Black Bulldog – Everything You Need To know

Black Bulldogs are like any other bulldog with a black coat. Their black coat results from the gene mutation. Apart from their coat, the black bulldogs are pleasant companions as the classic bulldogs. The color of the coat usually depends on the parents. If the black color is dominant in the parents, all the color genes will be eliminated during breeding. The resultant litter of those parents will also have a black coat. The black bulldog is not a recognized breed, so there is no breed standard for them. However, before breeding a black bulldog, follow the breed standards of the standard bulldog for health concerns.

Black Bulldog Pros and Cons

Pros     Cons     
Good for New Owner Excessive Barking 
Low maintenance Might snore a lot 

Black Bulldog Basic Information

  • Name:  Black Bulldog  
  • Height:  11 to 16 inches 
  • Weight:  35 to 60 Pounds 
  • Color:  Solid Black, Black & White, Black & Fawn 
  • Coat:  Short, Smooth, Glossy 
  • Hypoallergenic: No 
  • Shedding Level: Medium 
  • Barking Level:  High 
  • Energy: Medium 
  • Activities: Companion Dogs, Dog Mascots 
  • Group:  Non-Sporting Group 
  • Litter Size: 3 to 4 Puppies 
  • Life Span: 8 to 10 Years 

Classic Bulldog Vs. Black Bulldog: A Comparison

      Features  Classic Bulldog Black Bulldog 

Origin  England   
Height  14 to 15 inches  11 to 16 inches  
Weight  45 to 55 Pounds  35to 60 Pounds  
Size  Medium  Medium  
Group  Non-sporting Group  Non-sporting Group  
Children Compatibility  Medium to High  Medium to High  
Family Compatibility  High  High   
Pets Compatibility  Low to Medium  Low to Medium  
Barking Level  High  High  
Shedding Level  Medium  Medium  
Hypoallergenic  No  No  
Grooming Needs  Low  Low  
Overall Health  Medium  Medium  
Energy  Medium  Medium  
Exercise Needs  Medium  Medium  
Trainability  Medium  Medium  
Activities  Team Mascots, Companion Dogs  Team Mascots, Companion Dogs  
Complication in Breeding  High  High 
Life Span  8 – 12 Years  8 – 10 Years 

Black Bulldog History

Bulldogs are initially bred for bull-fighting and they were involved in fighting against another bulldog. This sport was banned and so the breeders decided to turn them into friendly, companion dogs. They started raising bulldogs amongst children, dogs, and other pets indoors with the family. Now bulldogs have an affectionate temperament and are bred as family pets. Currently bulldogs that qualify the breed standards are involved in dog shows and competitions.

Black Bulldog Personality 

Black bulldogs have massive heads with small muzzles. The short snout is not suitable for hot environments. They need to cool off or be in a cold climate. The eyes of the black bulldogs are expressive and have heavy folds of wrinkles over their snout. They have broad shoulders and a low-slung body. Their limbs are short but intense. The short coat of a black bulldog is glossy and smooth. The overall maintenance of a black bulldog is low. Hence, they are perfect for new pet owners. The black gene can be present in all varieties of bulldogs including, American Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs.

Friendliness Overview

Affection Level                                 Medium to High 
Family-Friendly      High 
Kid-Friendly      Medium to High 
Pet-Friendly      Low to Medium 
Strangers-Friendly      Medium to High 

Adaptability Overview

Good for New Pet Owners      High 
Good for Apartment Living      High 
Sensitivity Level      Medium 
Tolerates being alone      Low 
Cold Tolerance      Low to Medium 
Heat Tolerance      Low 

Black Bulldog Temperament 

Black bulldogs are entertaining and playful. Their compatibility with pets and other animals is high. However, they may be hesitant while meeting other animals for the first time. There may be loud snoring due to their short snouts.  Black bulldogs can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for a long time. They will be happy to sleep next to you and remain as couch potatoes. 

Black Bulldog Training 

Early socialization is necessary as it will be difficult for black bulldogs to adjust to new animals. Proper training can prevent excessive barking. Many black bulldogs may express stubbornness during training sessions. Keeping the training sessions short and exciting can help him to focus. They are easy to train if reinforced positively with treats. Practice taking from their bowl since puppyhood to avoid being territorial about their food.

Trainability Overview

Easy to Train      Medium to High 
Intelligence      Medium 
Prey Drive      Low to Medium 
Tendency to Chew, Nip & Play-bite      Medium 
Tendency to Bark or Howl      Medium 
Wanderlust Ability      Low to Medium 

Black Bulldog Exercise Needs 

A short duration of walking or exercise sessions is sufficient for black bulldogs. However, they can get tired by playing or exercising for long durations. If they overexert themselves, it could result in breathlessness. Water bodies are dangerous for black bulldogs because of their short legs. So, it is prudent to avoid swimming as they can drown.

