Basenji Pitbull Mix – Everything You Need to Know

Basenji Pitbull mix, also known as Pitsenji, is a designer dog breed between intelligent Basenji and the loyal American Pit Bull Terrier. Both parent breeds have impressive short coats and agile muscular bodies. The Hound and Terrier groups are both known for their propensity and sharpness to hunt. The Pit Bull Terrier was developed in the 19th century and has origins in Scotland, England, and Ireland; the Basenji is a hunting hound from Africa.

The two breeds together create a vibrant and independent mixed breed that makes for an excellent companion dog. Pitsenjis are medium-sized dogs with a short coat like their parents and a curious streak, something they gain from both parents. It would not be easy to put the finger on when Pitsenjis came into being official.

Pitsenji is relatively new and is yet to be recognized by many kennel organizations. However, they have indeed proven to be a healthy and prosperous crossbreed. 

A Pitsenji wearing a robe standing on a red bed

Basenji Pitbull Mix Pros and Cons 

Pros  Cons 
Family Oriented Aggressive 
Intelligent Not Hypoallergenic
Loyal Needs Socialization  

Basenji Pitbull Mix Basic Information 

  • Name:  Basenji Pitbull Mix
  • Height: 15 to 17 inches 
  • Weight: 25 to 40 Pounds 
  • Size: Medium 
  • Coat: Short and Shiny
  • Color: Black, Grey, White, Silver, Fawn, Brown, Cream, Blue, Brindle 
  • Energy: Medium to High 
  • Activities: Companion Dogs 
  • Group: Designer Breed
  • Barking Level: Medium 
  • Shedding Level: Moderate 
  • Hypoallergenic: No 
  • Litter Size: 8 to 12 Puppies 
  • Life Span: 10 to 14 Years 
  • Other names: Pitsenji

Basenji Vs. American Pitbull Terrier: A Comparison 

Features Basenji American Pitbull Terrier 
Image A Basenji dog standing magnificently on the grass 
Origin Africa United States, United Kingdom 
Height 16 to 17 inches 17 to 19 inches 
Weight 22 to 24 pounds 30 to 85 pounds 
Size  Medium Large 
Group Hound  Terrier  
Children Compatibility High High 
Family Compatibility High High 
Pets Compatibility Low Low 
Barking Level Low Medium 
Shedding Level Medium Medium to High 
Hypoallergenic No No 
Grooming Needs Low Low 
Overall Health Medium to High Medium to High 
Energy Medium to High Medium to High 
Exercise Needs Medium to High Medium to High 
Trainability Medium to High Medium to High 
Activities Agility, Conformation, Obedience, Tracking Agility, Conformation, Obedience, Tracking 
Complication in breeding No No 
Litter Size 5 to 10 puppies 5 to 10 puppies 
Lifespan 10 to 12 years 12 to 16 years 
Other Names African Bush Dog, Congo Dog, Zande Dog,
African Barkless Dog, Congo Terrier, and Ango Angari
Pitbull, Pitbull Terrier 

Basenji Pitbull Mix Personality 

Pitsenjis are medium-sized dogs with pricked ears, a slim body, a deep chest, and expressive eyes. They have a thick short coat in colors like white, red, black, or brindle and are easier to groom. They can typically weigh approximately 25 to 35 pounds and measure about 15 to 17 inches tall, with an average lifespan of 10 to 14 years. The overall maintenance of a Pitsenji is low. So, they are suitable for new pet owners.

Friendliness Overview 

Affection level  Medium to High 
Family-Friendly  High 
Kid-Friendly  High 
Pet-Friendly  Low to Medium 
Strangers-Friendly  Medium to High 

Adaptability Overview 

Good for New Pet Owners  Medium 
Good for Apartment Living  Medium to High 
Sensitivity Level  Medium to High 
Tolerates being alone  Low 
Cold Tolerance  Low to Medium  
Heat Tolerance  Medium 

Basenji Pitbull Mix Temperament 

Basenji Pitbull Mix inherits the character traits of both parents. Pitsenjis are unique crossbreeds. They are loyal, energetic, active, friendly, playful, intelligent, even-tempered, and affectionate companion dogs. However, they need training, high-quality dog food, grooming, early socialization, regular exercise, and regular visits to the vet. They can also make their own decisions and thus may be challenging to train. Like both the parents, the Pitsenjis have a high prey drive.  If the Basenji genes dominate, they bark-less and produce yodeling sounds.

Basenji Pitbull Mix Training 

Since Pitsenji is a mix between a Hound and a Terrier, it goes without saying that they will need early socialization. However, they do retain many of their curiosity and hunting traits from their hound parent. This indicates that you will not have them in the home along with other pets, mainly non-canines. Early and proper socialization may help, but they are not always the most welcoming towards other animals.

Basenji Pitbull Mixes are loyal breeds who relish to please their owners, so they should not be hard to train. But they can also have a self-governing temperament, so it is necessary to establish your authority initially. You will also have to create a conducive atmosphere for their socialization and training. Of course, every canine will respond to exercise differently. Still, it may be helpful to have some treats and positive reinforcements on hand when they perform well.  

