Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix- Everything You Need To Know

The Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd is a mix of two prevalent breeds that blend the outstanding traits of the Black Mouth Cur and the German Shepherd. This crossbreed is intelligent, energetic, agile, and has strong guard dog instincts. You also have to keep them in proper training and exercise to manage their good behavior.

This mix has a broad spectrum of color variation since both breeds come in different colors and marking patterns. The authentic look of each dog will be based on their specific heritage but will often look a bit more like the German Shepherd with a shorter coat.

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Pros and Cons 

Pros  Cons  
Intelligent High Energy 
Guard Dogs  Frequent Barking 
Loyal Companions High Socialization Needs 

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Basic Information 

  • Name:  Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix
  • Height: 19 to 20 inches  
  • Weight: 45 to 85 Pounds 
  • Size: Medium 
  • Coat: Curly & Thick/ Short & Smooth 
  • Color: black, black and tan, black and gray
  • Energy: Medium to High 
  • Activities: Active families, hunting, and service training
  • Group: Mixed Breeds
  • Barking Level: High 
  • Shedding Level: Moderate 
  • Hypoallergenic: No 
  • Litter Size: 8 to 12 Puppies 
  • Life Span: 7 to 13 Years 
  • Another Name: Shepherd Cur

Black Mouth Cur Vs. German Shepherd: A Comparison 

Features Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd 
Origin United States Germany 
Height 12 to 16 inches 22 to 26 inches 
Weight 35 to 95 pounds 50 to 90 pounds 
Size  Large Large 
Group Working Herding 
Children Compatibility High High 
Family Compatibility High High 
Pets Compatibility Medium Low 
Barking Level Frequent Frequent 
Shedding Level Normal Normal 
Hypoallergenic No No 
Grooming Needs Low Low 
Overall Health High Medium to High 
Energy Medium to High Medium 
Exercise Needs High High 
Trainability Medium to High High 
Activities     Companion Dog Agility, Herding, Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Tracking  
Complication in breeding No No 
Litter Size 5 to 9 puppies 6 to 8 puppies 
Lifespan 12 to 17 years 9 to 13 years 
Other Names Southern Cur, East Texas Cur, American Black Mouth Cur Alsatian, Deutscher Schaeferhund 

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Personality 

The Black Mouth Cur and the German Shepherd mix feature a German Shepherd’s muscular build, although the dog might be smaller. Other typical features include the broad chest and downward-sloping pelvis of a Shepherd. This breed’s head will usually have a wedge shape, also a unique trait. You can expect extensive, erect ears with slightly pointed tips. Ear posting and cropping are not preferred for these breeds. 

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherds have smooth or thick double coats depending on the dominant parent gene. Generally, they are gray or brown. However, if they inherit Cur’s gene, they have tan or brown coats with black muzzles.

Both the parent breeds are known for their speed, agility, and athletic nature. German Shepherds run at a rate of 30 miles/hr. Black Mouth Curs’ running speed is 20 miles/hr. So, the average running rate of the offspring is 25 miles/hr, making them excellent working dogs.

Friendliness Overview   

Affection Level                             High  
Family-Friendly  High  
Kid-Friendly  Medium to High 
Pet-Friendly  Low to Medium  
Strangers-Friendly  Medium  

Adaptability Overview  

Good for New Pet Owners  Low 
Good for Apartment Living  Medium to High  
Sensitivity Level  Medium to High  
Tolerates being alone  Low to Medium 
Cold Tolerance  Medium to High 
Heat Tolerance  Medium to High 

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Temperament 

The temperament of a BM Cur GSD mix is very kind. These breeds are easy to train and loyal to their people. Their fearlessness is like a Blackmouth Cur and courage like a German Shepherd. They are very active, intelligent, obedient watchdogs, and they always like to learn something new and curiously investigate their surroundings. Even though they are friendly and kind to family, both Black Mouth Curs and German Shepherds are working dogs. Therefore, they will need proper mental and physical stimulation to prevent them from becoming destructive out of boredom. 

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Training

As working dogs, the mix tends to be exceptionally trainable, as they would have to do their duties accurately. BM Curs and GSDs were bred explicitly for protection and were suspicious of strangers if not socialized properly. German Shepherds and Black Mouth Curs bark and vocalize a lot. Hence, your mixed breed inherits the gene. Do not leave them alone for a long time. Proper training and early socialization should start when she is a puppy. Always use positive reinforcement, even if they are showing stubbornness. Positive reinforcement enhances the bond you share with your canine and allows you to form a connection based on trust and respect.

Trainability Overview 

Easy to Train  Medium to High 
Intelligence  High 
Prey Drive  Medium 
Tendency to Chew, Nip & Play-bite  Medium 
Tendency to Bark or Howl  High 
Wanderlust Ability  Low to Medium 
Attention/Social Needs  Medium  

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Exercise Needs 

Proper training is necessary for a BM Cur GSD mix. As mentioned, they are bred for hunting, and herding is very dominant and quick learners, so they require efficient training. In addition, they need at least one hour of exercise daily to keep them fit and healthy. They will accompany you on hiking, jogging, and love playing fetch.

