine is a recessive gene carrier. A Blue Tri English Bulldogs boast blue and silver coats with white patches and tan points on the chest, legs, and face. Still, their green or blue-colored eyes take the shot many fall in love with. Blue Tri English Bulldog costs between $5,500 to $6,500, making them the third most expensive tricolor breeds behind the lilac tri and chocolate tri.

The term tricolor refers to the reasonably rare three-color pattern when describing the coloring of an English Bulldog. It is a distinct design on specific areas on a Bulldog that indicates ‘patches’ of a third color in contrast to a bicolored structure. Usually, these patches are light fawn to a deep golden brown and are seen above the eyes, on the cheeks, upper chest, and on the inner front area of each leg. They can be brindle or solid and covered mainly by white, a more dominant pigment.

Blue Tri English Bulldog Pros and Cons

Pros     Cons     
Good for a novice ownerComplications in breeding
Low maintenanceThey might snore a lot
Ideal companion dogProne to health issues

Blue Tri English Bulldog Basic Information 

  • Name: Blue Tri English Bulldog
  • Origin: England
  • Height: 20 – 25 inches 
  • Weight: 55 – 110 pounds 
  • Coat: Short, smooth, glossy
  • Color: Blue, silver, white, tan
  • Energy: Medium 
  • Activities: Companion dogs
  • Group: Non-sporting group 
  • Barking Level: Medium 
  • Shedding Level: Medium 
  • Hypoallergenic: No 
  • Litter Size: 5 – 8 puppies 
  • Life Span: 10 to 16 Years 

Classic English Bulldog vs. Blue Tri English Bulldog: A Comparison 

FeaturesClassic English BulldogBlue Tri English Bulldog

Blue tri-color English Bulldog
Origin England England 
Height 14 to 15 inches 20 – 25 inches 
Weight 45 to 55 pounds 55 – 110 pounds 
Size Medium Medium 
Group Non-sporting group Non-sporting group 
Children Compatibility Medium to high Medium to high 
Family Compatibility High High  
Pets Compatibility Low to medium Low to medium 
Barking Level High High 
Shedding Level Medium Medium 
Hypoallergenic No No 
Grooming Needs Low Low 
Overall Health Medium Low 
Energy Medium Medium 
Exercise Needs Medium Medium 
Trainability Medium Medium 
Activities Team mascots Team mascots 
Complication in Breeding High High 
Life Span 8 – 12 Years 10 – 16 Years 

Blue Tri English Bulldog Personality

Blue Tri English Bulldogs are easy-going, people-pleasing, predictable, and dependable excellent family dogs. This medium-sized breed has a short, smooth coat, strong limbs, and a muscular body. In addition, they have a massive square head with a short muzzle, green/blue eyes, short limbs, a low-slung body, and broad shoulders. They are brachycephalic breeds who drool a little and have an underbite teeth arrangement and hanging jowls.

Friendliness Overview

 Affection Level                             High  
Family-Friendly  High  
Kid-Friendly  Medium to high 
Pet-Friendly  Low to medium  
Strangers-Friendly  High 

Adaptability Overview

Good for New Pet Owners  High  
Good for Apartment Living  High  
Sensitivity Level  Medium to high  
Tolerates being alone  Medium 
Cold Tolerance  Low  
Heat Tolerance  Low 

Blue Tri English Bulldog Temperament

The temperament of a Blue Tri English Bulldog is the same as classic Bulldogs, inheriting the same genes. Yet, their personality can change due to several causes like socialization and training. However, these breeds are kind, calm, courageous, good watchdogs, and carry themselves with dignity. They crave human companionship and seek love and attention. They can get along quickly with children but can’t play for a long duration. However, these rare breeds are relatively calm and uninterested in long walks or vigorous playtime. Owners should consider this while making their training routine and scheduling their diet, as they significantly affect their weight.

Blue Tri English Bulldog Training 

Early socialization is the best way of taming your Blue Tri English Bulldog. By this, you will be able to reduce the aggression level of your Bulldog. In addition, proper training can prevent excess barking. Maintain short and exciting training sessions to limit their stubbornness while training. They tend to be a confident, loving, and friendly companion if they are well-socialized. Enrolling Blue Tri English Bulldogs in puppy training classes is highly recommended to prevent undesired behaviors.  

Trainability Overview  

Easy to Train  Medium to high
Intelligence  Medium 
Prey Drive  Low to medium 
Tendency to Chew, Nip & Play-bite  Medium to high 
Tendency to Bark or Howl  Medium 
Wanderlust Ability  Low  
Attention/Social Needs  Medium  

Blue Tri English Bulldog Exercise Needs

Blue Tri English Bulldogs are effortlessly trainable, provided you take advantage of their compliant, humorous, and intelligent nature. A short duration of walking or exercise sessions is sufficient for them. However, they quickly get tired by playing or exercising for extended periods. Playtime should be appropriate to their age and size because it could result in breathing difficulties. They respond well to rewards and positive reinforcements, but punishment or criticism can affect them emotionally. In addition, they are predisposed to obesity, so balancing their diets, exercise, and lifestyle is vital.