It is essential to note that, like their parents, Basenji Pitbull Mix does not like being lap dogs though they can be loving and cuddly. It may not be easy for a new owner to instruct them, and we would not suggest a Pitsenji to a novice dog owner. 

Trainability Overview 

Easy to Train Medium to High 
Intelligence  Medium to High 
Prey Drive  High 
Tendency to Chew, Nip & Play-bite  Medium to High 
Tendency to Bark or Howl  Medium 
Wanderlust Ability  Medium to High 

Basenji Pitbull Mix Exercise Needs 

The offspring of a Terrier and a Hound will naturally be active, curious, and agile. This indicates that Basenji Pitbull Mixes need to be kept engaged or start showing destructive behaviors. You will have to play various physical games with Pitsenjis, in addition to taking them for walks at least twice a day. This also signifies that they thrive in an open space and are not suitable for small apartment living.  

It would be advisable to take Pitsenjis to open areas where you can take them off-leash to meet their curiosity level and maintain their energy. The trick to handling a Pitsenji is not to overcome their curiosity but to channel it in the appropriate places.

Exercise Needs Overview 

Energy Level                                       Medium to High 
Exercise Needs                                  Medium to High 
Playfulness                                         High 
Intensity       Medium to High 

Basenji Pitbull Mix Grooming 

Basenji Pitbull Mix is a short-haired canine that does not shed too much. Therefore, you do not need to brush their hair too often as it is short, though it is essential to keep the coat clean and to eliminate dead hair in their coat. Weekly baths are also necessary for healthy Pitsenjis to reduce bacterial infection, allergens, and dander that might cause skin problems. Clean your Labrabull’s eyes and ears using wet wipes or a moist cloth in between baths. Other grooming requirements are nail trimming and teeth brushing. 

Grooming Needs Overview 

 Amount of Shedding                         Low  
Tendency to Drool       Low  
Tendency to Snore       Low to Medium  
Easy to Groom       Medium  

Basenji Pitbull Mix Health 

A healthy Basenji Pitbull Mix can live up to 14 years. Typically, they do not have any severe health diseases but may inherit some concerns from their parents. But Terriers and Hounds are medium-sized dogs. So, it is necessary to keep good care and have regular vet check-ups.

Health Overview 

Basic Health      Medium 
Weight Gain Possibilities      Medium 
Size Medium 

Fanconi Syndrome: This is a kidney disorder in which protein required for the body is thrown away. Indications may include extreme thirst. 

Progressive Retinal Atrophy: This is a collection of diseases. Pitsenji starts to lose sight in the night and slowly may completely lose vision in a year or two.

Hypothyroidism: A dysfunction in the thyroid gland that is examined to cause dark skin patches, epilepsy, obesity, hair loss, lethargy, and other skin ailments. Treatment is a proper diet and medication.

Bloating: This is a familiar disorder to dogs having a deep chest. As a result, the stomach dilates, spins, and twists, producing a lot of pain for the affected dog. This condition will also harm the blood vessels and obstruct blood flow to major organs, turning to organ failure. 

Dental Disease: It affects 80% of dogs by the age of two. It causes tartar build-up on the teeth, infection of the gums and roots, and in critical situations, loss of teeth and harm to the kidneys.

Epilepsy:  An inherited disorder for which the cause is unknown. Canines may experience seizures one or the other time but look relatively normal in between the events.

Basenji Pitbull Mix Diet and Nutrition 

Ideally, you should feed your Basenji Pitbull mix two to three times daily. There are no specific dietary limitations or requirements for the Pitsenji. Treats can be a vital benefit in training, but giving in large quantities can cause obesity. It would be ideal for feeding a pup thrice a day and reduce it to twice daily as the dog matures. Ensure that their menu has enough omega fatty acids, glucosamine, vitamins, minerals, and chondroitin for a well-balanced diet.  

Basenji Pitbull Mix Living Conditions 

Pitsenjis can quickly adapt to any environment they live in. They can use large spacious areas to move around. Usually, a backyard is advised for this energetic breed to play and spend their energy. 

Adding a Basenji Pitbull Mix to Your Family

Things to Remember Before Buying a Basenji Pitbull Mix 

Basenji Pitbulls are not recognized by the AKC and are a new breed. This indicates that it is challenging to find them easily at canine shelters. However, suppose you are interested in adding a Pitsenji to your family. In that case, it would be advisable to reach families that already own the breed from whom you can consider buying or adopting the pups. 

It is essential to check the records of the parent breeds so that you are conscious of the dog’s mix and any possible traits you may need to know when you bring them home. Unfortunately, since Pitsenji is not a universally established or regulated breed, it is not always possible to get the perfect mix. Still, this is undoubtedly a breed that will transform your life.  

Basenji Pitbull Mix Puppy Cost

The cost of this new hybrid depends on the sex of the puppy you choose, the show record of the parents, and the breeder’s location.

Do not forget to check the puppy’s parents’ health clearances before buying. Also, it is suggested to visit the breeder’s place and view the puppy’s parents in person, to estimate how your dog may look in the future.

Basenji Pitbull Mix Photos 

Basenji Pitbull Mix Videos

Basenji Pitbull Mix

Basenji Pitbull Mix

Basenji Pitbull Mix

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