Exercise Needs Overview

Energy Level                                      Medium 
Exercise Needs                                 Low to Medium 
Playfulness                                        High 
Intensity      Medium to High 

Black Bulldog Grooming 

The grooming needs of black bulldogs are moderate. Grooming should comprise brushing the coat, nail trimming, teeth brushing, cleaning the ears. Black bulldogs do not need bathing more than once a month unless they are dirty. An additional requirement is the cleaning of their facial wrinkles. The skin folds on their face can trap food particles, sweat, and moisture, leading to skin infections. To avoid this, you can wipe their face folds with clean tissue and peroxide. Moisturize after cleaning the facial folds to maintain healthy skin.

Grooming Overview

Amount of Shedding                        Medium 
Tendency to Drool      Low 
Tendency to Snore      Low 
Easy to Groom      High 

Black Bulldog Health 

The health conditions that are common to bulldogs can affect black bulldogs. These diseases can be cured through treatments when tested at an early stage. Healthy bulldogs can live up to the age of 13 to 15 years and in rare cases can live for 18 years. However, unhealthy bulldogs may not live beyond 10 years.

Health Overview

Basic Health     Low to Medium 
Weight Gain Possibilities     Medium to High 
Size     Low to Medium 

Brachycephalic Syndrome: This condition is prevalent in dogs with short muzzles. Their nostrils will be narrowed, and the airways will be blocked, ranging from difficulty in breathing to noisy or total obstruction in breathing. 

Hip Dysplasia: This is a genetically inherited condition caused by a defect in the joints of the hip bones. Injuries can also lead to hip dysplasia, and this condition can be painful. There are treatments to cure this, but the dog might get arthritis or lameness if the condition worsens. 

Flatulence: Black Bulldogs breathe through their mouths, thus have high levels of flatulence. They are prone to obesity, and so food intake has to be monitored. 

Juvenile Renal Dysplasia: Juvenile Renal Dysplasia is a defect in the functioning of the kidney, transmitted genetically. There are no tests to detect this condition but can be identified through symptoms such as vomiting, excessive thirst, frequent urination, weight loss, and lethargy. 

Patellar Luxation: The slipping of the knee cap from its position in the legs is patellar luxation. Some visible symptoms include the dog kicking to set the knee cap back on its position while running or walking. Patellar Luxation can be cured if the symptoms are mild or only one leg is affected. 

Cherry Eye: The gland under the eyelid will protrude, looking like a cherry. This condition might need surgery to remove the infected gland. 

Dry Eye: Dry eye is a painful condition caused due to the insufficient production of tears by the tear glands.  The affected eye might appear dry or have a blue haze. Treatments include medication or teardrops. 

Glaucoma: An eye condition that can affect both dogs and people and requires medical attention. Symptoms such as pain, squinting, watery eyes, and redness can indicate glaucoma which can lead to blindness. Regular health tests can help in identifying and curing glaucoma at an early stage. 

Portosystemic Liver Shunt: Portosystemic liver shunt is a condition in which the liver does not get blood supply to purify it. As the name suggests, blood flow to the liver will be shunted. This condition can be cured through surgery. 

Black Bulldog Diet and Nutrition 

All types of bulldogs are prone to obesity, and black bulldogs are not an exception. Black bulldogs should have access to food only during their meal times. It would be ideal to feed a puppy thrice a day and reduce it to two times a day as the dog matures. Do not forget to keep track of their calories and treat intake, to avoid being overweight. 

Black Bulldog Living Condition 

Black bulldogs cannot tolerate heat and humid areas since their short muzzle won’t cool down the hot air efficiently. They are not suitable for extreme cold weather either. They can adapt well to apartment living, and a backyard is not a requirement. If you can spend ample time with them, even by sleeping or sitting together, then a black bulldog is the best option. 

Things to Remember Before Breeding 

All the bulldogs, including black bulldogs, can have complications inbreeding. As a result of their narrow hips, they face difficulty in giving birth naturally. Most of the bulldogs will need a c-section to deliver the puppy without any critical danger. A pregnant bulldog needs care and attention constantly with a special diet planned by the veterinarian. After birth, both the litters and the mother should be taken into proper care. 

Adding a Black Bulldog to Your Family   

Black Bulldog
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Cost of a Black Bulldog Puppy

The cost of an average English bulldog puppy can range from $1500 to $4000. As black bulldogs are rare, the cost may be a bit high from around $2000 to $4500. It is advisable to avoid buying black bulldog puppies with costs under $1500. Cheap puppies might not be the healthy ones.

Black Bulldog Images 

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Black American Bulldog and Puppy 

The Black English Bulldog 

Black French Bulldog Puppy 

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