Exercise Needs Overview

Energy Level                                  Low to medium 
Exercise Needs                             Medium  
Playfulness                                    Medium to high  
 Intensity  Medium 

Blue Tri English Bulldog Grooming

Blue Tri English Bulldogs have short coats and sensitive skin. Hence, they need less maintenance. However, the area between their folds is sensitive and requires frequent cleaning. In addition, those areas are exposed to catching dirt, dust, and food leftovers. Therefore, you should check them regularly and clean them with wet baby wipes or a damp cloth. 

Blue Tri English Bulldog is not a hypoallergenic dog. Their grooming needs are as follows:  

  • Brush their coats twice or thrice a week.  
  • Brush their teeth two to three times weekly. 
  • Check and clean their ears regularly.   
  • Bath once a month or whenever it is needed.  
  • Trim their nails once every two weeks.

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Grooming Overview

 Amount of Shedding                    Medium 
Tendency to Drool  High  
Tendency to Snore  High 
Easy to Groom  High 

Blue Tri English Bulldog Health 

The health conditions similar to English Bulldogs can affect Blue Tri English Bulldogs. However, these diseases can be rectified through medications when diagnosed early.

Health Overview  

Basic Health  Low 
Weight Gain Possibilities  High  
Size  Medium 

Hip Dysplasia: A life-threatening genetically inherited condition caused by a defect in the joints of the hip bones. Fractures can also lead to this disorder, and this condition can be painful. Some therapies cure this, but the canine might get lameness or arthritis if the condition worsens. 

Brachycephalic Syndrome: In the case of this condition, the dog’s nostrils will be narrowed to the extent that they will obstruct the nasal airways. This would generate difficulty in breathing to the extent of total obstruction in breathing. 

Patellar Luxation: This disorder is the slipping of the knee cap from the position in their legs. Some obvious indications include the dog kicking to set the kneecap back in its place while walking or running. Vets can cure this condition if the symptoms are mild or only one leg is affected. 

Cherry Eye: The gland below the eyelid will swell, looking like a cherry. This condition might need surgery to eliminate the infected gland. 

Glaucoma: An eye condition affecting both dogs and humans and requires medical attention. Symptoms such as squinting, pain, watery eyes, and redness can indicate glaucoma, leading to blindness. Regular health tests can aid in recognizing and curing glaucoma early. 

Parasites: Blue Tri-English Bulldogs can be infested with bugs, fleas, worms, and ticks that can get into their systems through contaminated soil, unclean water, or being bitten by an infected mosquito. Symptoms include pain, discomfort, and even death.  

Dermatitis: Blue Tri-English Bulldogs can get dermatitis around their skin folds and tiny twisted tails. This skin condition causes hair loss and irritation, resulting in severe infection if left untreated. 

Blue Tri English Bulldog Diet and Nutrition 

You can serve homemade or high-quality dog food to your Blue Tri English Bulldog. It would be ideal to feed your puppy three times a day and reduce it to twice daily as the dog matures. However, they need a nutritious diet, and it is advised to consult a vet before forming a diet plan. Likewise, check the treats and calorie consumption as they are prone to obesity.

Blue Tri English Bulldog Living Condition 

Blue Tri English Bulldogs need protection against cold weather because of their short coats. For this reason, you may have to keep them covered with sweaters or jackets while walking in colder climates. Likewise, their smaller snouts make adapting to the hot conditions challenging. However, these breeds can adapt well to apartment living, and a yard is not required.

Adding a Blue Tri English Bulldog to Your Family 

Things to Remember Before buying Blue Tri English Bulldog

All English Bulldogs, including Blue Tri English Bulldogs, can have difficulties in breeding. Because of their narrow hips, these breeds naturally face problems while giving birth. Most English Bulldogs will require a c-section for delivery without any substantial danger. Hence, breeding a Blue Tri English Bulldog should be carefully done after genetically analyzing the canines.

Here are some valuable suggestions for you:

  • Look for breeder certifications and reviews.
  • Do thorough check-ups.
  • Ask about the canines’ health records.
  • Create terms and a written contract.

Cost of a Blue Tri English Bulldog

The cost of a Blue Tri English Bulldog can range between $5,500 to $6,500. 

Blue Tri English Bulldog Videos

Blue Tri English Bulldog 

Blue Tri English Bulldog 

Blue Tri English Bulldog 

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