Hence, letting your pets play in the yard, and taking them for daily walks and off-leash exercise can fulfill the exercise needs of the Black Mouth Cur German Shepherds.  

Exercise Needs Overview 

Energy Level                                  High 
Exercise Needs                             High 
Playfulness                                    Medium to High  
Intensity  Medium 

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Grooming 

The Black Mouth Cur has rough, short fur, while the German Shepherd has a thick, medium-length double coat. Depending on the coat your crossbreed inherits, the grooming requirements may vary.

Both breeds can go without bathing for longer than some other breeds. The recommended bathing necessities for the GSD vary. Usually, you don’t need to bathe them more than once a month because over-bathing can eliminate natural oils resulting in dry skin. The BM Cur can be cleaned a few times per year, and most people wouldn’t even know. They both are average year-round shedders with an increase in shedding just before winter and summer each year. A de-shedding device, like a Furminator, can be an ideal lifesaver for people who share roofs with these adorable canines.

This breed only needs to be brushed once a week during regular times and twice a week during the shedding period. Nail clipping and tooth cleaning should be done at the same frequency as any other breed. If your dog has floppy ears instead of erect German Shepherd ears, you should clean their ears more often as they are more likely to get ear infections. 

Grooming Needs Overview 

Amount of Shedding                         Medium  
Tendency to Drool       Low  
Tendency to Snore       Low to Medium  
Easy to Groom       Medium  

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Health 

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd mix is susceptible to health issues that are common to their purebred counterparts. Therefore, regular health check-ups are essential to identify and cure potential health diseases.

Minor Conditions

  • Eye Infections
  • Ear Infections

Serious Conditions

  • Epilepsy
  • Gastric Dilation & Volvulus
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Manage

Health Overview 

Basic Health      Medium to High
Weight Gain Possibilities      Medium to High 
Size Medium 

Ear Infections: Ear infections are common and are easily diagnosable and treatable. The initial signs are itchiness, ear discharge, head shaking, and redness and swelling of the ear canal. Excess wax and dirt can lead to severe infection.

Eye Infections: Eye infections are similarly common. Like in humans, it causes puffy eyelids, itchiness of the eyes, and eyelids that stick together. Eye infections are minor and treatable in the initial stage, but you should not ignore them as they can be signs of more severe illnesses. Antihistamines, cold compresses, and eye drops are among the usual procedures for a normal eye infection.

Gastric Dilatation & Volvulus: The very roots of gastric dilatation or bloat in dogs are unknown, but the disease remains a common killer of larger breeds. The condition is critical and deadly as the dog’s stomach dilates, spins, and twists, a severe digestive system disorder. Also, it causes severe repercussions like organ failure.

Hip Dysplasia: This is a life-threatening hereditary disease caused when the socket portion of the hip does not correctly fit the ball portion resulting in joint dislocation. This difficulty may occur at birth or in early life. Once the affected dog ages, hip dysplasia can further extend into arthritis if not appropriately monitored. You can cure this disease in your pet through hip replacement surgeries or medications.

Mange: Mange is a dangerous skin condition caused by a bacterial, fungal, or parasitic infection known as mites. There are two varieties of mange — sarcoptic mange and Demodex mange, severed by the kinds of mites that cause the infestation. Sarcoptic mange is highly infectious and transmissible from dogs to humans. 

The symptoms that are associated with mange are:

  • Irritation and itching
  • Dandruff on the coat but no hair loss
  • Excessive scratching or movements near the face and ears
  • Scabs or sores in the affected area
  • Reddish-brown patches on the skin

Epilepsy – This is a hereditary disease having numerous causes extending from genetic to structural deformities of the brain. Dogs may experience seizures at one or the other time but seem completely normal in between the events. Seizures can have a particular reason, such as brain trauma, organ failure, brain tumor, or poisoning. 

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Diet and Nutrition 

It is recommended to follow the diet requirements or discuss with your vet for personalized guidance. A BM Cur GSD mix would do well on a high-quality diet or homemade food that provides sufficient fiber, protein, minerals, and vitamins to meet their nutritional necessities. As they are more prone to suffer from the spine, joint, and hip problems, they should consume a diet rich in fish oil and supplement it with glucosamine and chondroitin. 

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Living Conditions 

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd mixes are not suited for small living and apartment areas. The ideal living situation would add a vast backyard to run around efficiently with a fence to manage their protective nature.

A house with a backyard is highly advised as these canines are hyperactive and relish running and enjoying activities. 

Adding a Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix to Your Family

Things to Remember Before Buying a Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix

The breeder should have finished all the required tests before breeding. You should ask for health clearance documents. The puppy has to undergo vaccination and genetic testing. It is recommended to buy only from reliable and responsible breeders. 

Cost of a Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Puppy

A Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd will commonly be found through adoption agencies rather than breeders. A puppy will cost an average of around $300–$350.

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Puppy
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Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix

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